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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Continuing Series > Silence of the Lupes: Part Four

Silence of the Lupes: Part Four

by al_the_chia

Lupe Forest Penitentiary...

     Hannibalpaw looked left and right. The guards were all asleep, as they usually were at this time. He grinned.

     "He should be arriving soon..."

     Suddenly, the doors burst open. A Chia nobly marched down the hallway, his sneakers still squeaking loudly against the polished floor. In his paw, he held the proof of his Battledome victory, a tuft of cotton from the evil Meerca plushie, and the photograph of Peachpaw. In the other, he boldly carried his hammer like a sword, making his way past the awed prisoners and the snoring guards. Al arrived at the end of the hallway to peer into Hannibalpaw's cage.

     "Here they are, Hannibalpaw...Just like you asked..."

     The sickly green Lupe grinned his evil grin, staring back through the bars at Al.

     "Perfect...I admire you, Al. I didn't think you could do it."

     Al carefully slid the photo, the cotton, and the proof past the electrified bars. The sickly green Lupe placed all three of the objects into his uniform.

     "I suppose it's my turn now..."

     Hannibalpaw yawned, carelessly ripping a poster off the wall to reveal a hole. He reached inside and yanked on a wire. Suddenly, the lights went out. Al could hear that the bars were no longer electrified. And all he could see were Hannibalpaw's glowing yellow eyes. The guards snoring suddenly stopped as they woke up.

     "What the...It's a power outage!"

     As Al's eyes became accustomed to the dark, he saw Hannibalpaw slip through the bars of his cage, as well as a few other prisoners. Noiselessly, they beat the guards over the head with the pillows taken from their beds, knocking each of them unconscious. Al gasped as he winked at Al.

     "Think pink."

     And with that, Hannibalpaw disappeared.

Al's House...

     Hannibalpaw's words echoed through his head.

     "Think pink...think pink..." He repeated to himself.


     Al groaned, slamming his head against his desk.


     He sighed, logging on to his computer. The desktop setting was creatively designed with Lupe pictures and patterns. Al connected to the Internet and entered 'pink' in the search in his favourite Web site, Neopets. Several names popped up.

     "Patterson 'The Pink'...A gangster Nimmo who robbed eighteen banks and sent 30 Koi to swim with the fishies...Sounds suspicious, but what would he do with all those fabrics?"

     He clicked on the next.

     "Pansy Pinkerton the Pteri...Mother of five, raised on a farm, currently retired...No way..."

     Al clicked again.

     "Pinketta Posie the usul...Deceased at age 105..."

     Al sighed. "Nothing...Nothing at all..."

     Al was just about to abandon all hope when suddenly, he noticed one more name at the bottom of the list.

     "Huh?...What?!? But...No way!! This can't be!! But...OF COURSE!! They had the perfect motive!..."

     Al shut off his computer with a slam of his paw and dashed out of his lab, a broad grin on his blue face.

     "EUREKA!!!" He screamed, neatly tripping over the snoozing Fluffy and collapsing onto the floor. "I KNOW WHO THE RIPPAW IS!!!"

Main Street...

     A blue Chia with tall, blonde hair and a rather stunning purple night-gown and fur coat strutted down the street in VERY expensive shoes. Her horn-rimmed glasses reflected off the street lights as she walked onward, stumbling slightly over her heels. With a dramatic sigh, she raised her hand up to her face.

     "Oh, I certainly hope that the Rippaw isn't out and about tonight! Why, a poor, defenceless girl like me could get...erm...attacked! And this gown is the best fabric there is, too! Why, it cost me THOUSANDS to get! And this fur coat? It's REAL fur!! The softest, best kind there is! Oh, dear, this is why I hope he doesn't..."

     Like a flash of lightening, the Rippaw was upon the Chia Black fabric swirled as a pair of scissors materialised in his huge, black paws. Cackling hideously, he slashed away at her clothing until it revealed...

     A lab coat The Rippaw gasped as Al threw off his blonde wig, smirking as he wiped off his red lipstick and eyeshadow.


     He pulled his hammer from his purse and smashed the Rippaw over the head as hard as he could. With a groan, he collapsed onto the ground, his black cape swirling and landing over his face. Al took off the horn-rimmed glasses and put on his own, smiling broadly.

     "Officer Abbernathy, you can come out now!"

     The stunned white Chia popped out of a bush, his trembling paws closed around a bubble gun.

     "Good work, Al. I would have helped out, but you were doing so well by yourself..."

     "Just get over here." Al muttered, his high-heels clicking as he propped the Rippaw up against a tree. Al blinked, staring down at them for a moment before kicking them off angrily.

     "How do people WEAR those?" He wondered.

     The Chias were emerging from their homes, dressed in their pajamas and curious about the commotion. When they saw Rippaw, lying on the ground and completely disabled, they began chattering excitedly, wondering what had happened. Al put a hand upon the Rippaw's cloak, waving to the growing crowd.

     "Ladies and Gentlemen," He began. "I would like to present to you..."

     With a flourish, he lifted the cloak to reveal...

     "Pinky Persia, the clothes store owner!!!!!!"

     The entire crowd gasped as a pink Uni appeared from underneath the Lupe costume. Moaning and groaning, he stood up, his pink wings fluttering as he stared out over the crowd.

     "Oh," he sighed in a high voice with a slight lisp. "Don't look so surprised."

     "But..." Milford stepped up in front of the crowd, his paw shaking as he pointed to the dissapointed-looking Uni "What about Hollypaw? Or Warpaw? This was the perfect opportunity to create chaos between Lupes and Chias!"

     "Sure," Al nodded. "It DID create chaos between the Lupes and the Chias But that wasn't his main idea. He wanted to create chaos in the FASHION WORLD instead!!"

     The Chias gasped even louder, and the whispers and chattering began to sound like a swarm of angry bees.

     "That's right..." The Uni tied a yellow sweater around his neck, tossing back his pink hair. "With all the torn clothes from the attacks, my business was doubled! So, when the REAL Rippaw retired from slashing clothes, I started losing a lot of good business..."

     "Wait..." Al frowned. "You mean...You weren't the original Rippaw?"

     "No, of course not!! I only started Ripping to pick up business again! I have no idea who the REAL Rippaw was, though..."

     He gestured carelessly to the costume.

     "Well, whoever he was, he had taste! I mean, it was HARD to mimic that costume! Just finding a black cape with that same silk fabric was MURDER!!"

     Phil reached over and snatches his black cape, tying it back around his neck and scowling at the Uni

     "You almost murdered me to get it, too!! Abbernathy, throw this badly-dressed Uni in prison, and make sure he get his...PRISON UNIFORM!!"

     Abbernathy cuffed the horrified Uni and dragged him away, snorting and yelling.


     The Chias, finally certain that the terror of Rippaw was over, went back into their houses to enjoy a peaceful sleep. But one Chia was left on the street, still confused.

     "But...if he wasn't the real Rippaw..."

     Suddenly, Al heard a soft woosh from behind him. He whirled around to see a pair of yellow eyes, smiling at Al from underneath a black hat and a flowing cape.

     "Congratulations, Alexander..." a raspy voice muttered. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with an old friend."

     And before Al could say one word, the figure melted into the darkness, never to be seen again...

The End

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