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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 106 > Short Stories > Fallen: Risen

Fallen: Risen

by oily106

Fallen is a series of short stories, beginning with Fallen: Angel and continuing through Fallen: Friends, Fallen: Faeries, Fallen: Fyora, Fallen: Feathers, Fallen: Star and Fallen: Finale. Read them in that order if you wish to understand the story better.

I gazed at the pure white Zafara in front of me, letting my eyes linger on her broken, white, feathered wings. Soon, they would be held up again with pride -- when Angel was risen again.

     She stood opposite her Light Faerie, soon to be reunited with her completely. The Light Faerie solemnly bent down and picked up her staff. Twirling it in a series of intricate patterns, she spun a web of light around her and Angel. The strands grew thicker and brighter until the pair were totally enclosed in a blinding cocoon of light. Slowly, a crack appeared at the top and, in a burst of light, two figures emerged, their wings beating in perfect unison. Angel and her Faerie -- now the Uber Light Faerie once more.

     Angel was filled with a life and vitality I had not seen in her before. Every part of her seemed to glow. Her fur was purer white than ever, her eyes more brilliant sapphires and her wings majestically spread out. I wept then for what I saw in her was so beautiful I could not bear it and I knew then truly how different she was from me.

     Next to her, her Faerie also hovered. She was magnificent -- her hair was shining and bright blonde, her eyes were radiant, her wings restored to a gauzy silver and gold. Her dress was a pure white and her skin seemed go glow. She turned joyfully to Angel, both their faces wearing a smile.

     "The final step," she announced.

     From the empty cocoon, several strands of light rose into the air. They began to spin and twirl, weaving themselves into a delicate chain. It seemed to be wrought of a strange golden metal. The Faerie looked into Angel's eyes and sent the chain plunging into her, binding Angel's heart to hers. Angel gave a slight gasp but then her body blazed with light. She was bound to her Faerie again. They were risen.

     I stepped forward in awe.

     "Angel…" I said, tears in my eyes.

     She looked down at me, regarding me clearly…and she sneered.

     My heart stopped.

     "Angel?" I asked, confused.

     Her beautiful, terrible face was cold and empty; her eyes cruel and merciless. Light shone from every feature and her expression mimicked that of the Uber light Faerie next to her.

     "But…you are risen. Pure, again. Beautiful. Good…" I babbled.

     The Faerie smiled. It was a beautiful smile but it was harsh.

     "Being risen means being above others. She is far above a worthless piece of junk like you," said the Faerie. "And, now, she knows it. Did you think you could ever be worthy of her?"

     Red hot tears stung my eyes. I looked at Angel, my joy turned to despair.

     "What have you done?" I cried in horror.

     "What have you done, you mean. You wanted her to rise, didn't you?" taunted the Faerie.

     "I didn't want it like this…"

     "It was the price she had to pay. To rise, to be above all others -- that's what her true desire was. And so she gladly submitted to my chains and bonds, just to be risen again."

     "That's not the Angel I knew."

     "The pet you knew was different. Pathetic, useless, weak, broken, fallen… now, she has back her power, even if it meant becoming my slave. For that's what the Ari'elenta -- the Risen -- truly are. Slaves to the Uber Faeries who own them."

     "She wouldn't choose that. She's not like that. Why did you fool her and me by saying that you were good?" I said softly, denying my own eyes.

     "The other Faeries pushed me down not because I was the only good Uber Faerie but because I was better than them, more ambitious, more powerful. I love your little, simplistic, stupid way of dividing the world. Good and evil; black and white! Power is all. All the Uber Faeries are. And as long as we are in balance, Fyora cannot interfere!"

     She laughed, a beautiful melodic sound.

     "I can do whatever I want to you, my sweet!"

     My eyes widened in horror.

     "For Uber Faeries would not destroy this planet. There is something about Neopia that…. anyhow, Neopia is protected too. But I can destroy you, quite easily. I doubt you have any protections. You have rather irritated me, I must say. So here is your 'Angel,' your 'friend,'" she sneered. "You helped her fly; she will help you fall…"

     "Angel," I murmured helplessly.

     Her icy blue sapphire eyes showed no emotion.

     "You are beneath her. You could never aspire to call her friend. You are not worthy of flying," said the Faerie.

     I winced, for the Faerie had exposed my secret fears and doubts. Thoughts conflicted inside my head and brought further tears to my eyes. It seemed as if the Faerie spoke the truth. The words Fyora had spoken to me echoed inside my skull.

     "Do not trust your eyes, for they will lie to you; do not trust your heart, for it will lead you astray. Do not trust your friends, for they will turn on you…"

     I stared at Angel, hovering lifeless in the air, her chain binding her to her Faerie. Even if I managed to break the chain, I wouldn't. Angels should rise and fly.

     "I wanted you to rise…" I whispered. "My wish was granted."

     I knelt down on the cloud, ready to accept my fate.

     The Faerie pinned me with her cold eyes.

     "Goodbye," she smirked.

     I lifted my head and my eyes sought out Angel's.

     "I'm still your friend, Angel. I don't know if you remember or even hear me, but that's what I named you -- Angel. Because you truly are. And you deserve it. Fly and rise, Angel, forever…"

     I was lowering my head when her face lapsed into a smile.

     "My name is Angel?"


     "No," snapped the Faerie. "I never named you, for you don't need one."

     Angel frowned.

     "I do like the name Angel. It's pretty."

     The Faerie clicked her fingers imperiously and Angel's eyes filled with tears.

     "That hurt," she said petulantly.

     "Quiet. Unless you wish to fall."

     The brightness fled from Angel's eyes. I looked up at her but the life had gone again. I was grateful for the brief moment I'd had to speak to her again.

     "Good luck," I whispered.

     "Now, there shall be an ending," said the Faerie. She closed her eyes and a ball of light grew beneath her fingertips. She opened her eyes and smiled kindly at me as she fired it. The ball hurtled towards me.

     "Goodbye, my Angel," I whispered as the light engulfed me…

     For you have risen. And I must be happy.

The End

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