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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 91 > Articles > I Can't Finish My Work!

I Can't Finish My Work!

by aachewwthree

THE DEEP CATACOMBS - Hello all, I'm aachewwthree. You may know me from the article series Hidden Tower Reviews. I have talked with several aspiring writers, and I include myself in that column. I've considered myself lucky to be in the Neopian Times. However, I looked at my folder of Neopets work, and I realized something, I have several works that I left incomplete!

Now, I know I'm not the only one who has Articles/Short Stories/Series/Comics just sitting to rot on my C Drive. So I've thought of something, what could a writer do to complete their incomplete stories?

Number One:Write/ in Moderation
When I was writing my Hidden tower Reviews Series, I always wrote in moderation. I would write for maybe 20-30 minutes, and then take a 20-30 minute break. You know, play a game or two, go to the chats, and go outside. So I would say you should set a predetermined time for which you will write or draw. However, if you leave your computer during your break, make sure you SAVE first. I have lost so many articles through the cruelty of my desktop. Make sure you don't make your writing blocks too large, or your writing may seem more of a chore, than a relaxing activity, or game so to speak. About a 25 minute block of writing or drawing would be best. Whilst on your break, take time to relax and clear your mind. I always like to take a bicycle ride. If you are able to, take a walk or a drive for those who are able to drive. In fact, whatever you think is most relaxing, don't hesitate to imply.

Number Two: Write Something you Have Interest In
I've made this mistake in the past. I try to write something I have no interest in. Just make sure you have expertise or interest in what you write. On a Non-Neopets Story, I had to write a 20-page book about a topic of my choice. I chose to write about my biggest interest, NASCAR. So I feel that the same philosophy should be used in this situation. For example, if you are a master strategist and have an edge in games like NeoQuest or Invasion of Meridell, write about ways to smartly play those games. If you are a supreme battler, then talk about training or how to find good ways to get those awesome weapons. Even if you write about something you aren't 100% on, you can always do research. Like if you are talking some sort of timeline, like the Tyrannian Land War of Year 3, or the Meridell/Darigan Conflict of Years 4 and 5, leaf through the New Features page. I actually find it entertaining to look at what the happenings in Neopia were like in Years 2 and 3, before I started playing. In fact, you can learn a great deal from the written past of Neopia.

Number Three: Write a Plan
When you start a piece of writing, set up a plan. For example :
Article on Omelettes - Discuss what they cost, their use, common factor, availability.
Story of Mynci - Mynci Happy, loses friend, searches for friend, runs into -insert baddie-, fight baddie, defeats baddie, Mynci happy, the end.
Series about Chet Flash - Intro, Day in the life, something wacky happens, insanity of Chet Flash saves the day, Chet eats feast of Spherical Cherries and Jelly Llamas, the end.
Comic about Neocola - Pet drinks Neocola, does something stupid, joke occurs, the end. Those are just examples, if you were actually to write something akin to those very basic plots, I have serious doubt it would be read, let alone published.(Although TK or Stone might make the Chet Flash story work)

Number Four: Write When you are Most Creative
Find when you are feeling most creative when you write. I always wrote my portions of Hidden Tower Reviews late at night, when I felt most creative. If you are a Night Owl, try writing around the hours of Midnight. If you are a morning person, you may feels like writing around the hours of 7 or 8 AM. All I can say, is that you should write when you feel most comfortable. Theoretically, you will write more since you feel better about writing and therefore may not have tons of unfinished stories that you got sick of and gave up on.

Number Five: Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help
If you are at a point in where you are getting a total brain collapse, ask for help. Ask family or friends, or even users on Neopets. There is an entire Guild devoted to The Neopian Times, The Neopian Times Appreciation Guild I have been a member at the guild on two occasions. Most of The Neopian Times Regulars that have you enthralled week after week can be found there. Just ask, and they will help. You and also try The Neopian Times Writers Forum (link found at the NTAG guild) where many writers, artists and readers commonly hang out. You might even see yours truly chatting from time to time.

Regarding Comics….
I can't really tell how to finish comics, or how to create a plot for said comic. I have not drawn a comic, I really have no expertise in that area. You should ask somebody on the aforementioned guild or forum. Look in the Comic Section in The Neopian Times, and talk to some of the commonly published artists such as Laurensama, the_darkjedi or Oddhatter.

Well, that concludes this article. Just follow the four steps I've given, and that Incomplete Folder of yours will shrink. Hopefully, it will never reach the size of mine. (198 MB)
Well, until next time, this is aachewwthree saying, Eat More Jelly Llamas, and Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Goodnight Neopia!

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