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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Articles > Morris Quiggle - Life after the War

Morris Quiggle - Life after the War

by despairing

MERIDELL - It has come to my attention that since the Darigan has officially won the war, there is question of what is to become of the Meridell Defenders. The millions of other reporters scouring Meridell for any shred of news, or seeking for any changes in the landscape, are in my opinion too focused on the conclusion of the war itself. I, however, wish to know of what is to become of Morris, the favourite subordinate punch bag existing on the Meridell side of the war. What exactly is to happen to Morris, the Mob of angry citizens, and all the other veterans of the Meridell War? Will they become prisoners, now that Meridell has been defeated? Or heroes to those poor citizens of Meridell, who are about to be conquered by a power supported by majority?

What has happened to this Meridell Defender after the war's end? Well, I went in search of our Quiggle friend, determined to find his view on the defeat of Meridell, and his hope for the future. I scoured Meridell, looking under and around my buddy Mr. Turmy, known to everyone as the "Turmaculus". I visited the wretched Mortog princes, croaking to feel the touch of my lips on their slimy, amphibian skin. I managed to sneak 47 pounds of Halloween Aisha flesh into "Ye Olde Petpets" after being tipped off by Lisha of Morris' day job mucking Ganuthor stalls. Then I was terribly delayed by Alkenore Cheese gone awry and before I knew it, I had landed in Illusen's Glade in the middle of one of Illusen's wrathful speeches about Jhudora. That is only a tiny bit of the hassles I went through, in my pursuit of news that could only be provided by Ol' Morris himself.

I had just about gone through my last strand of patience, limping through Meri Acres farm after I had a tragic accident with the Tower of Turnips when I finally decided to stop in the Potato Counter to try my luck counting potatoes. And there, stood Morris himself, peeling potatoes at the Potato Counter. I staggered over to him, finally, after countless hours of futile searching, found the Quiggle I was looking for. The Meridell Hero. He stared at me mistrustfully using his short sword/potato peeler to motion to me.

"Why, hillyo there, yer one of those Darigoners ain't you? Come to make one last jab at Morris before he's shipped off to one of them fancy dungeons in Darigan?" He grumbled the last bit and spliced a potato cleanly in half to emphasise his words.

"I...erh..I mean no. I'm a Reporter, neutral therefore. I've been searching for you for an interview..."

"Ohhh, one of them reporters like Maria Blumaroo? Ain't she a beauty. Almost as beautiful as the pride of Meridell-that marrow out there yeh see? Though Meridell's nay a place for reporters like her. Them ones like technology places like that VirtuPets Space Station out there. With the evil Grundos and such. Never mind the rambling I'm doin', mind telling me what yer after?"

I blinked a couple times, trying to accustom myself to that funny accent he was using, not to mention trying to follow on his line of thought.

"Well, I suppose it's a bit like that...but really, I want to know about what's going to happen to you now that the wars ended, and Meridell lost."

Morris nodded and uttered a sound of approval before putting his Quiggle Sword back in his scabbard and scattering the peeled potatoes on the ground by his feet. Here is the interview:

Despairing: Well, Morris, the main focus of this interview is on what is going to happen to you after the war. Are there any comments you would like to make on that sir?

Morris: You betcha Missy. Of course I got a bunch of things to say. First off, this ain't the end of Meridell yeh hear!? This ain't the end! We mighta not be able to fight again but other Meridell generations will!

Despairing: All right Mr. Morris. Now what would you see yourself doing, now that your job as Meridell Defender is over?

Morris: Well, for myself I'd see a nice comfy farm and a job peeling potatoes and puttin' that Quiggle Sword to use. That is, if I don't get sent off to Darigan as one of them prized prisoners.

Despairing: Do you care to explain what you mean by that statement? And your reasoning behind being taken as a prisoner to Darigan?

Morris: Darigan? Have you seen them draconian thingamabobs? Even a country bloke like me knows what draconian means! It's 'evil' I tell ye! evil! Theya gonna just take me there for ent-re-tay-ment for that ugly king of theirs'.

Despairing: Well, Mr. Morris, are you sure they would do that? For what benefit would it be?

Morris: Where's yer head? Up in Faerieland? There is nay benefit to take us ragged Mob Militias and harmless blokes up to that Citadel. Like I said, we'll be a bit of wee fun for that ugly king of theirs.

Despairing: Speaking of, do you believe your friends that helped during the war would be taken too?

Morris: Every last one of them lads and lassies. The Mob militia, the Green Knight. Yah know? Only the fittest can stay I tell ye. The fittest. If ye dun mind, I'd like to say that Jeran and Lisha will still be here. We've arranged for them to hide in one of these spots yeh see? Since no one wants to see Lady Lisha and young Lord Jeran go down.

Despairing: So this is the end then? For Meridell? For you?

Morris: Aye, I'm 'fraid so lassy. We'll all be a bunch of Darigan goners now. Off to get shipped off to Darigan. That's all I'm saying. Yeh'll be best to be goin' now.

Despairing: Thank you Morris. And I'm sure everyone wishes you luck in your future journeys.

And that is Morris' thoughts on what is to happen to him and the rest of the Meridell defenders after the war. Will they really be sent to the Darigan Citadel as prisoners? Or will they manage to escape and lead a life of their own? We'll never know....

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