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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Gypsy_StarKnight
Owner: sweet_honey_tea
Breed: Acara

About Gypsy_StarKnight:

Greetings, my name is Gypsy_StarKnight, the Araca. I live in one room house with my owner, Sweet_Honey_tea. Although we have only one room, we have 8 gardens full of beautiful flowers surrounding our small home. My owner usually spends all her days drawing for the beauty contest, we won third our first time! But this time...

Sweet: "Gypsy! Darling, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"
Gypsy: "I lost... I really wanted to win this one!" I started crying even more, I couldn't stop myself ... tears just flowed down my face and I held my petpet, Charlie, the Harries even tighter. I don't have any brothers or sisters, so Charlie is my best friend and kinda like my little brother...Not to mention a squeeze toy...
Sweet: "You won the last time. Imagine all those who try and try and they never win, not even once. We won on our first try!"
Gypsy: "Yeah... I guess. Thanks..."
Sweet: "Anytime lovely. Hey its late, don't you have to return the ingredient's for the snow faerie?"
Gypsy: "Oh yeah! I will be right back!"
I pulled on my favorite Poogle jacket and took my new book bag that I got from the school supplies shop and stuffed Charlie inside it. I rushed out of the house to the shores of Neopain central were I saw a Shoyru and jumped on him before he took flight.
Gypsy: "Sorry but I really need this ride, gotta see the Snow Faeire... Your going to terror mountain right?" I asked as we were in the air.
Shoyru: "Yeah I am." he said a little annoyed, then looked back at me. "Hey, weren't you in the beauty contest?"
I looked down in embarrassment,
Gypsy: "Yes, I was... But I lost."
Shoyru: "The picture was really beautiful. Your even more so, in real life," he smiled.
I blushed as he dropped me off outside of the Snow Faeries house.
Gypsy: "Thank you..." I whispered.
Shoyru: "Anytime."
I watched him fly off into the ice caves, then I ran inside the Snow Faeries House to give her the ingredient's she requested. As usual she was beautiful. Icy crystal eyes, shinny black hair, and skin that looked as soft as the snow the touching it.
Gypsy: "Here I have it! I hope I'm not late."
Snow Faeire: "No not at all." she smiled at me. For the snow faerie, she has the warmest smiles... She collected what I gave her and went into the back behind a curtain. I anxiously waited for her reward, she always gave me the best rewards. But this time, she came out, she had nothing with her. Not even a magical snowball, which I could desperately could use in the battledome.
Snow Faeire: "So sorry, but I don't have anything left to give out..." she looked at me a little sadly, since I did bring her a dark faerie, dark chocolate lupe, and a sweet, and those things aren't cheap, especially in the market place.
Gypsy: "You sure?" I asked, "I don't want to sound greedy or anything..."
Snow Faerie: "Do you want your things back?"
Gypsy: "Oh no, Of course not.... Thank you anyway..." I said walking away sadly and disappointed.
Snow Faeire: "Well, I do have something, that might help..."
Gypsy: "Yes?"
The Snow Faeire went into the back and took out a jacket, just like hers. Creamy soft fur outlining the blue shinning coat.
Snow Faeire: "Here, this might help, its a jacket, like mine to keep you warm, stop by tomorrow, I might have neopoints then," she said as she handed over the jacket to me. The jacket was so warm and soft, like the smile the Snow Faerie gave me. I was so happy. How many people actually get to wear the Snow Faeries jacket? It must rare beyond belief, and magical. Of course I wasn't going to sell it, or brag about it. I bet the Pant Devil wouldn't wait to get his greedy paws on this... No, this is was mine, all for me and no one else.
Gypsy: "Oh my... Its so beautiful... Thank You!" I shouted as I hugged her as tight as I could. I couldn't help it. She seemed surprised by it, but I don't think she mind.
Snow Faeire: "Anytime, thank you again." she waved as I left wearing the jacket proudly. I walked outside as the icy breeze refreshed me ... horizons of snow covered mountains sparkling in the lights of the stars and the moon, and even a few passing Faeries. I went down into the ice caves to find the Shoyru that helped me last time. I saw him, but he was being attacked by exploding snowballs! I ran to his rescue, but I couldn't do anything, I was only a month old, he looked a lot stronger then me and even he was being beaten.
Shoyru: "Araca! What are you doing here? Get out of here! Ahh!" he was hit again and it exploding right in his back.
Gypsy: "No I have to help you!" I cried as crawled in the snow to pull him away. An exploding snowball was flying toward my face.
Gypsy: "No!!" I screamed. The snowball was about to hit me but then it froze in the air. "Huh?" The jacket was glowing and the snowball came slowly to me, I grabbed it and threw it back. I ran in front of my new friend the Shoyru and protected him as threw all the snowball back. They ran away and I help him up.
Shoyru: "Nice coat."
Gypsy: "Yeah.." I smiled. Another Shoyru was coming out of the Snowagers cave with a bottle of potion X. I ran to him and gave him 4 mud snowballs in return. I gave my new friend the potion and he was better, and of course gave me a ride home.
Shoyru: "You were really brave, thank you. I owe you my all my hit points."
Gypsy: "Well, bravery doesn't really win you the beauty contest."
Shoyru: "Well, the beauty contest doesn't win you courage and strength, and to me, those two are more important, and so is kindness. Remember that."
Gypsy: "I will Thank you..."
I was dropped off by my house, and I asked the Shoyru if he wanted to do anything later, he said okay. So now, I have a beautiful new jacket, a new friend, and I realized that beauty and votes wont win me the strength and courage I need to survive here.

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