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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 136 > Short Stories > Cadima The Uni: Island Princess

Cadima The Uni: Island Princess

by cruzerchic123

A shadowy figure moved slowly but steadily across the lush green grass of Neopia. An island Uni was unhappy to even go to school today. Her white wings covered in golden-bronze stripes drooped, her green hair covered in blue wildberries and flowers sank, her bronze hooves striding slowly as they can, her face showing no sign of happiness and adventure whatsoever. Cadima sighed. She had just joined school last week, and was already beginning to dread it.

      It started out terrible. When she had gone to school, she had been late. A purple Poogle and a Faerie Zafara had tripped her over, making Cadima fall into the mud. They began to laugh at her, their faces showing no sign of being friends with her.

      "Watch out, Uni freak!" cried the Poogle mockingly. "You shouldn't be so clumsy."

      "Yeah!" said the Zafara. "I thought Unis were graceful!" And they began to laugh again at the poor Uni.

      That was just one of the many things that happened to her that week. When they were called in, the Acara teacher Mrs. Whitney began to see if everyone was at class today. She examined a starry clipboard that she was holding.

      "Class," she said promptly. "We have a new student today. Please step forward, Cadirma." She checked the clipboard again while some students began to snicker and giggle, mainly the Zafara and Poogle.

      "Erm, no, I mean, Cadiddle." The snickers and giggles rose to humorous laughs as Mrs. Whitney began to struggle pronouncing the name properly. Cadima's face turned red. How embarrassing! she thought.

      Slowly she stood up from her desk. "It's Cadima, ma'am," she said softly to the teacher.

      "Ah, yes, of course!" said Mrs. Whitney.

      Just then, the intercom turned on, and a high booming voice -- Cadima assumed the voice belonged to the principal -- shouted, "Mrs. Whitney, I need you to the office immediately, Mrs. Whitney!"

      "Well, I wonder what it could be," said Mrs. Whitney. She headed toward the door. "Amanda, Eliza, you girls are in charge."

      "Yes, Mrs. Whitney." said the purple Poogle and Faerie Zafara sweetly and innocently. Cadima's face turned pale. She panicked as she thought, With those two in charge, I'm in trouble!

      "What kind of name is Cadima, anyway?" shouted Amanda the purple Poogle, and pointed the chalk at Cadima. "I mean, get real! A name like Cadima is as dumb as a fruitcake!" Everyone began to laugh.

      Cadima spoke up bravely. "Well at least I'm not mean and selfish like you girls are!" she blurted.

      "Hey, that's not nice!" cried Eliza contemptuously. Then she wrote on the chalkboard in big fat letters "Cadima". Cadima's face turned shocked. When the teacher came back, Eliza and Amanda told Mrs. Whitney that Cadima did something really bad, and called them mean names.

      Cadima gasped. "I didn't do such a thing!" she cried.

      "Yes, she did!" Amanda said. "Everyone saw, right?"

      "Yes, she did!" chanted all the students, and Eliza began to wail.

      "She's so mean!" Eliza cried.

      Mrs. Whitney stomped up to Cadima. "Well, I never! Cadima, call your mother!" barked Mrs. Whitney. "Tell her you're staying after school for one hour cleaning chalkboards! Honestly," she said firmly.

      Cadima didn't argue. She turned around and headed for the door, noticing Amanda snickering and Eliza smirking. Cadima walked as slow as she could to the office, hot tears stinging her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

* * * * * * * *

Almost the same thing happened today. When she arrived at school, Eliza tripped her over, and she landed headfirst. Cadima groaned as Eliza and Amanda began to laugh.

      "Hey, Cadima!" shouted Eliza loudly in her ear. "Stop tripping over! You could hurt yourself!"

      "Yeah!" echoed Amanda. Then the trio began to laugh as they disappeared in the building.

      Cadima began to get steamed. Those two never give up teasing her! Everyday it's the same thing, thought the Uni. She got up and packed her books, tossing her green hair covered in wildflowers this way and that way. She sighed and headed for the school building, dreading every step she made.

      As she walked in the classroom Mrs. Whitney scolded her. "Cadima, you're late again!" she barked at the Uni. She held out her hand. "Everyone handed in their assignment before you came here, and I'm waiting for yours, young lady."

      Cadima's face turned hot. She had forgotten to do her assignment over the weekend! Oh, no!

      "I, I forgot to do the assignment, ma'am," she murmured softly.

      "You what?!" said Mrs. Whitney, baffled. With that she glared at Cadima and began shouting at her. "Cadima, I'm surprised at how irresponsible you are! You just joined this school a week ago and now you forget your homework AGAIN?!"

      Cadima sighed. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Whitney," she said.

      "Sorry you are, young Uni! I want you to put your nose in that corner over there until recess!" barked the Acara furiously, pointing at the corner near Amanda and Eliza's desk.

      Cadima groaned. She headed for the corner and put her nose in the corner.

      This was ridiculous, Cadima thought angrily as Mrs. Whitney told the rest of the students to get a pencil, markers, crayons and paper out to draw with. Cadima muttered something strange, something that she didn't notice but sort of understood, because she felt as she spoke it before...

* * * * * * * *

As soon as recess time came, Cadima was not in a happy mood.

      This wasn't fair! she thought furiously, filled with rage.

      Mrs. Whitney made everyone get a snack before they left, then cleared her throat. The sudden chatter amongst the students died down. They knew Mrs. Whitney had something to say, something exciting.

      "Class, after recess we are going on a field trip," she said promptly.

      Everyone began to whisper to each other, what the field trip might be like, where they were going.

      Mrs. Whitney held her hands high, making the noise die down. Cadima listened with interest as well.

      "We have been invited to go to the Mystery Island, class!" she finally announced, and the whispers rose to loud chatter. Cadima sighed. She didn't really think that it was going to be that much fun, with Mrs. Whitney, Amanda and Eliza behind her backs, watching her.

* * * * * * * *

Everyone boarded the boats as quickly as they could. Mrs. Whitney beckoned Cadima to sit next to her, to probably watch me, thought Cadima grudgingly as she sat next to the teacher. What was even worse was that Amanda and Eliza were sitting at the back of her and Mrs. Whitney.

      "Now, class, remember the rules," Mrs. Whitney said to the class. "No throwing stuff out the boat, no standing up while the boat is moving, and please, no shouting, screaming, or singing too loudly."

      It seemed as if "singing too loudly" wasn't going to stop the students from singing their hearts out. Cadima didn't react when Eliza began poking her with her Zafara faerie wings. She didn't care. Somehow she thought she had been to Mystery Island before, but it couldn't be, could it?

* * * * * * * *

When they arrived at Mystery Island, everyone got off the boat and walked in a single file. They began chatting amongst themselves as each one got off the boat. But the strangest thing happened when Cadima got off the boat. All of a sudden, Cadima's mind was filled with images bombarding it...

      ...a coconut Jubjub bowing to her... island mystic telling her fortune...

      ...Ryushu the Training School Nimmo and the Techo master...

      ..."Hey, Uni freak!" yelled a voice in Cadima's ear.

      Cadima blinked. She saw that Amanda was staring at her face, looking very peeved.

      "Come on, freak! The whole class is waiting for you to get in line," retorted Amanda, her Poogle face turning into a deep frown.

      "So we can explore this Mystery Island place!" finished Eliza, hovering over Amanda's side.

      Cadima sighed, but this time with a bit of a new expression on her face. She followed the line, thinking of why those images bombarded her in the first place.

      Just then a Tiki Tack carriage came along. It was being hauled by some of the natives, mainly coconut JubJubs. In the carriage was an island Kacheek with a Pawkeet at her shoulder, an island Shoyru, and a coconut Jubjub (a bit smaller than the ones pulling the carriage). The island Shoyru began to speak in the native tongue to the students, which made a chill down Cadima's spine. Everyone looked at each other, confused, but what surprised Cadima was she actually understood what the island Shoyru was saying. He had just said 'Hello'!

      She then spoke up, a strange thing that even surprised her when she began to speak the native tongue herself.

      "Hi there," she replied to the trio of islanders on the carriage, in the native tongue. "I think you should know that my classmates and teacher don't really understand your native language, so please speak in English." She was shocked that she actually knew the native tongue.

      The Kacheek was staring at her like she was something new, but the Shoyru just smiled at the teacher, who by now was really confused.

      "Sorry about that. We forgot that you spoke English, until a clever student of yours told us," he said to the class. Cadima blushed. He had called her clever, and what surprised her even more was that he was just a kid, one year ahead of her, but still a kid! Even the Kacheek, who looked the same age as her. The Jubjub however looked five years older than all of them.

      "Would you like to take one of our Tiki Tack tours, for free?" said the Kacheek as she hopped out of the wooden carriage and beckoned them to the carriage.

      "Why, yes, we would!" said Mrs. Whitney, looking very relieved due to the fact that she had no NP with her. "Come along now, class!"

      "Out of my way!" shouted Amanda as she cut her way to the front, followed by Eliza.

      Somehow an inner feeling wanted Cadima to be in the front. Without hesitation, she kicked Amanda in the tail.

      "Ow!" screamed Amanda, even though it was a small kick. She whirled around, surprised that it was Cadima who actually kicked her. She spun around.

      "Mrs. Whitney!" she tattled. "Cadima kicked me!"

      "Cadima!" scolded Mrs. Whitney, wagging a finger at Cadima cautiously.

      "Does this mean I have to be in front of the line again?" Cadima questioned, trying to hide her hopefulness.

      "Right, Cadima. In front of Amanda, NOW!" replied Mrs. Whitney loudly, pointing in front of the purple Poogle.

      "You did that on purpose!" hissed Amanda in the island Uni's ear.

      "Well, you told on me, so let's call it even," grinned Cadima broadly.

      "I forgot to introduce myself and my friends," said the Shoyru. "My name is Koro, and the Kacheek is Jiri," he said, beckoning to the proud Kacheek. She was feeding her Pawkeet a strange fruit instead of crackers. Cadima guessed that Jiri got the Pawkeet at Krawk Island, for Pawkeets were famous there for a pirate's pets and the famous Deckball.

      "The coconut Jubjub is Juk, and he's a lot older than you or me," said Jiri as she jerked a thumb at the coconut Jubjub. Juk smiled sheepishly.

      As everyone boarded the chariot, Cadima knew she was about to sit next to Mrs. Whitney again until something grabbed her tail. She thought it was Amanda or Eliza, until she turned around and was surprised to see Koro.

      "Sorry about that," he said sheepishly. He beckoned her to his seat. "Do you want to sit here?"

      "Um, sure," said Cadima, who blushed again. At least I'm not sitting next to Mrs. Whitney, she thought. She sat near Koro as the chariot began to move.

* * * * * * * *

"Welcome to our beautiful Mystery Island!" said Jiri, who was standing at the front with her Pawkeet flying at her side, along with Juk next to her. She beckoned toward the beach, where the locals were happy with dancing and laughing.

      "Just to our left is the beach, where us locals come and have fun, along with the females dancing and having a fun time, like me!" she said proudly. She pointed at the Techo Mountain.

      "Just over there is the Techo Mountain, an astonishing site for all to see. Some people believed it was carved by a Techo himself." She continued, "The Techo Master comes here very often to practice martial arts here, and to honor The Great Mumbo Pango."

      "She sure knows how to attract tourists," Cadima said to Koro as the Kacheek continued showing everyone around Mystery Island.

      "That's true. I mean, she's been working on tours for 5 years already," replied Koro.

      "Yeah, but I feel as if I don't need a tour," said Cadima. She sighed. "My mom told me that she found me somewhere around here when I was a few years old, and she said that I was, well, already Island colored!"

       "Weird," echoed Cadima, and then the most strangest thing happened again, she was getting images again in her mind...

      ...a fire faerie guarding the volcano...

      ...some strange drums banging in the air...

      ...the guardians of the volcano, which were Mumbo Pango, a fiery Moltenore, the flaring fire Shoyru...

      ..."It's all so weird," Cadima muttered dreamily.

      "What's weird?" asked Koro.

      "Um, nothing!" blurted Cadima, but it seemed like Koro knew better.

      "You were daydreaming, weren't you?" he asked.

      "Not daydreaming, Koro," replied Cadima. She stared at the view of Mystery Island. She looked at Koro. "I don't know. Just..."

      "And that ends our tour of Mystery Island! Please be sure to get our free stuff at the checkout counter." said Jiri, snapping Cadima out of her thoughts. Dazed, she looked around.

      "Bet you didn't know that the tour was over, huh?" Koro said teasingly.

      "Huh? Yes, I did!" retorted Cadima. Then she and Koro suddenly burst out laughing.

      "Hey, you didn't tell me your name yet," said Koro as they walked to the checkout counter, where everyone was busy getting their free stuff.

      "Oh, whoops!" said Cadima. She turned to Koro. "My name is Cadima." She blushed. "I hope you don't find it weird."

      "Why would we find it weird?" said Jiri, who has been eavesdropping on them. Then she covered her mouth. "Ooops, heh heh. I wasn't in the conversation, was I?"

      "Jiri, what have I told you about eavesdropping on other people?" shouted Juk as he hobbled over to Cadima, Koro and Jiri. Then he turned to Cadima. "And Jiri's right, why would we find it weird?"

      "Because that purple Poogle and that Faerie Zafara think so," scoffed Cadima as she turned her head toward Amanda an Eliza.

      "Well, don't believe them,." said Koro. "I think they're just two kwosdos."

      Cadima laughed. In the native tongue, "kwosdos" meant "stuck-ups to their selfish selves".

* * * * * * * *

At the desk Cadima decided to get the object that would most remember her trip here. She chose wisely before choosing a beautiful Lei made of blue wildflowers and blue wildberries. It matched her hair, and the thought of this made her laugh. She also got a bottle of black sand for her mother, a bottle of orange sand for her sister and a volcanic rock for herself again, to remind her of Jiri, Juk and especially Koro.

      "Nice choice," said Koro, looking at the items that she got.

      "Thanks. It'll remind me of the visit here I had," Cadima replied.

      As she headed for the class, she turned around. "But why do I have a strange feeling that I know this place by heart?" she asked herself.

      Koro looked at her for a moment, then spoke up.

      "Er, maybe we'll come with you," he said, rather quickly.

      "WHAT?!" cried Juk and Jiri, baffled a bit.

      "Uh, okay then," Cadima said, a bit happy that her new friends were coming along with her.

      Just then she noticed that Amanda and Eliza were picking on someone near the Cooking Pot, a young coconut Jubjub who had failed to get an item.

      "Hey, Coconut, maybe you should order some recipes next time!" said Amanda annoyingly.

      "Yeah!" added Eliza. "Then maybe you won't fail a recipe!" Then she hit the poor Jubjub with a good whack of her tail.

      "Hey!" screamed Cadima, a new courage and boldness flaring up inside her. She marched up to Amanda. "Leave him alone!"

      "Yeah, says who, freak?!" retorted Amanda, and pushed Cadima down into the sand.

      "Leave her alone!" cried Koro, flying as fast as he can to Cadima's side.

      "Whatever!" said Eliza. "I mean, now she has friends with weird names, too?!" Then she began to laugh wickedly.

      "Not funny!" he said angrily. With that he thrust all his might to Eliza, failing to do so as she flew out of the way.

      "Weak," she said to him. Then she took out a cheap fire ring and began to thrust its power at Koro.

      Koro yelped in pain as the ring's flame attacks bombarded him. He began to throw sand at the ring, but the ring's flame would not burn out.

      "Stop it!" cried Cadima, trying to shove the ring out of the foolish Zafara's hands by flying up, but Eliza was more experienced with the air, and kicked Cadima to the ground.

      "Cadima!" cried Koro, and once again failed to rescue the Uni due to the strength of Eliza. Amanda joined in, and they were finally making him even more weaker than before.

      And then the last important image began to appear in Cadima's mind, this time more clearer...

      ...Jhuidah the Faerie was looking at her with pure trust, and actually said something to her...

      "Cadima, you were actually born here as part of the royal family. It is your destiny to save Koro, and stop the madness from going on around here. Please, Cadima, the satiki-isledi, do what you must!"

      And it was at the word satiki-isledi that Cadima gathered up her courage and let out a force of power that surprised even her...

      "ENOUGH!!!" she cried at Amanda and Eliza.

      Just then her golden horn let loose a bursting light that flashed around like a lighthouse that surprised everyone on the island, including Koro, Jiri, Juk, Amanda and Eliza, and her lush green hair began to fly in all directions. Her wings rose her to the sun, causing a shadow to cast from her to the purple Poogle and Faerie Zafara.

      Now Mrs. Whitney had just returned from the restroom, and blinked as blinding white light filled her eyes. She quickly shielded them as she saw Cadima in the sky.

      "Goodness, Cadima, come down from there!" barked Mrs. Whitney.

      But all Cadima did was take a backward glance at the teacher, and at this astonishing site Mrs. Whitney fainted. Jiri and Juk caught her in time.

      Finally, after one full minute, Cadima lowered herself. The hair flying stopped but the horn still glowed a bit. She glared at Amanda and Eliza warningly.

      "Hey, Uni freak, watch it!" Eliza said. "You could've blinded me to death!"

      "Yeah, Uni freak! What Uni would be as dumb to do that, dummy?" added Amanda.

      "Quiet, you two. I demand you to stop hurting Koro!" said Cadima defiantly.

      "Yeah, who says?" retorted Amanda loudly.

      "I am a satiki-isledi, so that's what I say, get it?" replied Cadima sharply.

      Jiri and Juk gasped, Koro blinked, and a hiding Jhuidah behind a palm tree grinned broadly.

      "Yeah? What the heck is that supposed to mean?" said Eliza and Amanda at the same time.

      "Island Princess," replied Cadima plainly but firm.

      Amanda and Eliza's face turned pale.

      "Well done, Cadima," said Jhuidah, was stepping out from her hiding tree, clapping her hands. "You have done well, and now your lost memories were found."

      "Well, I wouldn't have done it without you, Jhuidah," replied Cadima. "If it wasn't for the images you sent me."

      "Ah, but I didn't send you all those images. It was YOU who brought the images back, our satiki-isledi. Well done." said Jhuidah.

      As Mrs. Whitney awoke, she saw the island Faerie standing next to Cadima, and was now confused.

      "Wha, what happened here?" she demanded. "And why is Jhuidah standing next to Cadima?"

      "It's a long story, Mrs. Whitney," said Jiri, "but let's just say Cadima is an Island Princess."

      "A WHAT?!?" cried Mrs. Whitney. Then she fainted again.

* * * * * * * *

"You're an island princess, huh?" said Amanda. 'Well, maybe you're joking, FREAK!"

      "Yeah, island freak! Maybe you're joking!" retorted Eliza. Then they went back to their crude laughing.

      "Hey, I AM an Island Princess!" said Cadima, and to prove it a wave of strong sound came from her horn, knocking down the trio of troublemakers, and she stomped her hoof, making a mini earthquake that made Amanda and Eliza get knocked down again.

      After that miracle Amanda and Eliza's faces turned pure deadshot white, then they got down on their knees and began to beg for mercy.

      "Oh, please don't hurt us!" cried Amanda pleadingly.

      "Yeah, we're too young to die!" wailed Eliza.

      "Hmm, you're right. Koro," Cadima said, "get a Darigan paintbrush and a Mutant Potion. We're going to change your looks," she said to Amanda and Eliza.

      "NOOOOOOOO!!!" Eliza bawled. "I don't wanna look all ugly!"

      "I hate Darigan looks, and Mutant Potions taste bad!" sobbed Amanda.

      "Okay, fine," said Cadima. She beckoned Koro to her, then whispered something to him in the native tongue (just to be on the safe side). Koro began to snicker, then he ran to the strange hut with wildflowers all over the roof.

      When he returned he had two strange gold shackles, each with a red jewel in the middle of each one. He then gave them both to Cadima, who she gave them to Jhuidah. Jhuidah then put one on Amanda's arm, then the other on Eliza's arm. The two looked at them curiously, then looked at the satiki-isledi.

      "Bracelets? What kind of punishment is this?" asked Amanda curiously.

      "Yeah, and what do these things even do?" Eliza added suspiciously.

      "They're called shackles, and you will find out soon," said Koro slyly, and Cadima began to snicker. Cadima's horn then suddenly glowed, and the shackles began to tighten on Amanda and Eliza's arm. The two yelped in pain.

      "Cadima, is this some sort of trick?" screamed Amanda as she struggled to take it off.

      "And is this what it does? OW!" shouted Eliza as she wailed in panic and pain.

      "No, but that's a sign that it's working." Cadima raised her wings, and the squeezing stopped suddenly. The Poogle and Zafara sighed and collapsed on the white sand.

      Just then Mrs. Whitney came with Jiri and Juk, and Amanda and Eliza sat up straight.

      "Amanda, Eliza, what are you doing here?" she barked. "And has Cadima been causing you trouble again?"

      "Yes, she has!" Amanda cried.

      "She pushed us into the sand and made the Faerie and her Shoyru friend beat us up!" finished Eliza.

      Just then the red jewel in the middle of each shackle began to glow, and a strange drumming sound with a native whoop filled the air. Cadima grinned slyly as Juk and Koro began to smile and Jiri started to laugh.

      "That," said Cadima, "is the sound of a lie." She turned to Mrs. Whitney. "The shackles I put on your two famed students are like lie detectors, only they work and make the same melody everytime they lie." She turned back to the two troublemakers. "Watch, and listen," she said.

      Cadima began to ask questions to the two.

      "I wasn't in trouble when I first came to school, Mrs. Whitney. These two just wrote my name on the board."

      "Not true!" said Eliza.

      The strange melody of lies filled the air again.

      "You pushed me into the mud and tripped me many times, right?" asked Cadima.

      "It isn't true!" said Amanda.

      The melody rang again.

      "You hurt me and Cadima," said Koro, asking one of his questions.

      "Never in a million years," Eliza said defiantly.

      Again the melody rang through the air, and Mrs. Whitney's face turned from grim to a deep frown.

      "You just lie to Mrs. Whitney to get your ways!" Cadima said.

      "That isn't even.." Amanda and Eliza said, but even before the tune rang out did Mrs. Whitney take action.

      "Amanda and Eliza, that's enough!" she barked, and grabbed Amanda by the ear. Amanda yelped.

      Then Mrs. Whitney grabbed Eliza by the ear as well. Eliza began to wail again.

      "Well, after all this time, no more fibs will get to me!" said Mrs. Whitney angrily. She jerked them forward, and just then the shackles came off.

      "HA!" said Eliza, still wincing by the pain in her ear. "Now that those stupid shackles are off, you can't tell if we're lying or not!" She stuck out her tongue.

      "I don't think so," said Jiri mockingly. "Even if the shackles came off, the melody still follows you two kwosdos around, forever."

      Amanda and Eliza's face turned completely deadshot white again, and an earsplitting shriek filled the air as many bird-like petpets flew in all directions.

* * * * * * * *

It was the most amazing thing that had happened. Cadima had finally found her lost memories, and she had discovered that she was a satiki-isledi. She sighed. She had also discovered new friends.

      Jiri was to be one of the gimirkoes -- one who protects the royal hut of the satiki-isledi. Koro was a skarco -- he can travel with the satiki-isledi anytime he wants to (Cadima doesn't really mind this so much :), and Juk was an old friend of Cadima's, she just doesn't remember that much since it was a long time.

      As everyone boarded the carriage (Amanda and Eliza were crying their heads out in the front), Mrs. Whitney asked Cadima if she wants to go back to school, since her home is Mystery Island. Cadima said thanks but no thanks.

      "Here is my real home. The people here need me." She turned to Koro, and blushed a little. "And besides, I don't want to leave my friends behind."

      "I understand, but what about your mother and Neohome?" asked Mrs. Whitney.

      "I already let her know. She said she'd make a new Neohome here, sell our old one and come her as fast as she can. And then I'm going to see my oldest yellow Peophin sister Melissa as well. She just got back from her trip from the Virtupets Station, and I'm eager to see her again, and that new 'Better Than You' trophy," replied Cadima.

      "Well, they better teach you well, because if they don't, I'll have a word with them," said Mrs. Whitney.

      "Don't worry, Mrs. Whitney, they will, and you can come visit me all you want," chuckled Cadima.

      "My word, you even act like a proper princess!" replied Mrs. Whitney. "I hope one day you might become a, a, a..."

      "A tamuru-tiki-isledi, Mrs. Whitney?" Cadima asked beamingly.

      "Why yes, if that's what I think it means," Mrs. Whitney said. With that she boarded the boat and waved goodbye to Cadima as the boat sailed off.

      "So how did it go with your old teacher, Cadima?" asked Koro as the boat disappeared from sight.

      "Hmm?" said Cadima dreamily. Then she snapped back to her senses. "Oh, it went fine. I might even miss her yelling at me. NOT!" Koro and her began laughing again.

      "So you think what she said might be true?" Koro asked again, flapping his Shoyru wings in to the air.

      "Well, it's a possibility," replied Cadima as she stretched her Uni wings into the sky next to Koro.

      "One thing is sure," Cadima said. She turned to Koro again. "I might become one. From a satiki-isledi to a royal tamuru-tiki-isledi - an Island Queen.

      "That will surely happen, Cadima. I know it!" replied Koro strongly.

      Cadima blushed, then both future tamuru-tiki-isledi and her skarco headed back to the royal hut.


Author's Note: Cadima, Mrs. Whitney, Amanda, Eliza, Jiri, Juk, and Koro are all made up characters of this story. Also Mumbo Pango is real, but the fire Shoyru is still unknown (I know it's a TCG however). Also the word kwosdos, satiki-isledi, gimirkoes, skarco and tamuru-tiki-isledi are all made up words I used for this story as well. The real native tongue is still unknown, and if anyone knows it they are such Lucky Wockies. As Cadima might say, it takes a real satiki-isledi to make a great story. I think Koro and me would agree.

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