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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Growlzy518
Owner: lakers4life01
Breed: Chia

About Growlzy518:

"Beep Beep."

Oh sorry, Growlzy518 said Hi. Hold on and let me press the button to translate the language. Ah, there we go. Okay Growlzy, go ahead.

Hiya! My name is Growlzy518, but everyone calls me Growlzy. As you can see I'm a Shiny Robot Chia. Throughout my life I have seen many things in the neopian world, and I have been a part of much of it. Let me tell you my story.

As far back as I can remember I have always been with lakers4life01. But as he tells me I use to be the pet of a great friend. I was pretty well trained in the battledome. Since my previous owner needed to get another pet, lakers offered to adopt me and give me a good home. When he did this I knew instantly that my life was gonna be great.

We started out trying to think of many different things I was interested in. I played card games, battledome fighting and almost anything you can think of. It may sound weird, but my favorite thing to do was find the right color and species for me. I started out as a yellow skeith, eating everything in my path. Once I even ate my little brothers favorite plushie. Then I found out that I really like the look of the Faerie Koi. My owner thought that since it would make me happy, he was gonna save up for all the stuff needed, and being the great person he is, he did.

As my life went on, a new species came out, the Krawk. One of the rarest, most valued and most wanted pets in all of neopia. At the time I was turned Krawk, there were only 700 Krawks out of million pets. And then my friend pointed out to me just how much the Robot Chia looked like an R2D2! Now, if anyone knows me really well, they know how much I watch Star Wars and this had to be what I was gonna become. My owner bought a Chia Transmogrification Potion, since these were the cheapest ways to go chia (and also looked the coolest). Day after day after day we fired the lab ray at me, hoping that one day I would become my top dream of the Robot. Then it happened. BAM! And as the smoked cleared I looked down to see that I had made it.

Now in my free time I spend it playing games and battling in the battledome. As for that crazy lab ray, well we are using it on the worst pets in the pound, trying to get their stats and color to change so that even though they may have a bad name or an unpopular species, they still will one day have a loving home like I do.

I have entered the Beauty Contest a few times, hoping to get my name out there a bit, but only winning first place two times I'm not a well known pet.

In the past war, I was a strong supporter of Meridell, and I still am. I earned a strong 2123 points, but it wasn't enough. With the lose and the land in ruins, what will be come of this area? And while we speak of lands, in the past few days I have been search for the land of Jelly. Seeking a few paths I think I may be on to something. I had to search for a wise Chia deep in the woods, but my journey took me right to him and he gave me the information to find this hidden land. Well, I guess I had better get back to my adventure, but don't get lost on your way back.


Oh, I guess he switch his button back off, that was Bye!

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