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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 135 > Editorial


This isn't really a question and answer but hopefully these two submissions will help explain the news we added earlier this morning

Opinion 1
WHY DID U TRICK US!??!?!?!!? I got reallyyyy excited about that Quiguki Armageddon thing!!!! Seriously have that an expansion set, and NEVER joke about that again, please!

Opinion 2
Why didn't you do a big prank for April Fools Day? All you did was give us an avatar! Big whoop! Why didn't you do something cool and exiting for a prank this year like all the years before?! I'm mad! See! Watch me grr! Grrr!

How can we win :P

I have been to the Golden Dubloon and is it true that once you buy the food it is fed to your pet? I've seen people who have the items...but I don't know how to keep them. - Skippysandy
Now and again your Neopets will not eat everything that they order. When that happens you get to keep the food they didn't eat.

The Coin Shop has appeared on the Bazaar map, but it also still in the Deep Catacombs of the Art Centre on the main shops page. How can this be? - Skuria99
Bah! Yes I forgot that we added it to the Catacombs already. For now it is available on both places. I received a lot of complaints about people not being able to find the shop so I think we may move it from the Catacombs to the Bazaar map.

What new Neopet are you making? - Garrettlee23
Unfortunately I spoke too soon in the last editorial (oh dear, this one isn't getting off to such a cheerful start is it). While we have the new species (two actually) designed, we are not allowed to launch them or say anything about them for a little while. I am not allowed to tell you that one is extremely cute and the other is most definitely NOT girlie and fluffy - oops!

I was wondering if you could make a colouring page of the cooking pot faerie? - Igotahaircut
Sure, Jhuidah needs more on the site, she is such a cool character.

The Rotten Omelette and the Cheese Omelette look exactly the same! Could you make the Rotten Omelette green? Or some variation like that? - 18th_muse
Yup, this is something we have been meaning to do for a while.

Although I don't have 1,000 different items in my SDB, I do have over 27,000 of the same item in my box. Shouldn't that count for something towards the Packrat avatar? If not, how about a different award, or some way to display the count for the world to see? If I wanted to put them in my shop, it would cost me over 100 million Neopoints to make my shop big enough... - bakaohki
That is a very good point. I will pass this on to the avatar and blog Grand Moff and see what she says :)

Will you be coming out with any new Petpetpets soon? - Cosmosis225
It has been a long time and I guess the weather is starting to get warmer so I guess you can expect to see a few more creepy crawlies around...

Is the everlasting apple a type of food? - Cindywang105
Yes, but it is a super special artifact that will never be used up. So you can keep feeding it to your Neopet again and again!

Could you make more Maraquan Paintbrushes? SO many pets can be painted Maraquan now, it just seems right. - Wicked_summer
The paint brushes have just as much chance of being given out as any other paint brush, just keep trying. You never know when Jacko might pop by and hand you that brush you have been longing for.

How come when I tried to explain to a newbie what a chain letter was by saying "The messages that say "type this in ten..."" I got a message saying "*RAWR* CHAIN LETTERS ARE BAD Please do not post chain letters on Neopets. It annoys people, wastes their time, and clogs up our database so the site is slower for everybody. None of these chain letters EVER come true - nobody is going to be healed, made rich, given items or anything no matter HOW many times you post. You have attempted to post 1 chain letter(s) now. We are watching... "? I wasn't even trying to post a chain letter and now Staff or Monitors think I've tried to. I think there should be some way for people to explain chain letters to newbies without getting a strike against your account. - Gospuds
The problem here is that it can get very messy from a monitor stand point to find out who orginated the chain letter and who is the one objecting to it. The best thing you can do is to either advise people against them without using any of the chain letter message or just report the offending user so our monitors can take care of them. As much as you want to scream at the chain letter spammer, it really does make things much harder for us if you do.

I got this Bagguss from the fruit machine. Will my Neopets DIE if one of them eats it? - Poringlover
Oh no, Baggusses (or should that be Baggussi) are not very nice when ripe, but they will not harm your Neopet. Some say it is an aquired taste and some Neopets actually like them after a while.

Hm. I was playing hasee bounce the other day and I noticed like yellow doughnut fruits and blue doughnut fruits and silver doughnut fruits were all flying around the place. Anyways..what i was wishing was that would you make more doughnutfruit colors? (Ie: blue, purple, yellow, silver, fish). You have them in the game so i was just wondering if you could have them actually circulating the site. - Applejuice
Yes, more flavours of Doughnut fruit will be available shortly.

I'd like to know, do you have to put HTML in your Neopian Times submissions, or do you put it in for us? Do you put in the pictures, too, or do we have to choose them? And when we send them, should they be sent as an attachment, or as the e-mail itself? I AM SO CONFUSED!!! - Kairos12
Actually we have tried to make it as easy as possible to submit your story. You just need to sent the text only, along with your username. You do not need to do any HTML or attach pictures or anything like that, we will do that all for you.

Very soon you will not even need to email it in as we are working on an online submission form. When this goes live you will just need to copy and paste or type your article and press enter. It will attach you username and send it to us. Pretty cool eh?

Why isn't the Hasee on the petpet page? - Perfectcouple893
The Petpet pages do not show ALL the Petpets in Neopia. Only the most common. As Hasees are quite rare they are not listed.

Ok about the species. Sure it's fun to have some limited edition... But about the soon to come one... Could it be like not limited edition? I'm not on every minute and it's like when ixi's came out. I wanted one but I came on afterschool... :( - Canadian_churro
Point noted. I will try my best to argue for making it non-limited edition when it comes out.

Is the Darigan Eyrie Plushie on sale yet, or is it just uploaded?, Its not at the TP, Auction House, and no one owns it... - Gamer_of_all_games
It is released, it is just rarity 98 so it is very hard to get hold of. x

When you put mistletoe in your Neogarden, it never seems to be facing the right way. Why does it do that? - Hollymuffy
We are currently fixing Mistletoe now. There was a bit of a mix up with it and it should be working perfectly tomorrow.

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