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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Continuing Series > Snowy: The Shattered Fate --Part Five

Snowy: The Shattered Fate --Part Five

by tigerlizard5

Snowy sat down, and looked at the Eyries and Kougras in disgust.

     Sehmno walked up to them and said, "You can leave now, spies."

     The Eyries nodded and walked off.

     Then Sehmno turned to one of the dark Kougras, "Is it finished yet?"

     "Yes, sir," the dark Kougra answered. "Should we take Snowy to it?"

     "Yes," Sehmno said. Then he nodded to them and walked away.

     Two of the dark Kougras walked to the sides of Snowy and one of them said, "Come with us, Snowy."

     The dark Kougras seemed to be very strong, and Snowy didn't want to start a fight. So she walked along with them.

     Soon, they arrived at a small part of the cave with only space enough for one Kougra. A dark Kougra looked at Snowy and motioned for her to go into the small cave.

     "Is that some sort of cage-room-thingy?" Snowy looked at it.

     "Yes," one of the dark Kougras said.

     "I'm not going in there. You'll just guard the entrance," Snowy said. It will be hard to escape if they're guarding like that, Snowy thought.

     Snowy jumped to the side but one of the dark Kougras jumped in front of her, growling fiercely.

     Suddenly, Sehmno walked up to them. "Snowy, I would just like to let you know that your parents have also joined you in captivity."

     "What?!" Snowy yelled.

     "I'm not lying, besides, they should arrive here in just a few minutes." Sehmno paused, and then added, "But you won't be in the same cave chamber." A sneer escaped his muzzle and he walked off.

     Soon Snowy's parents, Clira and Miro, arrived.

     "Mom! Dad!" Snowy embraced her parents.

     "Get into your chamber!" One of the dark Kougras interrupted and shoved Snowy into a small cave.

     She turned around to look out the entrance. The dark Kougras took both Clira and Miro to their own imprisonment.

     Snowy sighed deeply. Where is Blizzard? she thought. She then lied down, staring out through a slight hole that came from her small cave. If it wasn't so hard and thick, I could dig through it… she thought as she looked through the tiny hole.

     Just then, Sehmno was walking toward the cave chambers, with someone. Another Kougra-a blue Kougra-Blizzard. Snowy lifted her head when she saw Sehmno coming, talking to Blizzard.

     WHAT?! Snowy looked at them, confused.

     "And I think he did a great job in making the cave chambers. You see? He smashed in part of our large cave and created small little caves so that we could put Snowy and her family in. Isn't that great?" Sehmno said to Blizzard.

     "Uh… yeah," Blizzard said quietly, a tinge of fear and uncertainty sinking into his voice.

     "Well, thanks, Blizzard. You did an awesome job," Sehmno smiled evilly. Then he looked over towards Snowy. "Oh, notice anything familiar about this Kougra?" he sneered.

     "He's Blizzard," Snowy said, looking at Blizzard in expectancy of an explanation.

     "Yes, and he's really good at doing his assigned tasks." Sehmno nodded darkly, glancing at Blizzard.

     "Tasks…? What do you mean?" Snowy asked, now afraid of what the answer might be.

     "Well, he helped us capture you, didn't he?" Sehmno smirked.

     Snowy looked at Blizzard in hopes that Sehmno was lying. But Blizzard miserably looked back at her, and Snowy could tell by his expression that Sehmno was telling the truth.

     Blizzard began to speak, searching for the words, "Snowy-I… um… listen. I didn't-"

     But Snowy lowered her head back onto her paws and shut Blizzards words out.

     "I really tried-not to… please…" Blizzard stopped speaking because he noticed that Snowy wasn't listening.

     Snowy breathed in deeply and then drifted off to sleep. The next day was slowly creeping around…


Kosesho trotted through the snow, stopping near a pond. Squinting because of the bright sun at dawn, he lowered his head and lapped up some water. He then lifted his head and began walking again, the sun shining brightly onto his pure white, stripe less coat.

     Suddenly, a small Beekadoodle flew up to him. "Hello, Kosesho. I have word from Sehmno. He has captured Snowy and her parents. And you can save them if you just come to his cave."

     "Okay," Kosesho said. Then with one swat, he caught the Beekadoodle between his paws. "I want to be reassured that this isn't some big plot to capture me. How do I know that Sehmno really has captured Snowy and her family?"

     "L-l-look h-e-ere." The Beekadoodle lifted his wing and pulled out a piece of fur. "This is Snowy's fur."

     Kosesho held his nose to the piece of fur and smelled it. "Okay, it is Snowy's fur." Then he added, "You're coming with me. I don't want you to tell them that I'm coming. I don't want them prepared. Even though you have her fur, as far as I know, this could just be a trap, and Snowy might have escaped, or you just got her fur somehow."

     The Beekadoodle nodded out of fear and didn't say a word after that. Kosesho grabbed the Beekadoodle in his mouth.

     Then the Beekadoodle surprisingly blurted, "Wait-you're not going to eat me?!"

     "No, this is how Kougras carry things," Kosesho said. "Even if they're not going to eat them."

     The Beekadoodle sighed of relief. He hadn't known much of Kougras before.


Snowy peered over at the other Kougras.

     Sehmno said, "Where is Kosesho??????? Does that Beekadoodle even know who Kosesho is!? I knew we couldn't trust him. Kosesho probably just found the Beekadoodle wandering around and ate him!"

     "Be calm, dad," Aoraef said, shaking his head. "The Beekadoodle knows who Kosesho is and will probably find him. Just trust me."

     Sehmno looked at Aoraef in despair. But he quickly turned his head, ears perking, to see Kosesho enter the cave, holding the Beekadoodle in his mouth. The solid white Kougra put the Beekadoodle on the ground.

     A smirk spread across Sehmno's face. "Hello, Kosesho. I'm glad you made it," he laughed evilly. "By the way what took you so long, Beekadoodle?"

     "I-um-well… there was some trouble along the way to finding Kosesho, sir!" the Beekadoodle replied.

     "I came to help Snowy, Clira and Miro. Where are they?" Kosesho said sternly.

     "They're right over there." Sehmno pointed his nose over to Snowy and her parents.

     A sad expression came across Kosesho's face. "So you were telling the truth."

     "Yes," Sehmno cackled.

     "Now, let them go." Kosesho looked at the dark Kougra, still not trusting him.

     "Let them go, guards," Sehmno said, looking over at the other dark Kougras.

     The guards moved away from the entrance of the small caves. Snowy and her family walked out cautiously.

     Kosesho looked at Sehmno and began to walk away with Snowy and her parents. Snowy glared back at Sehmno, to make sure he would really let them go. But she spotted a gleam of evil splash inside the dark Kougra's insincere eyes.

     Snowy quickly turned back around, now looking over at her family and uncle worriedly. She knew that if they just suddenly started to run away, the dark Kougras would definitely catch up with them.

     As they continued to walk at a little bit of a faster pace now, twelve dark Kougras jumped in front of them. Eight of them grabbed Kosesho. Kosesho reached out a paw and slashed one of the dark Kougras, a shard of ice shattering on the creature's face. The dark Kougra jumped back and shook the ice off. Then he reached back toward Kosesho, swatting brutally at him.

     The eight dark Kougras and Kosesho all began to brawl, but the strong dark Kougras soon enough had Kosesho pinned to the ground on his stomach, with one of the dark Kougras having a paw with unsheathed claws on Kosesho's back; holding him down firmly. Then all eight of the dark Kougras took Kosesho away, further into the cave.

     The four other Kougras advanced toward Snowy. One of them struck her with his paw. Snowy fell back, but stood up quickly.

     Four more Kougras hurried in front of Snowy's parents. One of them saying, "Come with us!"

     The furious look in the dark Kougra's eyes revealed something. The immediate thoughts that came to Snowy and her parents' heads were right. The four dark Kougras weren't going to shove Clira and Miro out of the cave; they were going to destroy them.

     Miro stared into the malevolent eyes of one of the dark Kougras. Snowy knew the expression that her dad made. When she had stayed with her parents for an extra year to catch up with her dad, a large pack of Grarrls confronted Snowy and her parents, threatening to destroy them because the Grarrls had crossed the path of a dark Kougra once, and had from then on thought that all Kougras were evil.

     Miro let out a fierce growl, standing his ground and unsheathing his claws. His muscles grew tense. He lifted his paw and swiftly slashed one of the dark Kougras across the face. The dark Kougra fell back, but then ran at Miro and hit him. Snowy jumped toward the dark Kougras who were trying to take away her parents and sliced them. The dark Kougras fell to the ground, but got up again, ready to fight.

     After a while of skirmishing, the dark Kougras brought Clira away with Miro, who was exhausted from fighting and very wounded. The four dark Kougras began to take Snowy away. Her eyes became misty as she saw the evil creatures taking her parents. She let out a silent growl, but couldn't help her loved ones because the dark Kougras had also wounded her badly, making it very painful and hard for her to even breathe. Snowy tried to step toward her parents but fell over and lied on the ground, alive, but motionless…

To be continued...

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