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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Stealth_Dorg
Owner: stealth_commander
Pet: Stealth_Dragonite
Site: stealth.dragonite
Breed: Slorg

About Stealth_Dorg:

This is my petpet Stealth_Dorg in our garden, an Island Slorg as you can see. We took this picture after succesfully transplanting one hundred Star of Paradise flowers into our garden. Of which 5 have already been eaten by my Slorg ( Sorry Stealth_Commander ).

Besides eating those flowers, my Island Slorg likes eating cabbages and Durbages a lot. And coating Stealth_Commander's Blurf and Peachpa trees with his transparent green slime ( Gross, I know but I like it ). But he is also quite an adventurous little fellow, especially after Neopets created the game "Attack of the Slorgs".

After shopping in Meridell on 14th October 2004, we decided to take a shortcut through the Meri Acres Farm to Neopian Central for the sake on our tired legs. But my Slorg went missing on the way ! Me and my brothers looked around the entire farm for him. We looked at the Potato counter, below the potatoes as well and Pick Your Own berry bushes and still cannot find my dear companion. We even tried looking at the Meridell Rubbish Dump and spoilt somebody's game of Extreme Potato Counter .

I heard some splattering and 'spooging' sounds and went to check it out. It was the Attack of the Slorgs game arena and Slorgs were being slorgerised ! Some game freak was at the last level of the game and was destroying the multi-coloured slorgs and the most horrible part is my Slorg, my poor Slorg, was following the other Slorgs, chatting and slimeing, into the arena without knowing that doom was coming.

I galloped towards my poor defenceless (As if) Slorg like a Uni but it was too late the game freak was taking aim at my Slorg and ready to fire, in hopes of getting extra points for slorgerising an Island Slorg. At that moment,everything was in slow motion, the game freak pressed the red buttom, a slorg-be-gone ball shot towards my Slorg, I hurled myself through the air and pushed my Slorg away from the in coming ammunition. And thank Coconut god, my Slorg was alright, he is saved !

The game freak screamed like a Mootix being stomped by a 10 tonne Elephante and tore his hair off because he missed the gold trophy by a mere point. But he was quickly and efficiently stopped, for my intelligent Slorg splatted a glob of green slime into his mouth to stop his intense whining.

After this scary yet fun incident, I bring my Slorg regularly to that game arena to slime bomb other Neopians. Very often, those game freaks would want to slorgerise my dear Slorg for bonus points but just as often those Neopians leave the arena soaking in slime. Besides teaching other Slorgs to take shortcuts, my smart little Slorg took a shortcut himself to the the crops and had his fill ( Which also means that I don't have to use my pocket money on Petpet food which is good ).

Just so you know that was me, Stealth_Dragonite, speaking.

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