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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Articles > Myths of the Neopian Pound

Myths of the Neopian Pound

by noremac9

Untitled Document NEOPIAN POUND- The Neopian Pound, according to most people, is a place of horror, terror, fear, and other such synonyms. While I agree that it's a place no pet should ever have to go, there are a lot of myths surrounding it. Hopefully, you'll realize they're not always correct.

Pets get trapped in the Pound for a very long time, sometimes near forever!

People have written about, and discussed about pets being trapped in the pound for a VERY long time. I know it makes for great story material, but most pets are in the pound for less than a month-- and that's a bad case. Even pets named "iiihavetehquest4ub10cch7888888" will EVENTUALLY get adopted, usually within a week. There are actually very little pets in pound at one time, and if you refresh enough you'll see the same pets over and over. However, there is one circumstance where pets will not get adopted for a very long time. If a pet is named "Tuskaninny4K45KKT", yet they're a Pteri, people seem to stay far away. Just in case your pet ever uses the Lab Ray, don't name them after the species they are! It greatly worsens their chances for finding a new home, if they ever need to.

The pound has thousands of trapped pets! It's overrun with them, there are so many in there!

On a similar note as the above paragraph, there are not very many pets in the pound at one time. For one, the pets in the pound are constantly circulating. More pour in, tons fly out. Enough pets are adopted to keep the constant flow of incoming pets at roughly the same population. Further proof: if every time you refresh three random pets come up, and it draws the same pet twice, then that means the probability of this happening is 3 to however many items its drawing from. Therefore, if there were eight hundred pets in the pound, you would have a one to 160,000 chance of drawing the same pet twice. That means to draw the same pet out of the batch of three two times in a row would be unthinkably lucky. I've done it enough times to know I'm not that lucky-- there obviously aren't eight hundred pets in the pound. More likely, using those statistics, we can guess that there are little more than ninety pets (that's a rough estimate; give or take quite a few) in the pound at one time.

Even painted pets can't get adopted sometimes!

People say it can even be hard for painted pets to get adopted. If you have any experience in pound-browsing, you'll know that painted pets get swiped the second they're put in the pound. Of course, sometimes a less popular pet won't get adopted even if they are painted, or if they're not painted with a more popular paint brush. Still, nine out of ten times painted pets are gone faster than most can click the "Adopt me!" button. I don't know who came up with that one, but they'd obviously never been to the pound in their life.

"I paint and morph pets so that they can get re-adopted by a better owner!"

This is probably one of the saddest myths, because people work hard following it. The idea that painted pets get adopted quicker is not a lie at all-- no, it's completely correct. But just because a pet is adopted, doesn't mean it got adopted to a good place, or for the right reasons. When people spot that Baby Kacheek sitting in the pound, they don't say, "Y'know, I think that's the right pet for me. There's just something special about it, and I like its name, I'm adopting it!" (And if they do say that, by the time they make up their mind, someone has beaten them to it). Instead, people say, "BABY!!!!! OMG! That's so rare, I'll look rich!" or "Oh, wow, a baby pet! I could never afford one, I better get it fast!" Most pets adopted because they're painted or rare, are simply trophies to show off, not a new sibling in the family. (Remember that everything I'm saying is a nine-time-out-of-ten situation, nothing can hold true for every scenario.)

My pet got lost in the pound when I was transferring it! I need the staff to get it back!

While sometimes using the pound for a transfer service is necessary, it is not in ANYWAY encouraged by the Neopets Staff. In other words, when your pet gets taken by someone else while in transit it's "Bye, bye, Sparky!" The staff will ignore your e-mails, ignore all your pleads, and not send you so much as a, "Tough luck!" That's the reality of the so-called, "Transfer service" the pound offers. Even worse, you might have to pay someone to get your pet back. I know many of us would be willing to do that, but it's usually a cheap ploy to rip you off of a few Neopoints. Then when they don't give your pet back, say hello to being ignored by the staff again. Remember, it's an openly admitted rule that they DO NOT encourage the pound to be used as a transfer service. Use it at your own peril, and good luck if you have to.

So-and-so disowned a pet! EEVVVILLLL THEY ARE, EVVIILLL!

Being judgmental can lead to a lot of unfair assumptions. See above. While I agree that some people disown a pet as fast as they do their laundry (which, in some cases, can be a very, very long time), you don't know what the reasons behind it are. Many Neopians automatically assume people are brutally kicking the pet out, without reason. Most of the time this isn't the case. If someone can't afford to properly take care of a pet, why keep it? No, I'm not saying ditch your pets at every difficult moment; but if you don't have the time, the money, or your just neglecting a pet, why not leave it for someone else to love? It can actually be out of kindness, not for the sake of pure evil. Never judge someone's motives too quickly, that's where half the problems in this world come from.

I hope this has helped clear up a lot of the rumors and myths directed at the Neopian Pound. If you've got any legitimate reason to pop me a message, long or short, please do by pressing here. If I offended anyone, I apologize, you can vent by sending a message to my arch-nemsi-- er, drop me a line and we can talk it out.

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