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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Articles > Pampering Your NeoPet to Your Utmost Abilities

Pampering Your NeoPet to Your Utmost Abilities

by Jack_278

Now that you know how to get Neopoints... what are you going to do with these Neopoints? Well, first of all, you should get a bank account. There's interest--I myself am currently getting about 1,000 NP per day on interest- but another advantage is that, if you carry all your money on you, it's much easier for some Neopian monster to steal them. I myself usually carry about 3,000 - 4,000 Neopoints, so that it'll last me a while when I'm both doing my shop, and getting things for my NeoPets.

But something that many moneymakers do not understand (I am ashamed to say that at first I could be counted in that category, but I have learned the error of my ways) is that Neopoints are NOT, and I repeat, NOT, the only thing that matters in this game. What's the point of piling of Neopoints when you're not going to use them for anything? Which is not to say that you should spend Neopoints carelessly, without regard for expense or your bank account. It is best to try to achieve a sort of balance, pampering your pets according to your income.

One excellent way of doing this is the Astro-Villa. It is not really very expensive. A week's stay for one pet is only 3,990 NP, with all the extras! But this is not the only Neolodge--there are less expensive five-star ones, and even less expensive moderately comfortable ones. The Neolodge will treat your pet well, and your pet will enjoy a stay there, so it can be a vacation for both you and your pet.

But you can't put your NeoPet in the Astro-Villa all the time. What many people seem not to realise is the existence and necessity of NeoHomes. You wouldn't want to be wandering the streets all your life, now would you? And even if you would, consider your NeoPet! Another thing that many people seem not to realise is that only certain Tyrannian furniture is fit for a NeoHome. For example, a dung bathtub is not a very good bathtub for a pet who is trying to clean itself. A Stone Desk, however, is certainly not a problem. In fact, it's a cheap and good desk that I recommend. Most of the best furniture, however, would be purchased at the furniture store in the Neopian Bazaar. But be careful--don't get furniture that is essentially useless, because you'll be paying for it! Another useless thing that I have noticed, is that many people make rooms in their NeoHome which seem to have no purpose. They are labeled 'Unnamed' and have no furniture in them. Then, of course, there is the matter of the rooms themselves. For their material, I'd suggest Stone or Brick--they don't cost too much, and they aren't going to fall down on your pet like a Straw House.

And then you come to the matter of food. I do not have a high respect for owners who decide to go to the Water Faerie at the Healing Springs and wish for her to make their pets be no longer hungry. Seriously, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' and an apple, which can feed your pet twice, only costs about 5 NP! So what do you have to lose? I myself feed my pets things from the Food Shop, Organic Shop, sometimes Chocolate Factory, and often get them a little weirdness from another land, or even from outer space! It doesn't cost very much-trust me, you won't go to the poorhouse because of feeding your pet some decent food. And if you don't even want to spend that much money... in other words, if you're a very miserly owner, then at least go get some free Omelette from Tyrannia. It feeds three, and the taste varies, so your pets won't mind having a lot of omelette... although it would be nice to buy them some real food once in a while.

And now, the best way to pamper your pet! Yes, Lupes and Jubjubs, I have finally got to TOYS!!! Toys are something that every NeoPet should have, but what to get? Should you get your little Mynci an expensive Usuki or an inexpensive Fuzzle? Again, I think it's an issue of your income, and your spending money smarts. Maybe you should get your NeoPet a Bike instead of emptying your bank entirely to get that expensive, awesome Rainbow Scooter? But maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't get that 5 NP Broken Chia Plushie. When you're looking for toys, be sure to get enough, and make sure that they're what your NeoPet would really want, and that they're not some 99,999 NP toy when your pet would be just as happy with a much cheaper one. Another thing. If you have four NeoPets, like I do, they'll be happy to share toys with one another-but maybe you should get each of them one or two private toys.

That's pretty much your basics on pet-pampering! Neomail all questions or comments to me, Jack_278. Again, I'd like to dedicate this (*Glares. Silence prevails*) article to my wonderful NeoPets: Alibluef the Alien Grundo, Bluefishmon8899 the...uh... Baffled Koi, GoldenRod015 the Great Lupe, and Zboin the Zigzagging Acara!

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