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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 20 > Articles > Are You a Nice Neopian?

Are You a Nice Neopian?

by cjackson151

Take this easy quiz to see if you are a nice Neopian or one of those people that everyone just wishes would go away.

1) If you see a faerie for sale for 500 NP on the Shop Wizard you...

A) Laugh at the poor dumb newbie who put that in, and then Neomail them and inform them what an idiot they were.
B) Neomail the person who put it in and politely point out that estimated value isn't the going price of items.
C) Go into the shop and become overwhelmed by the Tombola prizes and buy everything in the shop.
D) Ignore the faerie and go for the next lowest price, because those with highspeed cable Internet will just get it anyway.

2) You donate ___________ to the Money Tree.

A) Nothing, let the Newbies and poor Neopians earn their own money.
B) Anything that you don't need, including food, toys, and everything else that you have of value.
C) What's a Money Tree?
D) Tombola prizes, and anything else that you have no use of.

3) In the Battledome you fight...

A) Weaker pets, that don't stand a chance.
B) Only pets that are strong enough to beat you. You don't want anyone to get mad at you for being too competitive.
C) Without weapons.
D) Opponents about your strength level.

4) When you are fighting a human opponent you...

A) Make sure to thoroughly insult them as you pound their level one Chia into the ground.
B) Compliment their pets, every five seconds, while barely fighting back.
C) Ask the opponent why you aren't doing damage.
D) At the start of your matches you write "May the best pet win." And then don't write anything else unless they respond.

5) When you get a guild invitation you...

A) Reply to the message explaining the top 100 reasons why you wouldn't be caught dead in their pathetic excuse for a guild.
B) Join their guild, even if it means quitting the one you are already in.
C) Join the guild because you are embarrassed at not knowing what a guild is.
D) Reply back saying that you are already in a guild but try not to be too rude or mean about it.

6) When you see that someone bought from your shop you...

A) Wonder who would be stupid enough to buy a bottle of sand for 500 NP.
B) Neomail them, thanking them for buying something from your shop.
C) Leap with joy about how you made 500 whole Neopoints off of that Faerie you got for free from a random event.
D) Restock your shop, checking the wiz for the current price.

7) On the NeoPets chat boards if anyone asks a question you...

A) insult everyone who asks a question, even though you are on the help board.
B) Tell the person how to do just about everything about the one little thing they asked for, and then ask to be their Neofriend and E-mail them about every five seconds asking them if they need anymore help, even if they've been playing longer than you.
C) Ask how to make those cool happy faces.
D) Answer their question, then move on, and if they ask for further help you help them as best you can.

8) If you see someone trying to scam on the chat boards you...

A) Think of a way you could improve the scam.
B) Report the scammer, after all it is your duty as a Neopian.
C) Think to yourself, "Really, you can get all those Neopoints for just sending your password!?"
D) Post on the board "scam" or something else like that.

9) Your pets are currently...

A) As strong as they need to be to beat up level one pets in a single hit, so they don't have time to withdraw.
B) Level one, because you are constantly spending Neopoints leveling and painting pets from the pound.
C) Starving to death, as you have not yet figured out how to feed them, and on the chatboards you were laughed at for even asking.
D) Decent in strength, fully feed and delighted.

10) When you visit the pound you...

A) Abandon yet another pet, who proved to be unworthy of you.
B) Adopt poor weak pets, to be leveled up and painted and then re-abandoned to be adopted by a loving owner.
C) Scoff the fact that you can only have 4 pets and wonder why the pets in the pound aren't starving to death.
D) Decide that you might as well get another pet, seeing as you know you can take care of it.

11) You are in a ___________ guild.

A) Battledome (or you were until you were kicked out. Who needs them anyway.)
B) A Neopian helper guild, A guild to help Newbies or a guild that paints abandoned pets so they can find new owners.
C) Some guild that someone Neomailed you to join, but you have no idea what it does or what a guild is.
D) A guild matching your interests, or an aspect of NeoPets you like.

12) You recruit members into your guild...

A) By posting a million times on all the boards, about how great your guild is.
B) By helping Newbies out by telling them about it.
C) By using the invite link, and trying to invite the person who invited you in.
D) first finding out if they are into what your guild is all about and then asking them to take a look if they are interested.

13) Your purpose on NeoPets is...

A) To get everything, millions of Neopoints, all the best items, and an excellent Battledome record (the old withdraw when you are losing trick) and to generally exploit everyone you come across for your personal gain.
B) To help all the poor and misfortunate Neopians.
C) To finally find out how to feed your pets.
D) To have fun.

If you had mostly As then...
You are definitely one of those people that would make Neopia better by not playing. Try to be a little nicer, and slightly less annoying. It's not impossible to be nice to a Newbie, and don't forget that you were one once. You wouldn't have to be nice, just don't insult, and you'll blend in a little more. (Not to mention, not get frozen as quickly.) You probably won't make too many Neofriends, and you will probably drive off the few Neofriends you do have unless you try to be a little nicer.

If you had mostly Bs then...
You are a nice Neopian, but...................... You are realllllly, reallllly obsessive, with people's opinions of you and with trying to be nice. Believe it or not, people will think of you as more of a stalker than a helpful person. Tone it down a little bit, and people will like you a little more readily. For one thing, try to spend a little more time on your pets, and less on the pound's. Try to only do what they asked of you, and not everything you think they don't know. You will probably make a lot of Neofriends, but they won't last long before your will to help all finally scares them off.

If you had mostly Cs then...
You are a newbie, aren't you? Either that or you don't play a lot. Hey we were all Newbies once, so don't worry about it. Just stay clear of people like scammers and you'll be fine eventually. Oh, and remember to check Shop Wizard for the value of items. And take the how to feed editorial. You generally won't make many permanent Neofriends, so you might consider inviting a friend to play NeoPets using the referral system.

If you had mostly Ds then...
You are a generally nice Neopian. You aren't obsessively nice but you try to be nice if someone needs a little help. You spend most of your time on what you like to do but you aren't a selfish Neopian, only playing to earn Neopoints. You donate items that you have no use of but don't give everything you own to the Money Tree, because all in all, the poor generally don't get the items. Cable Internet will always get the good items. You will make more long lasting Neofriends, that will keep talking to for as long as you play NeoPets.

If your answers varied...
You are just a normal Neopian. You try your best to be just who you are. You don't try exceedingly to scam, but you do get a laugh out of the occasional newbie question. You are just average. You will probably have some Neofriends, how many depends on your interests, and how diverse they are.

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