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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _Baby_Pooky_
Owner: Giggle_Sugar
Breed: Draik

About _Baby_Pooky_:

It was dark. Pitched black. I suddenly felt a little rumble. A crack formed out of the ceiling, and light poured through. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at the girl standing in front of me. She had a goofy smile on her face. Actually, I couldn't really see her face in the darkness of the cave. She suddenly let out a piercing scream, which I flinched. Then she grabbed me out of my little place. I looked at the green egg shell left on the floor. The girl grabbed me so tightly, I suddenly felt immidiently loved. Until I relized something was missing. A little thing called air! I gasped and squirmed enough out of her grasp, that I could breath. She set me in her pack, which hung lazily off of her shoulder, and put up her hood, so you could only see her mouth. Then we climbed out of the cave.

As we were leaving, I saw a sign dangling above the entrance. It read, "Draik Nest". Draik? What on earth is a Draik? I then saw another sign, further away, labeled, "Meridell". Before we got closer to the sign, the girl stuffed me deeper in her pack. She zipped it up, only so I had a little hole to see out of. This was not very comfortable. I wondered why she did that. Then, we walked into an odd looking shop, where a plump Meerca was. Anyway, I saw an egg, just like mine but blue. It had a sign that said, "Blue Draik Egg 1 in Stock 111,000 Np". Two men began screaming and kicking, and punching for that egg. I suddenly realized why I was smashed into a little bag. Was I some sort of rare creature? The girl quickly picked up some foods labeled, "Tasty Turnip Tartar, Smooshed Tomato, Flat Bread, and Peas", and we fled from the shop.

I looked at the girl. She still had her hood up. Actually, I never really saw her face. She carried me, in her pack as we walked and walked and walked. Until finally I fell asleep...

When I woke up, we were in front of a building with a sign that said: 33971 Safari Lane, Mystery Island. Another girl opened the door, and said, "There you are! What happened? Did it hatch?"

The girl carrying me nodded and said, "Yup, Tiger, it hatched." Tiger? That's an odd name. She carried me to Tiger, and opened the pack.

"Oh! Zoe! It's so adorable!" Tiger exclaimed. Zoe? Another odd name. I look at Tiger. She had blue nail polish, and brown hair. It was semi-long. She walked back in the house, where me and Zoe followed.

Zoe sat her bag down on a chair, and carefully carried me out. "MAMA'S HOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!" I heard a shrill shriek, and then I saw a little kougra cub race into Zoe's arms. "OOooo!" The cub shrieked. "It's a draik!" Zoe nodded, and set the cub next to me. Then she lowered her hood... I gasped. She was part cat! She had a lion-like body, and a tiger face. But in human form. She had long brown hair as well. Zoe obviously saw the shocked look on my face because then she said, "Yes, I'm part Liger." Liger? It must be a crossbreed between, LIon and tiGER. She smiled. "You are a draik, and your name is Pooky." I stared at her large eyeteeth. Like fangs. But the warmness in her smile made me feel safe. Suddenly, six more pets raced into the room. I stared. There was a blue Ixi, a blue Zafara, a white Kougra, a silver Kougra, a chokato Chia, an electric eyrie, and the little cub was a baby Kougra. Then a trail of 8 petpets raced in. They quickly introduced themselves, then asked me stuff. "Are you some kind of mutated Morthog!?" The baby kougra, known as Bubbi_Bear asked. The zafara, Evil_Furbie, asked me what the square root of 73 was for her homework (which I had no clue whatsoever), and the Ixi, Ixi_Star, asked me if I had any lip gloss. "This is our family." Zoe said. And then she pointed to the eyrie (Gallantmon2), the silver kougra (Talkoholic), the white kougra (WhiteTiger_Baby), and the chia (Cookie_Cutie_Baby), and said, "That's Tiger's family. They are letting us stay with them, until Jelly World opens." Bubbi_Bear grinned. "That's where we wanna live." I smiled. This was a very nice place.

I looked at the petpets. Bubbi (Bubbi_Bear) had a noil, Star (Ixi_Star) had a Pikis, Evil_Furbie had a bilguss, Whitey (WhiteTiger_Baby) had an Anubis, Cookie (Cookie_Cutie_Baby) had a mongmong, Gali (Gallantmon2) had a snarhook, and Talkoholic had a warf. There was one more petpet left alone. It didn't have anyone. "Pooky," Zoe said, "This is you Baby Fireball, Flame." I shrieked. A baby fireball! All mine! I grabbed Zoe around the neck and hugged her. This was a very good day.

The next day was very sunny. Zoe took me and Bubbi into the neogarden. It had lots of pretty plants. And even Fire Bushes! The other pets where gone, and Tiger went to work so it was just me, Zoe, and Bubbi. Bubbi is very fun to be around. She said being baby was the best ever. Zoe said she was saving up so I could be baby too! I smiled. Zoe handed me a clipping from a magazine, that had a baby draik on it! IT WAS SO CUTE! I thought I was cute, but THIS! It had a very large head, though. Suddenly, something hit me from behind. I turned around, and saw a Muddy Snowball, that Bubbi threw. Then I learned what the word "bath" meant...

Later that day, we went to Meridell again. This time we went to Meri Acres Farm. We played a game called, "Pick Your Own". Bubbi and I ran in different directions and began searching for berries. Bubbi found a Pile Of Dung, which we discarded. Then I found one, which we got rid of too. Then Bubbi found a Half-eaten Berry, which she says was Half-eaten when she found it, but Zoe didn't believe her. I think the berry juice on Bubbi's face was her first clue. Then I found a Super Juicy Berry, which Zoe was very excited about. She said she thought it might be new, because she's never found one before. Bubbi found more dung. Then I found another Super Juicy Berry! Then we found a Half-eaten Berry again. Then Bubbi found a Mortogberry! And we haven't left that one section yet! Then we found a Conkerberry. When we finished we kept, a Voidberry, 2 Super Juicy Berries, a Conkerberry, a Mortogberry, and a Piece Of Wool, just because I thought it was soft, and Zoe said I could use it for my bed.

Just before we left, we ran into someone named, Cos. "Pooky, this is Cos. He's the one that gave me the Draik Egg!" I said hello, and we talked to him for a while. Then we went home. I think I'm going to like it here. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to become baby...

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