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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Continuing Series > The Case Files of Brucelzy and Dash475: Part Three

The Case Files of Brucelzy and Dash475: Part Three

by Fantasy_2001

"He was here!" Brucelzy knelt down next to the prints and examined them.

I made my way over to the shelf, noticing that again the thief had stolen only dark magic potions and spells as well as a few faeries. I looked closely at the shelf and saw that more hairs had been dropped and there was a paint-covered pawprint next to where a Faerie had been.

I took out a book on NeoPets and looked up the one pet I had a hunch was the species of our thief. As I turned the page, a picture of a young fire Lupe looked out at me. I examined the paws and the look of it's coloured fur and realised that a Lupe was definitely the thief. I closed the book and went over to Kauvara and Brucelzy.

"It's a Lupe, you guys! Painted fire!" I said anxiously.

"A Lupe, Dash?" Brucelzy asked.

"Yes, it has to be a Lupe. Look at the hairs, only Lupe's have fur with that kind of texture. The pawprints are too big to belong to any other NeoPet. Now we just have to find out who the Lupe is!"

Brucelzy quickly agreed. "Kauvara, close up your shop an hour early tonight. We will be here to begin our stake-out at six."

At exactly six o'clock, Brucelzy and I arrived back at Kauvara's store, ready to catch the thief once and for all. We spread a blanket on the floor and set our backpacks, bursting with food, next to it, behind the counter. Brucelzy settled down on the blanket and started to munch on a sweet as Kauvara and I discussed our plan.

"I think that if we manage to stay awake all night, there is no way we could miss the Lupe. They're big creatures, we would surely hear him come in."

Kauvara scratched her head and nodded. "Yes, I believe so. Just don't get yourselves hurt, you hear?"

I smiled at her. "Do not worry, we have done this before."

Kauvara said good-bye and closed up the shop. I sat down next to Brucelzy behind the counter and leaned against the wall, drinking a Neocola, hoping the caffeine would keep me awake.

Four hours later, I sat bolt upright, startled out of my nap by the creaking of the front door. Brucelzy shrieked quietly and I put my paw over her mouth, silencing her. I crept forward and peered out from behind the counter. Sure enough, a large shadow stood with its back to me.

I pulled Brucelzy up beside me and together we watched as a huge fire Lupe stuffed potions and Dark Faeries into his bag. He was massive in size, bigger than any Lupe I had ever seen. The flames on his coat licked at his body, making him appear spooky and shadow-like.

I stepped silently out from behind the counter and stood, leaning against it. He hadn't noticed me yet. Brucelzy stood beside me, looking frightened of the large NeoPet.

The Lupe stuffed a few more things in his bag and grabbed a dark scroll in his paw.

"You'd better put that back," I said loudly.

The Lupe jumped back and crashed into the shelf, dropping his bag. He looked at us wide-eyed as the shelf fell on him. He quickly put it back up with shaking hands and stared at us.

Brucelzy walked timidly up to him and held his paws in a tight grip behind his back. I stepped up to him, barely reaching his large shoulders, and stared at him coldly.

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"I-I-I didn't mean to cause so much trouble," he stuttered.

"Well, what did you expect? You stole from Kauvara!"

"I was only trying to help my brother become the strongest pet in Neopia."

"What is your name, Lupe?" I asked, ignoring his response to my last question.


I nodded and wrote it on a piece of paper so I wouldn't forget it when I took him to the police.

"You'd better have a good reason, Fireworks. You could be facing charges from Kauvara and jail time." Brucelzy piped up from behind him.

Brucelzy turned Fireworks around and led him out of the magic shop's large door. I locked it behind us and helped her lead the big Lupe to the police station down the street.

Two and a half-hours later, Brucelzy and I collapsed in a chair in our NeoHome, sipping hot chocolate. It was almost two o'clock in the morning, and I was tired. Satisfied with our hard work, the last few hours of questioning and re-questioning of ourselves and the thief had flown by quickly. Now, thinking back to the case we had just solved, I grinned and took another sip of my cocoa.

By now, I really felt like Sherlock Holmes. A job well done, a case completed. A thrilling feeling of success and being proud of my efforts flowed through my exhausted body. I sighed, downed the rest of my hot chocolate and stretched out on the couch.

It had been a long day. But we had solved Kauvara's case and become Neopian heroes. I felt my eyes start to close and my body relax. All I could see was darkness as I floated into a comforting, well-deserved slumber.

The End

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