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Pet Name: Ufiana and Callum350
Owner: Scarscub
Breed: Wocky

About Ufiana and Callum350:

Ufiana: Hey guys, my name's Ufiana (You-Fe-On-Uh) and I'm a brown wocky. I used to be blue, but Scarscub bought a brown paintbrush one day and here I am. Hmm, what to say... guess I'll tell you about myself.

I remember Scarscub's kind blue eyes when she picked me up and took me to her home. I, a little wocky kitten, took to her quickly. My baby years were pleasant, I remember my baby toys that I used to claw at, until I thought them as companions which I would sleep with. Being cuddled by Scarscub, and curling up on the soft couch while Scarscub watched T.V. I've lived with Scarscub my whole life. I was born on the 13th in the month of Hunting.

I'm independent but I can work together if need be. I've got friends on Neopets and I enjoy going to The Lost Desert and Mystery Island. I've got a younger brother and I'm brave and adventurous. Sometimes being bold gets me in trouble though ^ ^. I've always seen people debate over whether a wocky is a cat or dog. Well I've seen cats and dogs, and I think I look and act more like a cat then a dog. But don't expect me to go around saying "Meow," but "ROOOAAAAARRRRR" is a different story! Scarscub calls me Ufi, or sometimes Ufirs. I prefer Ufi.

I'm a little skinny for my height, and Scarscub sometimes encourages me to eat more. When you go to training school for so long, you lose a lot of weight. I've got a thick and large light brown mane and brown eyes.

I walk on the wild side, I'm brave, and I can fend for myself. Wanna fight, let's fight! If I had to choose what kinda wild animal I'd be, I'd be a lion. Who can beat that thick mane (males only) and super loud roar which can be heard from miles away!

I am a wocky. I may not be popular, but I'm proud of it. Art theft? Not while I'm alive.

I like to play a lot of games, mostly Meerca Chase, Swarm, and Pterattack. I love to surf! Surfing in the waves of Mystery Island is great fun, and I can get a killer tan.

I guess you could call me a knight in shining armor. I'll help if you need help, and I'll fight for my beliefs. I'm a born leader and born warrior.

I've thought of what an ideal voice would be for me. For people to understand, when I talk, what I'd sound like. My voice: Jason Marsden(Adult Kovu speaking in The Lion King II Simba's Pride.)

But there's a creative and soft side to me. I'm not always bold, but a kind and gentle wocky. I love my owner Scarscub ::hugs her to bits:: and I like to draw. Give me paint and a canvas and call me Pablo Picatso. Literally. I like to read, write poetry, and dream. I also like to stargaze with my younger brother. I have a pet noil named Simba (don't tell me you don't know who King Simba is!) and I like to play with him.

To dream is to let your creativity, imagination, and soul journey. There are no boundaries when you let yourself soar.

Callum350: My name is Callum350 and I am also a blue wocky.I've always been blue but that will change soon. My name is pronounced (Kal-um-three-fifty) but I hate the 350 part.

I remember one day, my owner just dropped me in the pound, just tired of me. I had hated my brother and sister, my brother a blue shoyru, and my sister a blue grundo. But shortly after, a girl walked in with a wocky a few months older then me. He was brown and had fluffy fur. They looked around the cages but immediately stopped in front of my cage. The girl just turned to the Uni and asked, "How much?" The Uni replied and Scarscub quickly gave her the NPs. The girl took me out of the cage and set me on the ground.The brown wocky walked up to me and sniffed me.
"Hi I'm Ufiana, what's your name?"
"I'm Scarscub. C'mon let's go home."Scarscub was very nice and carried me to her house. It was very nice inside, and she showed me my new room. She explained things to me, and then gave me a big hug.
"Ufiana come meet Callum350, ugh..." she said.
"I don't like that name," I said, trying not to be rude.
"Neither do I. What if we pronounce it differently?"
"How about, instead of (Call-um-350), (Kal-um-350)"
"Callum350," she repeated.
"I don't like 350," all three of us said together.
"We'll call you Callum (Kal-um), sounds much better," Scarscub said.
"Sounds great!" I said happily.

And now I'm living with the best family in the world, and enjoying things. Ufiana is now referred to as my older brother, and I have no problems getting along with him. We both enjoy similar things, and we love to stargaze. Just lying on our backs on the cool dark grass at night, watching the stars, thinking of different things.

I weigh the same as Ufiana, but he is 9 cms taller then I. I have a thick and large pink mane, and my eyes are also brown.

If I could choose what wild animal I'd like to be, I'd be a cheetah. I wouldn't mind running at fast speeds and having those neat dark tear marks.

An ideal voice for me would be Ryan O'Donohue (voice of cub Kovu in The Lion King II.)

I was born on the 26th, in the month of Hiding. Scarscub bought me a petpet, a Khnum named Kovu. I've got my own room, lots of toys, and I'm making new friends. Ufiand I have become very close; he's the older brother I've never had. I can't explain the bond between us, but he understands me and loves me.

I can be quiet at times, just lost in my thoughts or dreams. I'm inspired by the world around me.

There's one thing however that makes Ufi and I different. It must have happened a few days ago, that I was blessed and something strange happened in the process. Blinding light, but a tingling sensation when Ufi and I began to glow. Strange? Oh ya. But what happened was magnificent. I guess Ufi got his desire, because we were lion cubs! It was scary, but so cool! To explain it, now Ufi and I can transform into lion cubs whenever we want. We can always change back to wockies, and whenever we go out, we're wockies. I think it's neat, who wouldn't want to be able to change from a neopet to a real animal?

I love my new family, my great owner Scarscub, and new big brother and best friend Ufi.

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