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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Short Stories > From the Files of Dimension Destiny Shoyru, Private I

From the Files of Dimension Destiny Shoyru, Private I

by aishaluvver123

It was a day like any other day. Thieves were thieving, muggers were mugging, and kids were being forced to take accordion lessons by their parents. The city was my playground. I知 Dimension. I知 a Shadowed Shoyru. And I知 a Private I.

I知 the kind of pet who has to plan every move to keep from getting caught. I知 the kind of pet who takes every risk to solve a case. I知 the kind of pet who really has to get around to fixing that chair...*crash*...and that needs insurance...oww.

It was another hot summer day, spent listening to pets and owners begging me to take their case. Or so I thought. The usuals were here today: Marianne the Meerca with her 杜issing sister, Bob the Bruce with his mysterious 菟hantom channel changer, Karl the Kougra with his 塗aunted house, and Lily the Lenny with her 電isappearing Neopoints.

I had solved all of these cases before, but they kept coming back. Marianne痴 sister was turned Invisible, courtesy of the Lab Ray; Bob spilled Neocola on his remote, causing the buttons to stick; Karl痴 house creaks eerily because it痴 over 50 years old; and Lily can稚 seem to grasp the concept of 努hen you spend NP, you lose NP.


After all of the nutheads went home, a shady character came into my office. It was getting late, and I already spend too much on equipment and such to afford good lighting. He had a low, raspy voice, and he referred to himself as Rocko. When he stood in front of the fading light, I saw a silhouetted image of an old Eyrie. He said that he would give me anything I wanted, if I helped him.

典hink of it, Dimension! It壇 be a luxury! I can give you that luxury... for a price.

I didn稚 acknowledge the fact that he knew my name, though it was kind of creepy. 哲ame your price.

溺y youngest grandson is very, very sick. We have done all that is in our power to try and cure him, but nothing works. We don稚 even know what he痴 got, let alone a cure. He seems to be on the brink. Sad, isn稚 it?

敵et to the point.

天ery well then, what I want you to do is, first, find out what the boy痴 got, and second, find a cure. Can you do that?

After a few moments hesitation, I said the words that would change my life forever: "I accept."

敵ood. Here is the address, good evening madam.

I politely waved goodbye.

After he left, I wrote the address down in my casebook, which was actually a laptop that folded to the size of a credit card. This was the address:

5432123 Market Street
Neopia Central

The next day...

滴mm... Market Street... Market Street... AHA! Now, 5432120... 5432121... 5432122... 5432123! This is the place!


As I climbed the seemingly endless staircase leading up to the house, I made a mental chart of diseases and their cures. I also noted that there were no other pets roaming around here, and that I had heard, or at least thought I heard, 典here goes a brave Shoyru... or else a very, very foolish one. while I was walking through the populated area of town. I stopped and had a juicy melon every once in a while to quench my thirst and rest my aching limbs.

Many, many juicy melons later...

的 finally...*pant*...*wheeze*...*gasp*...made it...

When I looked down, I realized that flying up here would have been much easier. Duh! I was a Shoyru! I decided I壇 fly down.

I pressed the doorbell, and the tone that resulted made me feel a little better. It was the Mexican Hat Dance. That was funny. But I was shocked and horrified by who answered the door.

No, it wasn稚 some mad scientist. It was a Shoyru. A Mutant Shoyru. Not just any Mutant Shoyru. My adopted brother, Trinkol. He was a green Cybunny at first, but then he drank a Mutant Shoyru Morphing Potion, via a cup of juice. I never saw him again, but now here he was, and here I was. It was a long 5.3 seconds before the initial shock passed.

典-Trink? I-is that... you?

展-who are you? Only my sister, Dimension calls me Trink...

典rinkol Dynasty Shoyru.

徹h, Dimmy! It is you! But, why are you here? And when did you get painted?

的値l explain everything once you let me inside, I said, reminding him where we were.

徹h, right...

After he led me inside, I explained everything. Then I said, 釘efore I go and see the poor thing, I need a few questions answered.

鉄uch as...?

滴ow old is he?

3 years.

鼎an he speak Neopian?

添es. Fluently.

展hat痴 his name?


徹K, thanks. Now, take me to him.

Trink led me into a small room, dimly lit, curtains drawn. There was a small bed in one corner, and a small, dark figure lay in it, sleeping, occasionally making a high-pitched squealing noise. When the sheets were removed, I saw that it was a Fire Korbat, and a sickly, young, and weak one at that. I noted that its left wing and right foot were both in casts, and that the injured wing no longer had flames. 撤oor thing... I said quietly. 展hat happened to him? I asked Trink.

鄭bandonment. He was abandoned. He was but a baby Korbat, less than 10 minutes old. Created, painted, and abandoned, just like that. He spent over 2 years in the pound, and eventually escaped. Unfortunately, he was not lucky. Many things happened to him, things so bad he can稚 stand to repeat them. As you can see, he痴 slowly losing his flames. Indeed he was. The flames closest to the wing and foot were very, very dim. 鄭 fire pet痴 flames are its health indications. Once this guy痴 flames are gone, he will be, too. We suppose he has something similar to the deadly 'Neolaria,' except this new desease takes longer than 3 days. We致e had him here a week now.

All I could do was nod my head. 的 guess I need to go see Dr_Death.

展hy Dr_Death?

滴e might know who DarkFireLord痴 original owner was.

徹h. I guess that makes sense... bye, sis. Come back someday, I don稚 plan on moving.

的 will, Trinkol.



After an excruciatingly long goodbye, I flew down the hill and headed for the Pound. You壇 better have this information, I thought.


Once I arrived, I was greeted by a cheerful-looking red Uni who asked,尿dopt or, uh, ahem, abandon?

哲either. I need to speak with Dr_Death.

展hat for? Are you gonna harass me, too? Dr_Death asked from the desk.

哲o. I need some information.

徹K, come with me, he said with an annoyed tone in his voice. He led me to a back office. He sat down, as did I. I asked him, 泥o you have any record of a Korbat who was abandoned 2 years ago?

展hat for?

的 know where he is, and he痴 very, very sick. Only has about 6 days to a week, 10 days at the most to live if he isn稚 cured.

泥o you know what his name is?





As the doctor searched, I looked around for something, anything, that would help me reach what I was looking for.

典his the Korbat yer lookin for? He held up an old piece of paper with a photo of a fire Korbat with the words:

Name: DarkFireLord
Species: Korbat
Age: 0 hours, ten minutes
Abandoned: 16th of Storing, Y2
Former Owner: croklady

printed under it.

添es. Thank you.

添eah, whatever.

With this bit of information, I went and looked up croklady. I neomailed her, and she told me that she created pets, painted them, then abandoned them. I then went back to the Pound, and told both pets behind the counter what I knew.

鄭nd to think that l didn稚 notice... It was the doctor speaking. 的 did notice that some of the pets cowered whenever we led a human through the kennels... Rose remembered.

溺ay I take a look?

鼎ertainly. Right this way, miss, uh...

泥imension. Call me Dimmy.

徹K Dimmy, come on.

I followed Rose to the kennels. I wrote down the name and species of each Neopet that seemed to be afraid of me. When I came back out, Dr_Death reported that he had recieved 4 more adoptees while I was touring the pound. There were four Pets on leashes behind the desk, all Poogles. One red, two green, and one blue. 典he abandoners usernames were Maki_lyan, who abandoned the red one, nackai, who abandoned one of the green ones, krizky, who abandoned the other green one, and cokysays, who abandoned the blue one. I have a feeling they池e connected somehow with this 祖roklady that you mentioned. All four of them did look similar...

After a review of everything I had gathered so far, I decided that I壇 better go back to my brother. After all, he was pretty smart. Plus, his best bud was a mutant Kacheek, which I was thankful for, what with the Kacheeks being really smart and all.


I flew up the hill this time, and reached the front door in a fifth of the time I spent last time. I wanted to knock, but I couldn稚 resist the doorbell. Soon, Trink answered the door, and I asked him if he壇 call Tleich (short for Tleicholandra_100 [pronounced tlyko-londra-one-hundred], a female mutant Kacheek) to see if she could help us. He did. Once Tleich got there, we went over the evidence.

I decided to go to croklady痴 NeoHome. I did. Croklady was ready to talk, and she did. I hypnotized her, and she fell asleep. I said, 展henever you hear the word 田alypso, you will reveal everything to ME, Dimension Destiny Shoyru! Now awaken! I clapped my paws and said 田alypso. She told me her plan, how she was planning on taking over Neopia one account at a time, and everything else I wanted to know. Then I hypnotized her again.埜hen you hear the clap, you shall return to normal and forget everything that happened in the last 10 minutes! I clapped again, and then ran for it, should she come after me. I also managed to find out that all of the pets that were cowering at humans had been abandoned by croklady, includng the Poogles.


I flew to Neopia Central and went to the Neohospital. I asked the Gelert Doctor to come and look at DarkFireLord and try to diagnose him.

Once we got to Trink痴, Dr. Karmeena said that he had simply drunk a glass of water, and that he had crashed into something. I went back to my building in the city, and sure enough, the old Eyrie was there, and he asked me what his grandson had.

滴e crashed into something and drank a glass of water. Nothing that a few matches couldn稚 fix.

The Eyrie gave me what he壇 promised, and in less than a day, my life was back to normal.

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