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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 135 > Short Stories > The Adventures of Daine - Tea, Plushies, and Mynci of Doom

The Adventures of Daine - Tea, Plushies, and Mynci of Doom

by taipeiss

"More tea, Mr. Penelope?"

     The yellow Krawk plushie flopped forward in its chair, smushing its nose on the table, as if in an uncanny response to the question. Daine, a Halloween Ixi, poured some tea into the small cup in front of it and went back to sipping her own. Amita, Daine's Shoyru friend, munched happily on some cookies. Picking one up, she tossed it and bopped Daine in the nose.

     "TAG! You're it!" the blue Shoyru cheered happily.

     Daine blinked. "But it's not Tuesday!"

     "Oooh yeeaah..." the Shoyru's voice and expression drifted off, as if an epiphany to a long-puzzled question had occurred.

     Daine giggled, then served more tea to the various petpets and plushies arranged around the pink tiled patio table.

     It was a bright and warm Spring day, a light breeze riffling through the Northeast Garden plot. Taipei had taken the liberty of naming every one of her gardens, all using somewhat confusing combinations of the cardinal directions. Why, just next to the tiny tea party lay the East Northern Garden and the North Eastern Garden. The Northeast Garden, where the happy little company currently dined, was home to a very feminine landscape: whites and pinks dotted the yard in both the forms of flowers and trees, along with the pink tiled patio furniture.

     "Ahem," Daine voiced in a light and proper tone, "we shall now begin this meeting of The Neopian Tea Society. I do believe that Mr. Pemberthy has some business to attend to?" Daine and Amita looked expectantly at a Polarchuck as it chattered happily. It clapped its paws and drank some tea once it had finished.

     "Um, I thought his name was Charli," Amita announced, puzzled.

     "Not on tea day, Miss Amita! Hath thou any business to announce to our fair... um... groupeth thingeth?"

     Amita giggled. "Whyeth no-eth, Misseth Daineth!"

     Daine laughed loudly and shook her head. "Thou hast not need to use so many 'eths.' Anyway, on other business, Numair brings us news from the western regions of Tyrannia. It seems that they may begin incorporating more cheese into their omelette products. Now isn't that something?"

     "Wow. Very fascinating," Amita nodded, the proper amount of surprise on her face.


Taipei watched Daine from the small lounge room that opened into the gardens. Thayet read quietly next to her, the Faerie Kacheek greatly engrossed in her book. Taipei finally broke the silence with an observation.

     "Daine's been a lot different since Jason left, hasn't she? I mean, she's not quite as crazy and off-the-walls as she was before."

     Thayet looked up from her page. "Yeah, I think you're right. She hasn't said anything about it since the day you guys announced his leaving, but I know she's sad. She's been naming and playing with a lot of her plushies since." The Kacheek nodded towards the red Shoyru plushie that sat next to Daine. "She hasn't named that one though. I think I know why, too."

     Taipei sighed. "Too true. Jay did used to be red, after all... I notice she doesn't really talk to that one, like she does to the others. She just holds on to it wherever she goes. I think she favors it even above Mr. Penelope."

     "Do you... do you think we should do something? To help her?" Thayet sat with her chin in her hands, thinking.

     Taipei thought for a moment, then shook her head. "No, I think this is something that just has to do with her. She can handle it; I know she can. She's done a fairly good job thus far."


Amita soon went home, and the petpets went inside for a nap, leaving Daine in the garden with her plushies. She rested a cheek on one hoof and munched on cookies as she gazed at the red Shoyru plushie somberly. It gazed back at her with its beady black eyes, shiny in the early afternoon sun. Its material was whole and hardly worn, never having been seriously played with. Most of the time, it just sat or was carried around gently wherever Daine went. The Ixi obviously treasured it greatly, always careful not to spill on it or let a crumb touch its crimson fabrics.

     Indeed, Daine had changed since her brother's departure for the high seas. Behind her ecstatic and cheerful green eyes lay a depth of sadness and loneliness for the only one who had ever understood her. Sure, she had a new friend that she could have fun with, but it wasn't the same.

     "Everything was just so... so much more fun with you around, Jay," Daine lamented softly. She poked one of the plushie's eyes and smirked, the button sinking lightly into springy filling.

     Daine stayed in the gardens until late in the afternoons, frolicking through the grass and chasing bugs around. The sun was nestled halfway down the western skies when she finally collected her things and went in. Climbing the stairs to her room, she began to rearrange her plushies and toys. Mr. Penelope went next to Snowy, the Snowager plushie, a rainbow reject Cybunny plushie dubbed Lira, and a red Chomby plushie named Bill, on the window seat in her room. Franklin, the blue Lupe plushie, and Ryssa, the pink Poogle toy, sat on her bed. As for the Red Shoyru Plushie, it sat on the other end of the window seat, away from Mr. Penelope, Snowy, and Bill. No other toys shared its space: it was the only solitary toy in the room.

     Finding her crayons and a coloring book, Daine hopped downstairs and flopped onto her stomach in front of the Kauvara table. She was still coloring when Thayet came in from tending one of the gardens.

     "Whatcha doing, Daine?" Thayet set a fresh bundle of Peabeanjay flowers in a vase on the table, then set one down next to Daine.

     Daine shrugged. "Iunno. Coloring." She stretched her neck over, picked the flower up in her mouth, and began to chew on in quietly. "Thankies, Thay."

     Thayet watched as the Ixi colored. In every picture, each of the pets soon sported crazy colorings and bizarre hairdos. Each of them, that is, except for any Shoyru that happened to be there. Any of those were simply rainbow.

     Thayet flopped down next to her little sister. "You really miss Jay, don't you?"

     Daine stopped chewing for a second, blinked, then started again, without saying a word.

     "I miss him too, Ver. Probably not more than you do, though. You two were bestests buddies. Well... you still are, you know."

     Daine spit out the top of the flower and tucked it behind an ear. "I know. Got any sugar packets?"

     "Sure." Thayet grinned and fetched some sugar for her little sister. She had just returned when Daine's head snapped up from her paper, a haunted look on her face.

     "Wh-what's the matter, Ver?" Thayet was a bit scared at Daine's expression.

     "The... cheese... MYNCI OF DOOM! DOOMIE DOOM DOOM! BARREL O' MYNCI," Daine began to hop spastically around the room. "THAY THAY THAY!"

     The Kacheek laughed, happy that her little sister was finally acting normally. "Yes yes yes?"

     The Halloween Ixi flopped onto her back on the table and looked up at her big sister, eyes wide, hooves squishing her cheeks together. "Play Barrel o' Mynci wiff me, pweeaaaassseee?!?!?"


"I think you're right," Thayet remarked to Taipei later that night. Veralidaine had gone to bed some time before, and the two sat in front of the fireplace while they read.

     "About what?"

     "About Daine, Ma. She totally spazzed out on me this afternoon."

     "Oh good. See? I told you she could deal with it."

     Glittering sparks of light danced in the shadowed dusk outside, while dreams of the better days drifted into the sleeping Ixi's mind.

The End

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