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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Laramaz and Daramaz
Owner: Indianfaerie
Breed: Chia

About Laramaz and Daramaz:

Two chias stand on the pet spotlight stage one a raggedy Halloween chia shying behind a rather old looking staff of the earth faerie, oversized black wizard hat frequently falling over his eyes. The other a short faerie chia with small wings and dedily bop antennae. The chipper faerie chia smiles to you and begins...

Laramaz: Hello! My name is laramaz; lara for short and hiding his face over there is my silly brother daramaz.

Daramaz: a...also Dara for short squeals and hides even more

Laramaz: sigh...anyways you might be wondering why both our names are so similar well...to be honest my owner Indianfaerie isn't too creative when it comes to name giving. There are other chias whose names are similar to ours but they a pretty much just wannabes they aren't related in anyway...

A random person in the audience yells who on earth would want to be like you!

Laramaz cringes angrily at this remark

Laramaz: You just wait till I find out who said that!

Random person: OOO what's the little chia going to do! Hug me to death? Bwahahahaha!

Daramaz twirls about his staff murmurs a couple of words and zaps the random person into a rather fat toad. Seeing all the astonished faces in the audience he squeals and resumes his annoying shyness

Laramaz: Yes... well um I'm hoping that was just a temporary spell by my brother there...may we resume? Lets see... oh yes we both live in the haunted woods with our owner indianfaerie and several other pets. At our house we have a chia sanctuary. No not a sanctuary like in that movie about the hunchback wocky. But a sanctuary for chias to go when they need to escape the many predators lurking about the woods. They can stay there for as long as they want. Although most don't stay for very long because of indianfaeries...interesting cooking her favorite being bubblegum asparagus surprise with a side of peanut butter turnips, blah. I wouldn't even feed my angelpuss that stuff.

Daramaz: Well I like it. Especially with a bit of vinegar.

Laramaz: Yes, well you seem to be the only one. Oh by the way it's your turn to talk.

Daramaz: in a panicked squeal me!?!? W-w-well okay I guess gulp well if you couldn't tell already fr-from my recent introduction my name is Daramaz. I am an earth wizard in training earth wizards can cast spells that gots to do wif animals and nature. Seeing that no one is throwing rotten tomatoes yet he calms a little I'm just a beginner but I'm hoping to someday earn my robes and help protect nature with the uber earth faerie and help protect her snacks as well grins a bit. My staff might look old and rickety but its actually very very very old and extremely rickety! Hears a few chuckles and eases up some more I found my hat at the igloo garage sale they said it wasn't worth anything and gave it to me for free. I patched it up and made it a tiny bit more attractive its not exactly princess fernypoo material but I like it all the same. And I have a cape too! I made it out of an old bed sheet. Indianfaerie dyed it black for me and it looks kind of nice. Laramaz thinks it's gross that I wear such old clothing but I try not to care what others think of my look smiles

Laramaz: Aren't we talkative all of a sudden? Daramaz goes back to being shy well it's my turn now! I'm very small for a chia but I suppose most faerie pets aren't to tall to begin with. I love angelpusses and other cat petpets. Even if they don't like me so much :)

I like to rollar skate and skateboard with my friends. Along with protesting against chia hunting and lenny discrimination. Yes I know the chia hunting debate is nothing new to you so I won't go into deep discription about it. I'm just going to let you know I'm against it no bones about it but lenny discrimination is really getting to be too much. Sure they don't have big sparkly eyes or anything like that but they are really interesting and pretty creatures! I myself used to be ignorant about it but now I relize how great they really are! They are very skilled at fishing and are very smart about stuff. If you look in a pound there are so many poor abandoned lennys along with other pets so adopt one today smiles

I also like art I'm not very good at it but my owner certainly is she bought all of us crayons and art supplys. sometimes I get angry when I'm drawing and break my crayons this upsets indianfaerie sometimes because I can't tell you how many packs of crayons she had bought for me. daramaz likes drawing too. He likes to draw lupes a lot so he chases around my brother pheseke(he's a lupe) most of the time. We draw so much that there isn't any room on the fridge anymore so indianfaerie decided to plaster the walls with them since the paint was chipping. Tacky yes but we like it tee hee

Daramaz: Well it seems we are reaching the end! I'm ever so glad you decided to read the whole thing! And as a reward here are a couple of peanut butter turnips, no? okay then I don't blame you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Laramaz and I because we enjoyed writing it and stuff like that! Well thats pretty much it so...I'll be seeing you around waves goodbye

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