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Pet Name: passion
Owner: cherub
Breed: Peophin

About passion:

What is this place, this paradise I live in? I feel as if I've lived forever on this little island with my sister, Drenaje, and my owner, Kitty. The sun warms the skin on the back of my neck, and misty waters of the hot spring tickle my chin. I hear the wind whistling through the swaying palms-oh, their leaves seem to flow like the waters of the falls overhead! A shoal of tiny silver fish shimmer by me and brush against my tail-so cold! Cold the feeling of, let me tell you my story.. I was created when Neopia was still young, and when people were still carefree and thoughtless. Perhaps too thoughtless, as my creator was. I barely remember what he looked like....brown hair, brown eyes, a distracted manner...I only knew him for a week or so. He'd log in, play a few games, then leave. He never checked up on me, even to feed me. Every day I'd sit in my account and look out upon the burgeoning landscape and listen to what conversation I could hear from the distant forum. I was lonely for other pets, who I had only seen walking about outside. I longed for water to splash about in (I was blue back then-it was an era before paintbrushes). I have heard said that one cannot miss what one has never experienced, but I believe I truly did MISS these things, as if I had been born for friendships and frolicking in the waters.

I don't remember how I felt when my owner left for good. I suppose after the first few months of living by myself I fell into a deep sleep. I like to think of it now as a Sleeping Beauty sleep-not in that I think myself a princess or beautiful but that I was awoken by the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my days with.

I was first awakened by a loud gasp and a thwap! "KALEB! Why didn't you TELL me you had a Neopets account!! Omg you abandoned this beautiful peophin??"


Then I saw her-a young human girl with a auburn ponytail and soft brown eyes. She was looking at me with a gaze of absolute joy! I suddenly found myself surrounded in a tight embrace. What a feeling!! Having not even been looked at for years, I felt an indescribable joy welling up in my heart-I was loved!! I was wanted!

"You're beautiful, passion! I'm going to paint you island, and give you your own petpet, and make you a petpage, and draw pictures of you, and everyone will see that how special you are!" the girl whispered in my ear. "I'm your new owner. My name is Kitty. Your old owner was my big brother-I can't believe he was so mean to you!!"

And so I was painted a beautiful golden tan color that very day, and I was given a sweet little plushie Babaa, whom I named Joey. That night, as I curled up to go to sleep, I felt something nudging my neck; it was little Joey. As I snuggled up with him, I wondered if this was all a dream...

I was soon brought to Kitty's account, cherub. How different it was from my old, dreary home! It wasn't a simple neohome...oh no. It was a tropical island, covered with lush foliage and surrounded by sunlit waters. Although peophins are naturally sea-dwelling, I had never been in water. I just stood there, oogling my new home with amazement, until I heard a bark from behind me. "Come on!" called a pink gelert who was basking at the water's edge. "I'm you're new sister, Drenaje. I helped Kitty build a little pool just for you! Follow me!"

And so I followed her into the depths of the jungle. I was a bit giddy from all the excitement and pretty disoriented, and I don't know how long we walked there, side by side. Drenaje was talking to me about various new games and items in Neopia, while I half-listened, not really understanding what he was saying. Suddenly, Drenaje stopped and pointed. "There it is, passion! Your own little hot spring! I have an art studio nearby. Kitty thought that you might want a little place of your own."

I looked, and gasped.

It was a beautiful little pool snuggled against a cliff's edge, and a waterfall flowed into the calmly rippling waters, creating little clouds of mist. Exotic flowers and trees surrounded the pool, and in the middle there was a smooth rock sticking out of the water-a perfect place to sunbathe. I dipped a hoof into the water-it was warm! I jumped in; the water felt amazing! I was in heaven.

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