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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 104 > Articles > Neopian Government: Part Three

Neopian Government: Part Three

by englishladygodiva

SAKHMET, LOST DESERT-Last week we took a look at the ocean kingdoms of Neopia: Mystery Island, Krawk Island, Roo Island, and Maraqua. In this third installment of our survey of Neopian government, we'll take a look at the most prevalent form of government in Neopia: monarchy. The most powerful monarchies still in existence today are the Lost Desert, Faerieland, and the combined kingdoms of Meridell/Darigan.

The Lost Desert--The Royal Family of Sakhmet has been ruling in the Lost Desert for quite a number of years. One of the most famous rulers was King Coltzan III, whose wisdom and kindness was renowned throughout the desert lands of Neopia. After his untimely death at the hands of Princess Sankara (of a neighboring kingdom, not Sakhmet), his daughter Princess Vyssa took the throne. Thus far she has ruled sagely as Queen of Sakhmet.

Though in many monarchies it is common for the king or queen to abuse their power and people, this has not been so with the Royal Family of Sakhmet. In fact, they have helped foster the economy in their realm to become the sixth largest economy in Neopia, producing 86.7 million NP every year in GDP (gross domestic product). The Royal Family is renowned for their protection of the people of the Lost Desert. During the invasion of the Lost Desert by Sloth, Vyssa and much of the royal court were actually seen at the front lines commanding troops against the Grundo invaders. The Royal Family has even kept a standing army, the Royal Defense Force, for the protection of their realm from any other invading forces. One of the most active divisions is the border patrol unit of the Wocky Tank Brigade, which is very active in the classified area of Neopian Protection Zone 6b.

Like many rulers, Queen Vyssa has surrounded herself with advisors that have been indispensable in times of trouble. Advisor Wessle and Senator Barca, a noted humanitarian, are two of the most influential figures within the queen's Royal Council. Queen Vyssa even said when asked for a comment, "I can only do and know so much, even as Queen. To have Advisor Wessle and Senator Barca briefing me daily on events and issues allows me to pass the fairest ruling possible on any subject."

Summary-The Lost Desert has a benevolent monarchy that has and continues to protect its people from military threats, as well as addressing issues fairly and impartially.

Faerieland--The stuff of myths and legends! This is arguably one of the most powerful realms of all Neopia. Queen Fyora built this land eons ago, but only within the last few years made it accessible to the general public. Since then, it has been the premiere destination for many Neopets, whether for business or pleasure as Faerieland has something for everyone. Queen Fyora heads up the monarchy, but she consults the Uber Faeries on many matters, also working with them to accomplish many tasks. Grand architecture commissioned by Fyora attests to the kingdom's wealth and power. In fact, under the careful guidance of the famous Faerie Queen, Faerieland has become the most affluent land in all Neopia, with a GDP of 2.3 billion NP! A large part of this is due to the revenue from the Hidden Tower.

The monarchy in Faerieland also has a great deal of public services, explains Queen Fyora herself, who granted an exclusive audience to talk about everything her royal office does. "Many people are familiar with the Faerie Quests that the Uber-Faeries, and occasionally myself when I get a hankering for something," Fyora said. "These were instituted by me, I'm proud to say, as a way of helping the people of Neopia without giving them free handouts. The Healing Springs were also constructed based on an idea that the Uber Faeries came up with and I approved." However, the achievement the monarchy in Faerieland is proudest of is the Employment Agency. "This was a personal initiative of mine," Fyora said. "Here, Neopets work for themselves and give back to their masters some of what they get in food, toys, and battle items." The various stores that can be found in Faerieland, as well as the Poogle racing track, finance much of the services that are provided in Faerieland.

Summary-The monarchy in Faerieland has a variety of public services and high tourism that makes it the most affluent land in all Neopia.

Meridell/Darigan--Because both of these lands are so intricately locked together, it is only appropriate that they be treated as one realm. These newest lands of Neopia are both ruled by monarchy, and the rulers of each realm have been criticized in relation to the Meridell War. King Skarl, who initially looked like he was the innocent victim of a hostile invasion, turned out to be a villain in his own right, having stolen the magic Orb himself from the kingdom of Darigan. After winning victory, Lord Darigan turned into a raging maniac, unable to control the Orb like he had thought, almost destroying all of Neopia.

Though both kingdoms have had their troubles, it appears that everything has settled down now. King Skarl has a booming postwar economy now that Darigan's yoke has been lifted from Meridell's shoulders. "Now that things have settled down," King Skarl said when we interviewed him, "everything's really getting back to normal. Soon Meridell will take its place with kingdoms like Faerieland and Roo Island as one of the most prosperous empires in all Neopia."

But what of Darigan? Little has come out of the black Citadel since Lord Darigan was brought to his knees. A few assorted rumors claim that Master Vex seized power in the void left by Lord Darigan's demise, but nothing has been proven yet. Others assert that Lord Darigan survived his encounter with the orb and is recovering from his ordeal. Whatever happens in Darigan, the armed forces that have been collected about the throne that were victorious in the Meridell War will be a potent force for the next ruler.

Summary-Two classic monarchies: one is on the rebound, the other hanging uncertainly between ruin and revival.

That's the end of our edition devoted to the powerful monarchies of Neopia. In our next article, we'll take a look at the winter lands of Happy Valley, the Ice Caves, and Terror Mountain, as well as the VirtuPets Space Station.

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