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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 50 > Editorial


I noticed you were adding more pets to the How to Draw section and wondered if you were going to add one for a Zafara or painted versions of pets?
Yes we will be adding a section for the Zafara. We are aiming to have the standard version of every species finished very shortly. After that we will do some petpets and maybe later down the line add some special paintbrushes such as mutant, faerie, baby and robot.

Is there going to be a war in the new world?
Maybe... you will just have to wait and see...

I was looking up neopets merchandise on E-Bay and I saw several people selling 100,000 neopoints there in auctions. Is this allowed?
Nope, selling Neopoints, items or accounts is not allowed. Our legal department regularly checks internet auction sites and we remove all auctions that break our Terms and Conditions, then freeze all accounts belonging to that person.

Why was their a Nerf gun on the Neocam?
Well you don't REALLY think we work in the office do you :)

Are you going to do the Advent calendar again this year?
Oh yes, we do it every year. You will have to wait until the month of Celebrating (December) though :)

What happened to my account on Plushie Tycoon? It says create a store when I already have!
Plushie Tycoon is in BETA TESTING. This means there may well be bugs. If you find anything that doesn't seem right, just email the problem you have experienced to the email address on the Plushie Tycoon page.

Are the petpet plushies on sale in claires in England?
No, not yet. They should be sometime in August, we will let you know nearer the time.

If this is a little kid's site, then why did you add such a horrible thing to a neocard? (The new, not so nice neogreeting)
Well actually Neopets isn't a kids site. When we originally thought of the idea we were aiming for 17-25 year olds. Just because a lot of younger people like to play as well, doesn't make it a kids site. Anyway if everything was fluffy and cute it just wouldn't be right, I mean could you imagine a Neopia with no Dr Sloth, no mutants and no Jhudora?!!?

Grr... Who would think such a thing!

I hear EVERYONE talking about HALF-PRICE DAY well WHEN exactly is HALF-PRICE DAY?
Half Price Day is the 3rd of every month. You can find out more about Half Price Day and other special events by clicking on 'World' in the yellow side bar and then clicking on 'World Events'.

If your pets eats the Pizza of Death, does it get sick with some kind of disease?
No, your Neopet will not become ill even though it is quite a gruesome looking snack!

You needed ice totems to get to the ice caves in the past. Will you need something to get somewhere in Meridell?
You will just have to wait and see :)

Is there a good time to send in your work? Does it get read for sure? If I sent it in 5 minutes before The Neopian Times comes out, will it even get read?
Yes, Mr Shankly makes a point of reading every entry that is submitted. It may take a while, but no matter when you send your work in it will be read and has an equal chance of being published as something sent in days earlier.

Please remember to include your username!

What kind of Neopet is on the Ultimate Bullseye game?
Its not a Neopet, its a Petpet called a Turtum. They are very common in Meridell..

Why don't you feed the pets in the adoption agency? My new pet was not only dying of hunger but was also ill with the Neezles. I think there is a cruelty to pets issue here?
Well we used to make sure all pets that were in the pound were fully fed, but some heartless owners started using it as a way to fill their pets up on the cheap. Many lost their pets as a result because once you place a pet in the pound ANYBODY can adopt it. We just got so many complaints that we now leave the pets in the same state that they were put into the pound. If there is any cruelty issue, it is their original owner who abandoned a sick and starving pet, not Dr Death who works very hard just to keep them all alive :)

Is Neomail like a real e-mail address or is it just for Neopets?
Its an internal messaging system that you can use whenever you are on the site. You do not actually have the email address, so people cannot send you email. Its just a quick way to contact other players while you are on the Neopets site.

What is a Marrow?
Its a big, green vegetable with different shades of green stripes running along it. Inside the centre is soft and pithy with lots of small seeds in the middle. Its sort of the same as a Zucchini, only MUCH MUCH bigger (for some stange reason we just cannot find a Marrow in the USA, but they are everywhere in the UK). It may sound rather gross, but you simply can't beat a chunk of soft boiled Marrow and gravy!

I sent a picture to the art gallery about 2 months ago and it hasn't showed up yet,it was my own work, will it ever show up?
Sometimes it can take a few weeks for us to be able to put your picture up once it has been chosen as a winner. We get literally thousands of entries every week and often have enough entries selected for a few competitions away. This doesn't mean yours won't be picked, it just means it will take a while before it goes up. Generally if you haven't seen anything for a month, try re-sending it. We do check every picture we receive and it may have been something simple like you forgot your username, title or to attach your image the first time. We do make a real effort to put different styles up, and if your first drawing doesn't get selected, why not try another one?

If I feed Chewing dung to my pet, will it be less hungry and will the chewing dung still be in my inventory?
Eww... Gross!!! If you can get your Neopet to eat it, I guess it will fill them up a little bit, although the dung will be gone from your inventory (same as any other item you feed to your pet).

Where do Gross Foods come from?
Gross foods originally come from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, although you can pick quite a few up in other people's shops now.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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