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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Chibi_Turzanu
Owner: chibi_mitali
Breed: Eyrie

About Chibi_Turzanu:

"Great Gadgadsbogen's grannies! Get the pigeons out of the microwave, Ernie!!"

And you ask if my Turz is original enough to be in the spotlight...

Now, this little Eyrie dubbed Turzanu doesn't really look that original. Her fur and feathers are similar to most other green Eyries, and her dark green eyes are just as common. Apart from a few small color differences, it's nearly impossible to pick her out from a crowd of Eyries... until she talks.

From the quote way up at the beginning, I hope you've surmised that our dear Turzy doesn't exactly follow the crowd. Sure, she sleeps in a house and doesn't eat a diet consisting of dung-based food, but she does have quite a lot of qualities that set her apart not only from other Eyries, but from anyone at all! Now, at this moment Turz is giving me a very dangerous look, so I'll turn the show over to her...

*a little green Eyrie swaggers up, winking cheesily at the audience and clearing her throat*

Why, hello there, my fellow bipeds and quadrupeds (and yes, even you tripeds) ! I'm sure by now Chibi has informed you of me, Turz!

*at this point she looks at what her Chibikins has said*

Dear monkeys! Am I reading that stuff up there right? Did she call me TURZANU? UGH! Just in case ye didn't guess, I'm not fond of my full name... it's just a bit too similar to Tarzan! Besides, I hardly ever even wear loincloths...

Oops! Eheh, I have a tendency to let my writings wander. A-HAH! I'll bet you didn't know I was a writer, did you? Of course you didn't! And that's why you're here, reading about the wonderferous, splendiforific, me!! Nahah, I should probably mention I rant a lot. So now comes the time when I prove my worth! The time when I show that I, Turz, deserve the great honor of getting a shiny trophy of Nigel Chia, more than any other Eyrie, so Bob help me! Wait, what? Now I'm confused...

*the Eyrie wanders off, a dazed expression fixed on her face*

Okay, it's Chibi again... I'm afraid Turz is gonna hurt herself with all this brain use. Well, as you may or may not have discerned from that ceaseless ramble up there, Turzy is an avid writer. I would put one of her stories up here, but they're a bit too long. If this gets published (and if you're reading this, I've a sneaky suspicion it has been! Egad!) I'll put a story on her web page sooner or later. Acku! As you can see, I get just as sidetracked as Turz does...

*Turz flies out of nowhere, jumping onto Chibi's back and knocking her over*

Jumpin' Jiminy, mummy dear, you're very... erm... rambly today! Hee, it's Turz again, had you not guessed. At this point notice we make you guess things a lot. Ah, fishery sticks, what were we talking about, Chibikins?

*Chibi grunts and shoves the Eyrie off her back*

Uh... you?

*Turz laughs obnoxiously, getting up and attempting (and failing) a cartwheel*

Hm, that makes sense. Okay, what makes me special, besides my utter lack of sense-making? Well, let's see... last week, I got third place in the Eyrie division of the beauty contest! Wheee!!!

*she magics her bronze trophy into existence, throwing it forcefully at a random audience member. Chibi, yelling a shrill war cry, dives in front of it and stops its path of destruction*

Turz! Haven't you injured enough people with that thing? Okay, I'm going to try to end this ceaseless rabble and get to the point! As you have seen with your own two (or three, or four) eyes, Turzy is NOT your ordinary Eyrie, and the goal of the pet spotlight is to showcase Neopia's most original, entertaining pets! For that reason (and the fact that Turz wants another trophy), We'd love to get this spotlight!

*Turz smirks and laughs at Chibi*

Man, that was corny! If I win this thing, I'll have another trophy to throw at people! BWAHAHAHAAAA!!!

*Chibi stares*

Uh oh... Neopets! Don't let Turz win! You should see the welts and bruises I have from that trophy. I repeat, do not let Turz-*thud*

*Turzy smiles innocently, wielding her trophy*

Good golly gosh, I sure do hope I win!

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