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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 61 > Articles > Neopian Schools - Don't be Caught Off Guard!

Neopian Schools - Don't be Caught Off Guard!

by epk

DETENTION HALL - There was so much excitement a few months ago about Neopian Schools, everyone was buying supplies like crazy and getting hyped up. But we have yet to see a URL reserved for Neopian Schools (more commonly referred to as Neoschools) or even an announcement for a long time! Some people may think, "Ah, Neopets forgot again." Well, wrong! The reason Neopian Schools aren't out is because Neopets remembered! Okay, this doesn't make much sense, but it's quite simple. Somewhere, I forget where though, Neopets said Neoschools would be released only after Meridell was finished, or the plot? (I forget...) But whatever, Neopets said so. So it's so.

However, excitement has died down and prices and demand and lowering (AKA - A perfect time to strike). Few people are after Back to School items, so you'll be able to get them cheaper. But, eh, what good are Back to School items going to be? I've been trying as hard as I can to figure out how Neoschools work them, which is relatively simple at first glance, but tough once you get into it. But one thing is true - when Neoschools do come, the items will be raised in price. And you are most likely going to be caught empty-handed. Which is a good thing when the cops are after you, but bad when Neoschools come. And School Items won't be the only thing in demand. IQ Points will also be desired most likely, if you think about it. You go to the Neoschool, get IQ, then what? Yup, that's right. Then what? Dunno, but hopefully something good. Unless you get something ELSE out of Neoschools

So, how are you going to prepare yourself for Neoschools? Get the stuff needed before they come out! The only problem is.... What? How? Okay, more then one problem. Two. Big deal. Just read on. Yeah. I'll solve your problem alrighty.

This is a duh-type thing, so I'm starting with it. Duh. Supplies are the items found in the Back to School shop. If you keep on forgetting where it is, pay close attention. Go to the Shops Button on the Big Yellow Bar...on the left, yeah...then go the the place in the bottom of the big image thingy called 'Back to School.' Presto, your there! And maybe you'll see items, probably the Sparkly Paints or Quiggle Scissors. Well, it makes sense to buy a few if you saw them, as they simply aren't going to be pennies above the price of a Doglefox Plushie at Claire's when Neoschools are released. Oh me. They will be expensive if Neoschools become a large part of Neopets. (Some things didn't work so well, take Furniture & NeoHomes. If this be the fate of Neoschools, then, well I just wasted a majority of your money.)

If you surf the Internet around, you'll find some Web sites have a whole checklist or two can be found of the Neoschool Items. But for now, here is epk's abbreviated checklist of items recommended.

- Quiggle Scissors
- Bendy Yellow Pencil
- Sparkly Green Paint
- Purple Pencil Case
- Wobbly Pen
- Sloth Ruler
- Green Chia Pencil Holder
- Sloth Lunchbox

The reason I recommend these items is because they are relatively cheap and give you a good idea of what to buy. Go out and buy a few, I'd recommend two to three times the amount of Neopets you have at the very least. Then go store them in your safety deposit box. And if you have the cash to spare, well, save onto it for now. Let's get something more, such as IQ? (For your Neopet of course.)

Something not so obvious is IQ. Although Neoschools are going to be most likely giving your pets IQ, what is that IQ to be used for? Just a meaningless number that takes out of a not so meaningless number, aka your Neopoints? Most people would rush out and buy all the books they can possible, but, let me warn you: Neopets with 1,000+ IQ didn't get it just by books, considering there is no more then 600ish books out there, each raising one IQ Point. And you can't get 1,000 IQ off of 600 books which each give 1 IQ a piece. (Yes, your average new-born Lenny still has the IQ of a Slug. No offence to Lenny Lovers - or Slug Lovers.)

So how do you get that other IQ? Well, I've been experimenting around and have noticed Coltzan's Shrine, Cliffhanger, Poogle Solitaire, and the item 'Genius Negg' all give away IQ. Which is quite overwhelming at first, but let me make it simple. I have a Koi called splashgold who I'm trying to get to 1,000 IQ by Koi Day. Now before you call me crazy, or in some cases crazier, let me explain my strategy. Every morning I bring splashgold to Coltzan's Shrine is hopes of getting an IQ raise - this plan of course being very unlikely. Then I go for a higher stake and try my luck at Poogle Solitaire. I find about 1/5 of the time I get an IQ raise for splashgold (currently my active pet). But after that it is the big stuff. I go to Cliffhanger.

Every Cliffhanger game I play is easy, and I start off by entering in the following letters: A,E, I, O, U, R, S, T, L, & N as they are fairly common letters and/or vowels in the English alphabet. By then I have a rough idea of a few words and just fill in the blanks until I get the answer. About 1/10 of the time I get an IQ raise, and as an added plus, a cash sum. But there is an added plus - the random events on Terror Mountain are great for getting some more cash. Such as "You found the Great Ice Treasure!"; "WOW! You just found a Christmas Paint Brush!"; "Someone threw a snowball at you. You pick it up."; and "You find an Ice Negg on a nearby bush and add it to your inventory." Although there are some not-so good ones, such as the Ice Devil coming and stealing 2 items, the pros outweigh the cons.

But remember the Ice Negg event? Well, there is an added plus. You can just skip right over to the Neggery in the Ice Caves and give the Negg Faerie your Negg. When you get 20 Negg Tokens you are then able to buy a Genius Negg, a great item for increasing IQ as it gives 2 IQ points and a random book exclusive only to Genius Negg eaters! If you have read that book already then you can sell it and get some others books, and if you haven't you always can read it. Pretty good deal. Cliffhanger is the top way to get IQ in my opinion because of the free neggs and IQ.

Super-fast-connection + Cliffhanger is sweet. My computer has a 46k connection so I have a sort of problem there, don't I?

Well, this may be something you want anyway, but let me explain. Neoschools are probably going to require some NP, may it be more supplies to an entrance fee, who knows! Neopoints are going to come in handy, and although you'll be getting plenty with the Cliffhanger + Random Event combo, that amount is limited. It may be good to get some game playing time in, as your budget with take another downward hit if you really get into Neoschools

I'd think selling some of the junk in your safety deposit box, the Meerca Chase-Volcano Run-Toaster Bakery game combo will get you enough NP to work with. No further discussion.

That should cover some basic concepts. Support the reconstruction of Maraqua and bye in six different languages until next time. Class dismissed.

Disclaimer: Any predictions, names, etc. made by the author (such as being IQ being of any use in Neoschools) are most likely false but are probably close. Article written 10/5/02, 10/6/02, 10/7/02, 10/8/02, 10/9/02 and submitted approx. 5:21 PM NST 10/9/02. (Just in case anything covered in the article becomes out-of-date.) Any error-pointing-outing, feedback, etc. should be Neomailed to me.

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