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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Editorial


Can you please verify the gender of Shadow Usul? ?
The Shadow Usul is a little girl.

I bought a item out of a person's shop and it was a box of chocolates.But when I went to feed it to my Neopet My Neopet couldn't eat it I could only put it into my safety deposit box. Why couldn't I feed my pets the chocolate?
The box of chocolates is a gift, not a food item. You can give it to another player, but your pet will not be able to eat it.

Im a Kiko collector and was wondering if you could tell me around how many different Kiko items there are?
Currently there are 35 Kiko related items including books, toys, plushies, battledome equipment and food items.

Where is the link to the page where I can hear how the names, ect. of Neopia are pronounced?
Click on 'WORLD' in the yellow side bar and then 'PRONOUNCE'.

What do the new Faerie Dolls do?
Nothing, they are just simple toys that make your pets happy. They have no magical properties at all.

Off the top of you head, what are some gourmet foods?
Rainbow Negg, Island Meatloaf, Le Sausage, Bangers and Mash, Golden Caviar and Starfish Pizza.

In the last editorial, it stated Flouds could eat carrots, if they can, how do I feed my Petpets?
It was just a joke, you can't really feed Petpets carrots.

I keep searching the shop wizard for a "Rainbow Swirly Potion" but no items show up....and I really want the Rainbow Swirly Potion but when I go to the magic shop there are none left why don't they show up on the shop wizard?
It is incredibly rare so hardly anyone has it and you have to be extremely lucky to find it on sale in the Magic shop. Most people use it as soon as they get it, or store it in their Safety Deposit Box.

You said the Faerie Queen Doll has no special battledome powers. Yet, it is in the Hidden Tower. Does it do anything or is it just there?
It has no magical powers, it is just incredibly rare. The Hidden Tower sells extremely rare artifacts, not just battledome weapons.

Now that we know that Adam is Welsh, I have a question... ydi o'n gallu siarad Cymraeg? (Can he speak Welsh?)
Only a little, but his family can fluently.

Could you list everything thats Acara related in Neopets?
Argh that would be a long list, I can tell you there are 30 Acara related items including toys, battledome items, reject plushies and foods.

I didn't know about the vote for the new paint brush and I was just wondering what were the other options besides the 'Baby' paint brush?
The original options were Tartan or Island.

Whenever I give my Gelert any food except for soup and omelette, he asks for it in chocolate! Do all those foods come in chocolate?!?!??
Wow your Gelert must have a REALLY sweet tooth. Not all foods come coated in chocolate, although a surprising number of vegetables and fruits do.

how many chias does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Hmm... good question, I guess it all depends how high the light bulbs is, how tall the Chias are and whether or not they have a ladder handy.

I havn't got my activation code yet I waited for 3 weeks. My cousin only needed to wait a day. Please help?
There are many pages in the help section devoted to activation code problems. Type activation into the search box in the yellow side bar and they will appear.

Can you give us a hint as to where this new Meuca monster is? I have looked everywhere!
OK here is a hint.... Aaa Aaaa Choooo!

I saw my sister pay Neopoints to put up an ad, how do you get there?
She must have been posting an advertisement on the noticeboard. You can post your own advert for as many Neopoints as you can afford. The more you pay, the higher up the board it goes. To go to the noticeboard click on 'SHOPS' in the yellow side bar and then 'NOTICEBOARD' in the top menu bar. (It looks like a scrap of paper, next to the safety deposit box icon)

How can I access another pet's page?
You cannot edit another pet's page, but you can look at it. The easiest way is to do a pet lookup (type the pet's name into the search box in the yellow side bar). Once this loads it will tell you a little bit of info about the pet and you can click on the 'VISIT PET'S WEBPAGE LINK'.

When a Neopet is painted Baby, will it grow up into it's original stage ever?
No, it will remain a baby until you paint it another colour.

How do you turn the whistle to a broken whistle?
You need to play with it a lot. Many toys (such as the Whistle) become fragile when you play with them. If you play with them a little too often they will break and turn into broken toys.

I want to collect all the Grooming Tools for Unis such as Hoof Polish, and Fizz Free Mane Cloths. Would you tell me all the Uni Grooming Tools?
There are five in total - Uni Shampoo, Frizz Free Mane Cloth, Wing Sock, Hoof Polish and Blue and Green Hair Tie.

How do I get my hands on a just released paint brush?
It depends on the paint brush. Most brushes aren't sold in Neopian shops. The only way you can get hold of one is to get lucky and be given one as a random event, or trade with another player who has one. The baby paint brush is an exception as it is also sold in the Hidden Tower.

When you paint your pet with the baby paintbrush does it stay the same colour and just turn baby or do they all turn one colour depending on the species?
Each species of baby pet is different, but there is only one colour for each species. For example if I painted my PURPLE Chia with a Baby paint brush, it would turn into the YELLOW baby Chia.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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