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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Galwayon
Owner: omusubi
Breed: Gelert

About Galwayon:

It's early on a Tuesday morning and you find yourself standing on a thin gravely trail in the foothills of Terror Mountain. There's a soft breeze, but the sun is out and it's a beautiful autumn day. You've been walking for quite a while and you decide to lean against a fence surrounding a large plot of land and farm in the distance. As you're catching your breath you suddenly hear a soft whistle. You look up, but you don't see anything. Then you hear it again, accompanied by the thunder of tiny hooves. You look out into the fields and see a large herd of babaa being herded by what looks like a gelert. But you soon realize it's not like a normal gelert.

He appears to have a strange color pattern, unlike any gelert you've ever seen. With soft dark gray and white splotches all across his body. As you watch him corral the last few babaas through the second gate into a larger field he spots you. He looks at you and pauses, then he comes running over. He has more fur than most gelerts and he has a spotted red bandanna around his neck.

"Hello, there! Can I help you?" He looks at you uncertainly.
"Um, what is it you're doing out there?" He smiles and sits down.
"It's a bit of a long story, but seeing as you're out here in the middle of nowhere I guess you have time."

"It all started when I was just a pup, living on the streets in the slums of Neopia central. No one seemed to care for us, and I didn't understand why at first. My mum was old and sick and she'd tried several times to drop me and my brother off at the adoption center but we were always refused. I seem to remember the owner always muttering about "half-breeds" and stuff, but it didn't make any sense. For a long time we lived in card board boxes and dumpsters. It was getting closer to winter and the nights were getting colder and colder. My brother... He got this bad cough and... Well, one morning in the month of Celebrating I tried to wake him up but he didn't move. Mom made us leave real fast before I knew what had happened."

"She said that was the last straw and she was going to find me a home, so one night she found an old basket in the trash and wrapped me up in our one good blanket. She scrawled out a note on some dirty paper and put it in my basket. She put the basket on the doorstep of a store and told me to stay put. Then she walked away... I never saw her again. Well fortunately the store was owned by a nice young girl named Omusubi. When she came out to lock up her big yellow lupe plucked me out of my basket in his mouth. I was terrified, but he nudged her and she turned around and picked me up."

"She took me home and cleaned me up and after reading the note my mom left she decided to keep me and she named me Galwayon, after a town in the country where gelerts originated from. I lived with her for about a year before we went on vacation to the foothills of Terror Mountain to visit Omusubi's cousin who owned a border collie, a dog not from the NeoWorld. He herded babaas and other things and once I tried it I was hooked. I felt like I was home. And when it came time to go back to the city I hid and refused to go. I never wanted to leave. So my mom, she got this weird look and said something like 'I thought this would happen...' So we built a little house and her cousin gave us some of his land and that's when Mom told me my story."

My mother was a border collie who had had puppies with a gelert. When we were born noone wanted us because we weren't real gelerts, just mixes. Mom always thought I would find out about herding and want to do it for the rest of my life."

Suddenly there is another whistle and you see a girl standing by the gate leading into the pen of babaas.

"Oops, I gotta go." He runs off down the field barking and grinning. "Bye!"

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