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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > New Series > WereLupe Files: Case 4 --Part One

WereLupe Files: Case 4 --Part One

by neojolteon2

It was another three days of a full moon. Well, it was morning now but I could still feel my WereLupe side wanting to get out. I was really on edge that day trying to keep it under control. And it didn’t get better.

     I was behind my desk reading over some papers when the doorbell rang.

     “Now what?” I asked looking up at the door. Maylas was over at Moon’s house helping her repair her roof shingles from the overnight storm we had.

     I went to the door to answer it. There stood a green mail Chia. I gripped the doorknob quickly to keep control of myself. I could feel the WereLupe side of me wanting to get at him.

     “Letter for Mr. Colbolt.” The Chia handed me the letter. I was a little hesitant on taking it. My paw shook as I grabbed the letter and not the Chia’s arm. The mail Chia seemed a little confused of my behavior.

     “Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

     “Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied licking my muzzle. I gripped the doorknob harder. The Chia began to back up.

     “Sorry. I was just in the middle of cooking some neochops. I hadn’t eaten since this morning.” I gave a nervous laugh.

     “Chia Chops” A thought went through my head. I ignored it.

     “Okay. Good day to you sir.” The Chia tipped his hat off and left.

     I slammed the door quickly and put my back to it as I sighed in relief. I lifted up the note to open it but something else stopped me.

     I brought the letter up to my nose and sniffed it. I could still get a faint scent of the mail Chia. I couldn’t control it any longer. I felt my WereLupe side take over in my regular form. I threw open the door and ran down the side of my house. I followed the Chia through the bushes of each house staying hidden. I crack sounded me following him. The Chia looked around nervous. I could smell his fear. He knew something was falling him. He continued on his way whistling and I followed. He turned when he heard me jump into the next bush. I peered out about to pounce on him. The Chia saw my amber eyes and screamed down the street running and throwing mail. I was about to give chase but brought myself to a halt. I quickly raced home ashamed of myself.

     I sat down in the chair and held my nose as I opened the letter. I wondered who would send me one. I began to read it:

     To Colbolt: We know what you are. We will come for you on the night of the first full moon. You will admit to yourself and be what you really are.

     The letter shook in my paw. How did someone figure out what I was? Had someone seen me change? I reread the letter and look at the envelope. There was no signature or address except mine. I chill ran down my spine. Something was coming for me tonight.

* * *

I paced back and forth in my living room waiting for the sun to go down. Did I dare go out tonight? Maybe I should lock myself in. I tried to relax while sitting on the sofa. Maylas would be home soon from going with some friends. Suddenly, the phone rang making me jump out of my seat. I calmed myself down and answered the phone.

     “Hello, is this The Lupe Detective Agency?” a female voice said.

     “Yes, this is Colbolt. How may I help you?” I asked getting a pad and paper ready.

     “Well, I believe my Jeweled Collar was stolen. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it. I’ve tried the police but they say they are getting enough missing items as it is,” the female Neopian explained.

     “That’s strange. Well miss, I can get on to the case tomorrow morning ASA-” I was about to say but she cut me off.

     “I’m sorry but I have a big appointment with someone tomorrow morning and I need it by tonight. I’m willing to pay 10,000 Neopoints for it,” the lady said desperately. My mouth fell open. 10,000 Neopoints!

     “Miss, can you give me description of the collar and when you last wore it?” I asked.

     “It's a red collar with blue diamonds. I was last wearing it by the art statue in Neopian City,” the lady said while I copied it down.

     “Okay Ma’am. I’ll get right on it,” I told her. She gave me her address and I copied that down then hung up.

     Just when I was walking away from the phone, it rang again. Another desperate Neopian asking to find something lost. It went on like that for hours. The only real urgent one was the lady’s collar. The others could wait. And I estimated I would earn over 200,000 NP total with all the clients. Just when I thought it was over, one more phone call came.

     “Hello. Lupe Investigations. How may I help you?” I said again.

     A dry laugh came from the other end. I frightening laugh.

     “Look out the window,” said the voice. I looked up and out the window to see the full moon rising. I dropped the receiver as I felt the transformation take place. My arms began to bulk, my front canines grew out, my ears became longer and more sensitive. My fur changed from orange to brown. I felt myself become more biped. I gave a howl as the transformation finished.

     The dry laugh came from the phone again. I picked up the receiver in my huge paw.

     “Who is this?” I growled angrily.

     “Heheh, we’ll be seeing you soon Colbolt the WereLupe.” And then he hung up.

     I growled and slammed the receiver onto the phone breaking it. I had to solve my one real case tonight or get a bad reputation. And I would have to do it as a WereLupe I grabbed the piece of paper with the female Neopian’s name and stuffed it into my torn pants. I would deal with that mysterious caller some other time. First I had to get to the art statue.

* * *

Arriving at the scene of the crime, I began to sniff around for the collar. I got all sort of scents from other Neopians, but no collar. Then I got a scent a never smelled before. It wasn’t from a Neopian, I knew that. Some other strange smell. Suddenly, there was a snap of a twig somewhere. I immediately stood up. I wasn’t alone. I had left a message for Maylas to meet me here when he got home, but he wouldn’t be sneaking up on me. I strained my ears and listened. Yes, I could here someone trying to move about around me. I gave a low, warning growl to the person. I listened for their position and then attacked.

     “Umph!” Was the sound that came from my victim as I held him down. I growled at looked at him.

     “Ow Colbolt. You didn’t have to attack me,” Khell said looking up at me.

     “Khell!” I said jumping off. “What are you doing here?”

     Khell got up and shook himself off.

     “Well, I was playing in the park with my ball when a Symol came and took my ball into its hole in a tree. I so went after him. I stuck my head in the hole and demanded my ball back. The Symol gave it to me but I couldn’t get my head out of the hole. I was stuck there all day. Luckily, the Symol was nice enough to start chewing on the hole to make it bigger for me to get through. Then I heard someone out here and it was you.” Khell explained.

     “Geesh, Moon must be worried about you,” I said thinking the Symol really just wanted Khell out of its home rather than help him.

     “Darn right I am,” Moon said coming up to us angrily.

     “Hi Moon!” Khell said happily. Moon wasn’t.

     “Khell! I’ve been looking for you all day!” Moon shouted at him. Khell dropped his ears and shoulders looking ashamed.

     “I’m sorry Moon. I really meant to come home but I got stuck,” Khell explained sadly.

     Moon sighed. “Its okay Khell. Lets go home.”

     “Isn’t that wonderful,” a voice said from nowhere. We all turned around surprised.

     “Who’s there?” I growled. A dry, familiar laugh came from around us.

To be continued...

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