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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Short Stories > Life in the NeoHome

Life in the NeoHome

by dudette97

Bee-beep! Bee-beep! Be- SMASH!

It was a beautiful Thursday morning, and Dudette had just woken up.

Well, no.

It was a grey, hazy, wretched Thursday morning, and Dudette had just been unpleasantly woken by a shrieking alarm at an ungodly hour. Resisting the urge to pull the green blanket over her head and burrow deep into the soft, bamboo bed, she stretched and stumbled blindly out of bed. After finding her glasses, which she had somehow knocked under her iron desk, she staggered into the kitchen to cook breakfast for her 19, count 'em, 19 pets.

"Hi hi!" Chana called down the stairs. The little Faerie Cybunny tried to fly down, but her wings grazed the wall and she tumbled down the steps, bringing a couple paintings down with her. Tonnerre, a brown Shoyru, ran down to help her and to remind her that walls are bad things to fly into.

Dudette sighed, and threw some slices of bread and some omelette into a frying pan. She poked listlessly at it a couple times with a pancake flipper, and finally turned the pan over onto a big plate. She put the plate down on the dining room table, and braced herself for the rush.

The 'rush' was Tonnerre, Corbeau (green Korbat), Vickie (brown Chomby), Chip (skunk Kacheek), Adam (mutant Chia), Lysander (green Nimmo), Meannie (white Tonu), Ryan (blue Tonu), and DerSpargel (green Kyrii)- all the guys- flying, thumping, and falling down the stairs towards the wafting smell of food. A few shouts, a couple shoves, and a lot of noise, and it was over. The room, and the plate, was empty. Dudette returned to the kitchen for Round 2.

Yawning, the first few girls came (civilly) down the staircase. Libby (blue Zafara), Galaxy (purple Grundo), Amaretto (yellow Poogle), Chiquita (rainbow Blumaroo), and Kiwi (green Kau) popped into the kitchen to say good morning, and then turned on the TV. Chana, who had already come down, scurried around the kitchen, 'helping' Dudette. Sunshine (yellow Cybunny) and Daisy (yellow Tonu) came next, and joined the others in the living room. Flowerchild was the last to arrive, with Gabbie the baby Usul, riding on the rainbow Kougra's back.

Yup, 19 pets--all of which Dudette had to feed. She let Chana stir the omelette around for a bit while she picked up Gabbie to give her her bottle. Flowerchild grumbled incoherently and slunk off to join the TV-watching lumps.

And so began another day. After breakfast was served (again), the girls scattered and disappeared to the yard, the garden, and their bedrooms. Dudette was left alone with Gabbie, who was grinning and mischievously eyeing Dudette's long, pull-able hair. "Ow!" yelped Dudette, as the baby discovered the beauty and wonder of actually pulling that hair. "Let's go see what your brothers and sisters are up to..."

Vickie was the first one she discovered. He was lying in his usual position, on the couch pulled right in front of the TV, watching the Gormball championships and eating a Cheops plant. Chip, she knew, was out with his fiancee, Sonjyah (a stunning striped Kacheek). Lysander, Meannie, and Adam were probably out with their girlfriends.

While Dudette pondered all this, she had let Gabbie down. Gabbie was now shrieking with delight as she pinched playfully at Vickie's tail. "Gabbie, no! Mustn't pinch!" Dudette scooped up the flailing baby and looked out the window. On the front lawn was Tonnerre, looking nervously up at the sky. Sure enough, flying above him was Chana, who still hadn't really mastered aim... or speed... or steering... or stopping... or... anything concerning flying.

Gabbie's purple eyes were starting to well up, so Dudette carried her into the kitchen for a bottle of Forest Fruit Baby Food. On the counter, she found a note:


Have gone shopping, will be back in a few hours.

~Daisy, Chiquita, Amaretto, Libby, Galaxy

Do they ever do anything else, Dudette wondered. She looked at her watch, and realised that it was time to go out and run some errands. She picked up a rather sleepy Gabbie and trudged up the stairs. One peek into Kiwi's room told her that Sunshine and Kiwi were playing Usukis.

Sixteen... Dudette said to herself. Where were Spargel, Corbeau, and Flowerchild? She knocked on the next closed door.

"Come in!" chirped Corbeau. He was curled up in a beanbag chair, reading The Neopian Times (the comics section, naturally). Spargel was sprawled out on the bed, rereading the Quiggle Joke Book and giggling occasionally.

"Just checking up on everyone," Dudette said casually as she shut the door.

That left Flowerchild. Dudette knew where to find her, and she knocked on Flowerchild's bedroom door. Hearing no answer, Dudette opened the door and saw Flowerchild yakking away on the phone. "...and then I told him, 'No way!' But then he said... hold on a sec, will ya?" Flowerchild covered the receiver and glared at Dudette. "What? I'm on the phone!"

Dudette narrowed her eyes. "Sorry to interrupt your busy schedule, but it's time to go down to the you-know-what."

Flowerchild gave Dudette the just-one-minute signal, and removed her paw from the receiver. "Sorry, gotta go. I'll call you the second I get back, kay? Yeah, I'm gettin' zapped again. Maybe I'll turn back into a girl... Kay... Kay bye!" Flowerchild hung up and zipped over to her mirror, where she brushed her fur a few times until it shone. "Okay, I'm ready, let's go!" Flowerchild padded down the stairs. Dudette bundled Gabbie into her stroller and followed Flowerchild out the door.

Dudette had no idea what the NeoHome would look like when she got back--17 pets, 0 owners, and 1 unsuspecting house. Only time would tell...

The End

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