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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Knight
Owner: proagain
Pet Name: Mailed
Breed: Robot Peadackle

About Knight:
Hello there let me start off my introducing myself...I’m Knight the Robot Peadackle. Why a boring Peadackle, why Robot and why called Knight? Well my owner’s name is Mailed which basically means armed with mail, for example, a mailed knight. Hence I have a shiny metal coat and my name is Knight. A Peadackle, well I look like a chicken and my owner is an egg. Hilarious, I think not.

Now you may not know this but us Robot Peadackles are not common Petpets; at the time of writing this there were only three Robot Peadackles on the Super Shop Wizard and I have yet to see a pet with one attached. Therefore I like to think of myself as somewhat special. And since we’re not popular I’m guessing you don’t know much about us Peadackles, that’s why I’m writing this to tell you all about us...

Well to begin with we’re grumpy little things but I’m more of a Slorg-like Petpet, a happy little fellow. My beak makes it difficult to smile so I just cluck when I’m happy, I usually do that a lot, I’m always happy. The only down point to my happiness is this dang Moquot which keeps stalking me. I once tried to paint it green and call it a Mootix but it looked like a miniature swamp monster after I had finished, it’s not easy trying to paint with wings, that’s why I wish we had hands. Well actually I don’t even have wings, we’re aquatic Petpets but I’m not allowed near water since I’m a robot. I can’t even do a proper Pea-da-doodle-do anymore; it’s more of a Pea-destroy-Neopia-do. Anyway, yes so we’re supposed to be grumpy but rest assured I’m a friendly Peadackle with lots of spare time on my han...flipper...fin things.

One more thing you should know about us Peadackles is that you should never cross us, being “naturally grumpy” we don’t like being annoyed. I had a friend over on Meri Acres Farm and the Gelert farmer once threw a rotten boot at him when he did his morning Pea-da-doodle-do, let’s just say it was my friend who put the dung all over the place, ate the marrows and stole an orb from Lord Darigan and blamed Meridell, apparently. Some of the things he used to do cluck cluck cluck. Like me he was generally happy but it just goes to show that the happiest of creatures have a darker side, especially Slorgs since they’re Spooky Petpets, sadly their large smile fools a lot of people but they tend to be rather nasty. So that’s pretty much all you need to know about us for now, I hope it convinces you to get a Peadackle...or NOT. Cluck cluck cluck. I hope you enjoyed reading this though, it was sure fun writing it. Oh and one last thing; never feed your Peadackle carrots, don’t give us fluffy pink beds and please don’t ever draw lines in front of us with chalk. *shiver*

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