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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Koishiihime
Owner: ladykirin
Breed: Eyrie

About Koishiihime:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kirin who loved magical animals. Winged ponies, jewel-scaled dragons and royal griffins filled her dreams and fueled her imagination. As the child grew, so did her love of beasts both rare and mysterious. In college, Kirin haunted the library, eagerly seeking the smallest scrap of lore or ancient drawing of mythological animals. Though she loved all of them...from the European unicorn to the Japanese kirin that was her namesake to the Chinese dragon...one special creature had worked its way deepest into her heart. The regal griffin...half eagle, half lion, all majestic...seemed to be the epitome of elegance and nobility. Kirin was sad that she would never meet on of these precious beasts for real, so she consoled herself by collecting a wide range of griffin figures. Over the years, she grew to be a kind Lady, happily married the man of her dreams and had a wonderful child. Lady Kirin seemed to be content to put her childish dreams behind her. Until one very special day...

A friend told Kirin about the wonderous land of Neopia, where mystical animals roamed freely in search of loving owners. A place where magic was REAL and her childhood dreams could come true! But how could this be? "This can't be for me! Everyone says I'm too old for magic," Kirin cried.

"Nonsense!" declared her friend, giving her a reassuring hug. "You're *never* too old for magic!"

Gathering the last shreds of her dreams, Kirin listened to her friend and entered the magical land of Neopia. Her first inspiring sight was that of faerie pets soaring gracefully through the skies. She wandered happily around the lands, thrilled to see so many wondrous creatures living in harmony with their humans. But what pet should she chose? She had seen so many beautiful ones... A shimmering feather fell gently from above, interrupting her musings. She look up to see an eyrie dancing gracefully on the zephyr wind. Her jaw dropped as she realized that her childhood dream was about to come true.

A very short time later, Lady Kirin found herself standing nervously at the edge of a mother eyrie's nest. Two other humans joined her in peering down at three mottled eggs. "Are you sure we can each have one?" she asked the mother hopefully.

The elegant fire eyrie just chuckled. "That is the way of things here. I know you will give my babies a good home." A graceful talon gestured towards the now-rocking eggs. "This one is a red male, that one is a green male and the last one is a blue female. Go ahead, pick up the one you would like."

As each person reached for an egg, Kirin gently picked up the egg of the blue female. Wrapping it in fabric for warmth, she gasped as as the egg suddenly cracked down the middle. A squalling, damp bundle of wet feathers and fur fell into her welcoming hands. As the little eyrie looked around, her eyes met that of Kirin. Two souls met and a friendship was made, never to be broken. Awestruck by the trust in the newborn's gaze, Lady Kirin cuddled her new friend close. "I will name you, Koishiihime, cherished princess, for you are precious to me."

Over time, the eyrie grew in intelligence, strength and grace, eventually being painted an elegant silver color. But Koishiihime wasn't a prima donna, concerned only with her looks. She had a very noble goal in mind. With her momma's full support, Koishiihime dedicated her life to Bushido, the Way of the Warrior. Lady Kirin built a Neohome on Mystery Island to be closer to the Training School and Koishii trained as often as possible. It was a very proud day for them all when Koishiihime joined the Defenders of Neopia! Finally she was able to put all her hard training to work in the cause of justice! But Koishii didn't neglect her mental training in her pursuit of martial arts perfection, but read book after book. The whole family looked forward to quiet evenings in front of the fireplace, when they would all curl up and listen to many a well-told story.

Many other beloved pets and an assortment of galleries would follow, but Koishiihime remained the calm, wise, heart of the extended family, helping her momma raise many a pet to be kind, generous and brave. But the most precious gift that Koishiihime ever gave Lady Kirin, and the reason she deserves Pet Spotlight, is the magic she brought back into the heart of a woman who'd begun to lose faith in dreams.

And, of course, they all lived happily every after!

The End.

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