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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Short Stories > The Great Gutan Kai

The Great Gutan Kai

by spuddie_hang

"Gutan! Gutan! GUTAN KAI!" Gutan spun around to see his mother calling to him from their straw house down the road. Dropping his makeshift sword and shield, Gutan ran towards his mother.

"Gutan! Do you know what time it is?" his mother cried to him, pointing at the stick stuck straight up in the ground. Marked around the stick were twenty four lines in the dirt, with one line that was longer than the rest.. A shadow cast from the sun landed on the fifth line.

"Five," replied Gutan to his mother. His mother grumped. She handed him a stone pail and told him to go to the Plateau and get some omelette from the Giant Omelette. Obeyingly, Gutan grabbed the pail and ran down the path of Tyrammet, his home village.

Finally reaching the Plateau, Gutan ran over to the Giant Omelette. Saying a quick, "Hello!" to Sabre-X, the guardian, he closed his eyes and wished for a Sausage Omelette. He ended up picking up a Cheese and Onion one. He groaned. Gutan placed the Omelette in the pail and, spotting some green herbs on the road, weeded them from the ground and dropped them in the pail with the omelette.

Gutan returned home and handed the pail to his mother proudly. Seeing the herbs, Gutan's mother patted him on the head.

"I have a good son," she said to him. He nodded to her arrogantly as he followed her into the grass hut.

The hut smelled of Gargaraptor arm and some Bargasaurus steak baking on the spit. His brother, Hutan Kai, was poking at the steaming meat with a stick. Gutan's father was sitting in a stone chair, with a stone plate of Nerking leg, Bronto bite, and Nautilus on his lap. Gutan smiled. His family lived in wealth. They had stone furniture and golden ivy leaves for supper every night.

As Gutan's mother released the steaming meat from the spit, a long, echoing howl was heard.

"Oh no, the Lupes are here again," his mother said with a worried expressio. Father stood up and dropped the plate on the ground. He grabbed his spear and ran to shut the door. Hutan draped a braided bark rug over the window. The howls were clearer now. Mother held Gutan and Hutan in her arms and backed away in the corner.

There were many Tyrannian Chias living in Tyrammet. More than 200 live there. Somehow, the Lupes found out where each of those Chias lived, and raided their homes every week. Father peered through the bark rug over the window. The Lupes were now marching down Tyrammet road. They were barking and snarling.

Suddenly, one of them spotted Gutan's father in the window. The Lupe grinned. He ran over to the hut. Rushing to his family, Father threw another bark rug over them and told them to be quiet.

The Lupes suddenly rushed in. One of them grabbed the meat that he was taking off the spit and ate it. Two of the Lupes started eating the golden ivy leaves stored on the pots in the shelves.

Under the bark rug in his mother's arms, Gutan breathed as softly as he can. He could hear his father's yells and screams. Closing his eyes, Gutan prayed that the great and wise Kyruggi would come to their rescue, like she did the last time the Lupes raided. No such luck.

After the Lupes were finished raiding, Gutan and Hutan threw the bark rug off and leaped on their heroic father. Hugging him, Gutan and Hutan jumped off and started picking up the fallen food from the shelves. Mother started sweeping up the place, which looked like the Monoceraptor came and had a fight with Dr. Sloth.

"Gutan, Hutan, take a step outside while your father and I talk," said their mother, picking up a fallen dish. Gutan and Hutan did what she said.

The night was dark, and the trails of the Lupes were left on the road. The sky was starrier than ever and seemed to be teasing them about their misfortune. Angrily, Gutan grabbed a stone and threw it into the sky. It never came down. Hutan, who was weeping slightly, sat down by the house. Gutan looked at his helpless little brother. Being Chias didn't mean that Lupes could walk all over them, Gutan knew that. Someone should teach those Lupes a lesson, someone...

Years later...

"AHA!" A Lupe rushed into the residence of a Tyrannian Chia family. The Chias crouched and yelled in fear. As the Lupe wrecked their house, his ears shot straight up. A long scream was heard. "On no..." the Lupe thought. Turning around, he saw a shadowy figure of a hairy Tyrannian chia in the doorway. "Gutan Kai..." the Lupe said, his tail between his legs.

Gutan gave another scream and rushed towards the Lupe. The Lupe dodged Gutan's flying fist and feet and jumped out of the window, whimpering and crying. Looking at the helpless Chia family, Gutan smiled. "You shall no more be tortured by the Lupes," he said to them reassuringly.

"Thank you..." they all whispered in unison. "Thank you, Great Gutan Kai...."

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