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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 91 > Short Stories > Researchers: Enemies

Researchers: Enemies

by teghan62

I woke up to the sound of yelling. "Barak-Nistar!" Tzel-Evod yelled, "The toast is burning!"

     "Well it shouldn't," stated my electric Kougra brother as he walked over to the kitchen area. He gaped when he saw what his brother was doing. "Bro! You don't but bread on the oven!"

     "Then where do you put it?" asked a confused mutant Lupe.

     "In the toaster," sighed Barak-Nistar as he pointed at it. "This is gonna take a while."

     Barak-Nistar took over from Tzel-Evod as he came down into my room. "Ee-Asir! Are you up yet?"

     I smirked at him. "Can't cook, huh?"

     "It's not my fault!" wailed Tzel-Evod.

     "Even I know not to put bread in the oven!" I laughed, "And I'm the worst cooker of all time!" I paused for a second and then added, "After you, of course," I smiled. I got up.

     "Haha," Tzel-Evod glared at me. He aimed a kick at my tail, but I jumped upwards and managed to get a bit of a kick at his front legs. "You're getting better," he snarled.

     "Aww, jealous, are we?" I giggled. I loved seeing my brother like this.

     Tzel-Evod was about to say something, but Barak-Nistar interrupted our argument. "Breakfast's ready!" he called.

     As we all sat down for breakfast, Barak-Nistar told us his plans for today. "Ee-Asir, you're going to go back to that area where you heard the voices. Have a light on, but at the dimmest possible. You'll look at the creatures living in there and provide a distraction. Meanwhile, Tzel-Evod and I will set up a hidden camera in there so we can observe them while in here. Everyone got it?"

     "Yep," I answered. Tzel-Evod just glared at me.

     "I don't see why I'm being replaced by her," he sniffed.

     "Oh, just shut up," the Kougra snapped and made a whipping noise with his tail. "We'll go in a couple of hours. You two get ready."

     I finished my breakfast and went back to my room. It was there than I practiced. I ran laps around my room, which wasn't that big, so I switched to charging at the wall. I charged, and put my front hooves up against the wall and pushed. That caused me to do a flip.

     I continued training until Barak-Nistar called us. He went over his plan, and we went out. I put my helmet on and pushed the button on top once. There was a dim light as I led my two brothers to the spot. We searched around a little until I found an opening. I sneaked in and ran off, while my brothers started looking for a spot to set up the camera Tzel-Evod was carrying.

     I sneaked about the big area, turning around at every moment as I watched. I saw several Neopet species, but they were all pitch black with glowing red eyes.

     I continued wandering around, occasionally seeing Tzel-Evod and Barak-Nistar. They still hadn't found a spot.

     After a little more wandering, I noticed a huge throne with one of the black pets on it. It was a Zafara, but there was something wrong with it's tail… it was normal until the tip. At the tip, it went diagonally outwards, then straight up, and then it finished. From that emerged a sharp spiny spike. It hadn't seen me yet.

     I watched it a little more from behind a rock wall. It muttered, "Island captive," and snorted. That was when I stepped out.

     It noticed me right away. "You," the Zafara snarled. It leaped for me, but I used it as a wall and was able to kick it and flip at the same time. It lunged for me with its tail, but it jumped up and head-butted it. It gave another snarl and tried to punch me, but I side stepped away. I never saw that tail coming.

     I was knocked flat. The pitch-black Zafara leaped on me and growled, "Heeca-Darban," it announced, "Your destroyer!" It got ready to hit strike me with it's tail. I closed my eyes and awaited my end.

     I decided to risk a quick glance and saw a blur of purple and gray. Heeca-Darban was knocked flat. "If you even try," growled my brother, "I'll be your destroyer. Go. NOW!"

     The Zafara sunk to the ground and crawled away. Barak-Nistar approached us. "It's all set up. Let's go now. Good job you two," he praised us. We went back home under full light.

     Tzel-Evod and I watched Barak-Nistar set up another camera and hook up some wires. Suddenly, it flickered on and we could see the blacked Pets moving around and speaking. I saw the Zafara again.

     "Beaten by your own brother," snickered an Eyrie.

     Heeca-Darban lashed out at it with her tail. "I didn't see you doing any better."

     "Even that Ixi almost got you," stated a Lupe. The other pets listening broke out into laughter.

     It was right then that the camera stopped. "I have to fix it up some more," Barak-Nistar told us. You go do whatever.

     I wet back to my room. The Eyrie had said that her brother had defeated her. That would mean that Tzel-Evod was her brother… but that couldn't be! I shook my head. I would have some serious thinking to do.

     In the kitchen, Tzel-Evod was working on supper. His memory was coming back to him. He had been frolicking in the tall grass and flowers with his Zafara sister. Suddenly, she had fallen through a hole. He jumped down after her, and then Jen had found him and took him in.

     The two of us puzzled over this as Barak-Nistar was watching the camera again. He wasn't as confused as us.

     "My brother," said Heeca-Darban. "I must remind him," she was speaking to herself. "Of that day where I fell through that hole and mutated. He had to come after me… he just had to…" her voice trailed off and Barak-Nistar was sure he could see her crying.

     "Dinner's ready!" called Tzel-Evod cheerfully, "Only a little burnt. But not that much!" I smiled. Thinking would have to wait.

The End

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