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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 50 > New Series > The Rewards of Kindness: Part One

The Rewards of Kindness: Part One

by eevee_girl133

SOMEBODY TUGGED ON Kai's pretty blue jacket. It was probably Fiola. Kai turned around and, indeed, the smiling yellow Chia bounced happily in her desk. "Ahem," the teacher said, staring directly at Kai and Fiola. Kai nodded and faced the chalkboard, which was covered in charts and math problems. She could still hear Fiola trying her hardest to stay still in her seat. She was excited about something obviously. Kai was Fiola's friend and all, but Kai knew she had to pay attention in class. She had to show her owner how good she was.

     The bell rang and all the students filed out of the classroom like they always did. Except Fiola. She hopped up and down while tugging Kai's jacket sleeve. "Kai, Kai, Kai!!!! You have gotta hear this!!!" she nagged. Kai kept silent as they both walked to lunch.

     She and Fiola sat down at a table and pulled their lunches out of their backpacks. Kai pulled out organic grapes and a leftover neotaco from dinner. Fiola squealed as she began taking out her lunch. "Look Kai this is what I wanted to show you!!" she exclaimed as she yanked a plastic lunchbox out of her overstuffed backpack. Kai looked over as Fiola opened the box--a glamour negg! Fiola took a great big bite and pink juice squirted all over her.

     "Can I have a small bite?" Kai asked nicely, frowning over her less appetising lunch.

     "Sure!" Fiola said, dabbing her face with a napkin.

     Kai took a tiny bite of the fruit and it was disgusting! It was much too sweet for her. It probably was made of ninety-eight percent sugar and two percent negg. "No wonder Fiola's so hyper," she thought to herself.

     Just then, the principal made an announcement. "Would Kai the Red Gelert please come to the guidance office?"

     Fiola's eyes widened. "What did you DO, Kai?" she whispered.

     Kai knew what would probably happen. "I think I know," she said as she threw away the remainder of her lunch. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and headed towards the guidance office.

     The door was open and Ms. Craugh was sitting in her office chair, apparently waiting for Kai. She was a very tall woman who looked as if she knew everything. She turned and smiled at Kai. "So, Kai..." she began.

     "Am I getting abandoned again?" Kai asked with a frown.

     Ms. Craugh sadly nodded. "Yes Kai," she said in a whispery tone of voice. "But this time you won't stay here."

     Kai's eyes widened and tears began to form. "But, but why?"

     "Your owner decided to get a Shoyru and she wanted to get rid of you. She's sending you to Gelertia, a small country of only Gelerts that's located near Terror Mountain." Terror Mountain was VERY far away from where Kai's home was currently. She lived on Mystery Island and went to this Mystery Island school, and Gelertia seemed like a totally different planet.

     Kai slumped down in a big green air chair across from Ms. Craugh's desk. "What about my friends?" she asked, thinking about her bouncy Chia friend eating a juicy glamour negg.

     "You'll have to bid them farewell, I'm afraid. Your owner gave me this," Ms. Craugh said as she held up a ticket. "It's a boat ticket to travel to Gelertia. The boat leaves from the Mystery Island dock tonight. You'll probably stay at a friend's house until then. You will also live in an apartment in Gelertia. Here's the address." Ms. Craugh stuck a small piece of paper with the address on it into Kai's backpack. Kai was still silent. "You may resume eating your lunch, Kai," the counselor nodded.

     Kai sat in the plastic chair for another moment or so and walked back to the lunchroom. Most of the students had gone outside for recess already, but there sat Fiola, waiting for Kai.

     "Geez, what took you so long? What happened?" Fiola asked as the two began walking outside.

     "I'm moving," Kai muttered.

     "Moving? That's IT?" Fiola cried. Kai had had 12 different owners in her short lifetime, but each time she had been able to keep going to the same school. She never had moved far from her previous dwelling, so Fiola thought nothing of it.

     "No, that's not it. I have to move FAR. To Gelertia, a country by Terror Mountain," Kai explained as tears began to return.

     Fiola stopped and her lips quivered. "You, you can't move!"

     "I have to. I'm leaving tonight. Can I stay at your NeoHome until I have to go?"

     "Sure," Fiola answered. "But that'll make me miss you more."

     "But I have to."


School had ended for the day and Kai rode the same bus that Fiola did. They sat together but remained silent. The bus stopped off at Fiola's house. Kai had been here numerous times, but this would probably be her last visit. Together they prepared dinner and talked about all the memories they had made. Kai didn't want to cry. It was a good feeling to remember all those times now gone. Fiola's owner took Kai and Fiola to the harbour. Kai clutched her ticket in her paw, fighting back the tears.

     The loudspeaker boomed, "The cruise ship SS Dreamer is now boarding." This was Kai's time to say goodbye. Fiola and Kai cried and hugged for a few moments. Fiola then whispered, "I'll always be here for you, Kai." Taking her only possessions, which was her backpack, a couple books, and her jacket, Kai slowly trotted to the SS Dreamer.

To be continued...

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