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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Articles > Where Have All the Dubloons Gone?

Where Have All the Dubloons Gone?

by chrisja357

Many of you will remember my last article about what happened to the codestones once Ryshu obtains them. Well now, as promised, is the article about what Cap'n Three Legs does with his dubloons.

First, as before, I had to ask the locals what they thought about Cap'n Threelegs. I figured the best place to go would be the Golden Dubloon. Where else would that rascal go?

Many of the people in the Golden Dubloon were, well... not sober. So, I got a lot of useless information about Cap'n Three Legs. I was just about to leave when a mysterious Krawk pulled me aside.

"I know what your here for. I read your article about Ryshu the Nimmo and I want to help you with Cap'n Three Legs."

I was relieved to find someone willing to help me. The Krawk (green might I add) led me up some rope-ladders to the mast of the Golden Dubloon ship.

"Here we can talk in private," he said, playing with a small dagger at his side.

"Would you mind putting your dagger down? It's kinda making me nervous." I didn't bring any NeoPets with me this time, so I was all alone with this guy.

"Really? Well we wouldn't want that now would we?" He dropped the dagger and let it fall to the ground below.

"We? Who's we?" I asked.

At that moment a few more Krawks started climbing the ropes. Needless to say, I was very frightened.

"What do you want with me?" I demanded.

The green Krawk drew a Sword of Domar and held it to my neck. "We want you to keep quiet about Cap'n Three Legs. We're here to make sure you don't go blabbin'."

I got kind of lucky. The Krawk had a little more to drink than I originally thought and didn't have a good grip on the sword. So, I knocked it away with a swift kick and jumped into the cold water below.

I heard some yelling coming from the ship, but the Krawks didn't try to stop me. I guess that's what you get asking questions about pirates.

Anyway, I moved on to a less threatening pirate. The Dublon-O-Matic. All it said to me was "Place Dubloons Here." So I moved on.

I finally got the idea to go to the Smuggler's Cove. Being a great battle domer, I'm sure Cap'n Three Legs has visited this place occasionally.

I saw a Green Bruce there, trying to sell a Banana Sword. I decided to ask him about Cap'n Three Legs.

"Aye! He buys all me best stuff, he does! My most expensive merchandise!"

"So he comes here often?"

"Aye he do! Wanna buy a Banana Sword?"

"No thank you," I said.

"Then be gone! I got other customers ye know!"

So I turned to leave and who was behind me? Cap'n Three Legs himself.

"Cap'n Three Legs!" I yelled. "It's nice to meet you. My name is Chris and-"

He cut me off in mid sentence. "I'm buyin' a sword here, you see! Outta my way, Boat Scum!"

I waited patiently for the Cap'n to get his sword. Rather than paying the pirate Bruce, he winked at him. The Bruce instantly handed over the sword and returned to the ship.

Now I don't know about you, but I know that Cove items don't come cheap. If he had simply bought the sword, a lot more would have been solved faster. However, I had to investigate farther.

I followed old Three Legs to his Training School. There, I decided to ask a few questions.

"So, how much was that sword?" I began.

"You again? Arg. Go away."

"Why? Are you hiding something?"

"Of course not! A pirate's got nothin' to hide!"

"Then you don't mind if I look around?" I said.


So I left the poor captain. I called my pet Blaytre (being a master at sword fighting) to help me out on this next part.

I returned, Two Dubloon Coin in hand, to the Training School. I met up again with the Captain.

"One course for Endurance, please," I said.

"You better not be sendin' your pet a spyin'," he grunted.

"Of course not. I'm done with that. Too hard to fool you."

"Aye. Good." He led my NeoPet down the hallway.

I pulled out a Purple Invisihat (bet you didn't know they worked on humans now did you?) and slipped it on. I followed closely behind the Cap'n, listening to everything he said.

"Your master really gave up the dubloon hunt?"

"He's not my master. I can leave him whenever I want. And yes, he did. How's you know he was after dubloons anyway?"

"Aye. A lil' Krawk told me."

Then, we passed by a door where I heard a man singing. I opened the door and slipped in. Not undetected of course.

"What was that?" I heard Three Legs and an elder Grundo yell at the same time.

Being invisible, I snuck up against a wall and kept quiet. It was then that I saw what Cap'n Three Legs did with his dubloons.

"Who came in here?" Three Legs demanded.

"I dunno! Didn't see anyone!" The Grundo said. I then recognised the Grundo. It was the Drunk Grundo form the NeoPet V.2 game!

"Arg! Well he's gotta be here somewhere! Just keep negotiatin'!"

The Grundo went to another room, and I followed. Then I saw the Bruce again.

The Bruce had a boat pulled up to the Training School.

"One hundred Dubloons gets you ten percent," the Bruce said.

"Ten percent of stolen merchandise... interesting..." The Grundo appeared to be thinking. "Make it thirty percent and you got a deal."

"Twenty percent! It's our stuff!" the Bruce demanded angrily.

"We're funding these Maraqua raids! We should get more than twenty percent!"

"Twenty percent and your choice of stock!" the Bruce said.


It was then that my Invisihat wore off. I was seen by both the Bruce and Grundo simultaneously.

"Get him!" the Grundo yelled.

The Bruce pulled out a Banana Sword and ran at my chest full force.

Blaytre came rushing in and blocked the blow with his sword.

"I heard the whole thing! You pirates get your stuff from Maraqua's ruins! AND THREE LEGS PAYS FOR IT!"

"You've seen too much!" said Three Legs himself.

A battle ensued between the Grundo, Bruce, Three Legs, and Blaytre. I was knocked out sometime in the middle of it all, and found myself in a hospital when I woke up. Blaytre had somehow gotten himself and me away. All he said was:

"If you're going to do this reporting stuff, I'll have to stay with you. I've permanently joined your team of NeoPets."

That was all. So the Smuggler's Cove is full of items stolen from Maraqua! Who'd have thought? Even worse--Cap'n Three Legs is funding the whole Cove operation with his dubloons! Forget Ryshu, Cap'n Three Legs is by far the greatest con-artist of them all!

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