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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Short Stories > Honalulupaw


by al_the_chia

The sun was setting, and a extraordinary serenity fell over the sand-decked scenery of the tropical Mystery Island. The tall palm trees, cool waters, and the hot sands were dyed red and orange by the dying rays of the sunset. The islander pets were slowly heading back to their bamboo homes and preparing for evening. The exotic birds in the forest canopies warbled, and the noises of the ocean waves and the seagulls in the sky suddenly became much easier to hear, as less and less people were gathered on the shore.

     But one Lupess was still there.

     Her long, beautifully crafted grass skirt was decorated with several different types of exotic flowers, tied into a long chain and looped around her waist like a belt. For jewelry, a gleaming necklace of seashells and beautiful round stones of all colours was tied around her neck, and a large pink blossom had been placed onto her ear. White marks were tattooed all over her light brown skin, and her bright blue eyes were misty and reflective as they stared out over the clear, beautiful water, taking in all the beauty of her homeland.

     For one last time.

     Finally, the glowing sun melted into the ocean, and the island night swept over the tiny village where the Lupess had lived all her life. The crystal clear, navy blue sky was dotted with glowing stars, and the full moon was clearly seen, gazing at its reflection in the rising waters. Only the sounds of the nocturnal creatures of the night, and the occasional roar of a Kougra attacking its prey, came into the ears of any creature awake and able to hear.

     The Lupess picked up her large brown suitcase, and lugged it across the now cool sand, over to the nearby docks and stopping before a large, red ship. She looked back to the beckoning shores of Mystery Island once again before she tearfully and reluctantly climbed up the gangplank and onboard. The ship's engine spluttered and churned as the big red boat edged away from the dock. The island Lupess solemnly headed for her room, not wanting the other pets to see the tears freely flowing from her eyes...

     She slipped on a puddle along the way and, after a dramatic moment in which time seemed to stop, tumbled overboard. A loud splash caught the attention of the captain, who shook his head sadly as he looked over the side. Lulupaw the island Lupess was the biggest klutz on Mystery Island. And, she was soon to be the biggest klutz somewhere new...

Lupe Forest...

     Lulupaw's fur was slightly dampened from the unfortunate accident, but her spirits were still high and dry as she got off the bus. The door swung shut behind her, blasting away and leaving nothing behind but the Lupess and a large cloud of dust.

     Lulupaw coughed, exhaust smoke and kicked-up dirt clogging her vision. As it cleared, a large wooden sign with bold, golden letters began to materialise before the befuddled Lupess eyes...

Contact Goldpaw the Alpha for free membership to the pack.

     Lulupaw nodded, shaking dust off her grass skirt and dusting her nose.

     "Well, here I am!!"

     She beamed as she peered into the dark, gloomy recesses of a infamous, tree-filled part of Lupe Forest. Some kind of horrible bird called darkly from a tree, and a loud, anguished howl echoed from somewhere within.

     "Happy little place, just like home!"

     Lulupaw, always reasoning that laughter was the best medicine, decided to release a loud, shrill titter, powerful to frighten the bird away and halt the howl.

     She coughed quietly, nervously reaching into her suitcase and producing a strange-looking item. It was a wooden wand, decorated with beads, feathers of all colours, golden shards, and other sorts of strange, exotic things. Lulupaw put a determined look on her face as she pointed her wand straight upwards.

     "Erm...uh...Okawa Chunka Humu Waka Toko Tiki?" she chanted, as if answering a question without completely knowing the answer.

     Instantly, a brilliant green flash of light shot from the sky and struck the wand. As Lulupaw felt herself lift into the air, she breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that for once, she did it right. After a few moments, the light had faded, and except for a single blade of Mystery Island grass, not a trace of Lulupaw was found...

Alpha's Office...

     Nopaw the split Lupess screeched as a brilliant flash of green light exploded on her desk. She was knocked out of her rolling chair and important papers were incinerated as a Mystery Island Lupess materialised on her desk.

     "Oops...sorry..." she muttered.

     Nopaw climbed onto her feet, slightly dazed.

     "That's all right...Could I have your name?"

     "Lulupaw Humuhumunukunukuaupuaua. My dad thought up Lulupaw, he said it was a pretty name. I've always loved my name, but I miss my dad already. Gee, it's running late, isn't it? I'd say it would be about 8:00 on Mystery Island, though. What do you think?"

     Nopaw began digging through the now completely unorganised pile of papers, barely paying attention.

     "Right...was that...Hamburger?"

     "Erm, no...It's"

     "Ah, wait, here it is!..."

     Nopaw sat back down on her desk, dusting off her fur.

     "Right on time. Go on through, Goldpaw's been expecting you..."

     "Thanks! I love your hair!" Lulupaw smiled, walking past Nopaw's desk and entering the stone office that Goldpaw, the alpha, called home.

     The Alpha gave Lulupaw a smile, putting on his reading glasses and standing up. His once prominently gold-coloured fur was now gradually turning silver, but despite his age, Goldpaw was a very wise leader.

     "Good morning, Miss"

     "Never mind that...just call me Lulupaw, Mr. Goldpaw sir."

     She smiled, taking a seat and dropping her large luggage with a bang. Goldpaw nodded, looking at the mess of papers before him.

     "Let's see...transferring from Mystery Island...why?"

     "Oh, wait a moment."

     Lulupaw flicked her wand, opening the suitcase that was lying next to her.

     She began digging through, pulling out numerous items and setting them on Goldpaw's desk.

     "I had a full page and a half written, just like you asked, but I can't seem to..."

     "Don't worry about it! I know why you're here anyway. You are a Witch Doctress, and since we don't have any medical specialists in Lupe Forest, we asked you to come here to fill that position.. Am I correct?"

     "Yes." Lulupaw nodded eagerly.

She began packing up the items again as Goldpaw continued to read.

     "Let's see...You will be setting up land near Lupe Lake. A bamboo hut has been constructed for you, as you requested, and you may move in. Congratulations, and welcome to Lupe Forest!"

     "Oh, that's wonderful!" Lulupaw smiled as she slammed her suitcase shut and picked it up. "A hut near water, that will remind me of home at Mystery Island. I used to have a hut near the sea. If you squinted really close, you could sometimes see a pirate ship. I remember once, the pirates came onto shore, and tried to take over our tribe, but we all fought back and drove them away. You DO have a Battledome here, right? Sometimes I like a good scrap, but I focus more on healing than on inflicting. Oh yes, in the Abandoned Arena, I remember that big, handsome Lupe named Kaluapaw would always beat up every challenger. And then there was Tekkitu, he was..."

     "Yes, that's nice..." Goldpaw interrupted, his eye always on the clock. He dipped a fancy quill in ink and handed it to her, taking off his glasses.

     "Could you please sign here to certify your citizenship?"

     Lulupaw once again tittered her shrill titter, making Goldpaw visibly wince.

     "HEE HEE HEE HEEEE!! Certainly!"

     She scribbled a loopy, lopsided signature with the Peadackle feather pen.

     "There! Nice and pretty! I've always loved these Peadackle pens, we used to have them everywhere back home! I really miss it there already, even though I've only been gone a few days..."

     Goldpaw smiled and nodded as he ushered the somewhat noisy Lupess out his door.

     "Yeah, well thank you for meeting with me. It was a pleasure! Nopaw will help you out the rest of the way! Goodbye!!"

     Goldpaw closed the door behind the island Lupess, releasing a sigh of relief. Just five minutes with her, and he already had a headache. He was about to go back to his desk and take an aspirin when he noticed that Lulupaw had left a decorative hularoo behind. He looked back to make sure she was gone, and after a moment, picked it up. Gingerly, he set it on his desk.

     He took a step back and looked at it, nodding his head and stroking his chin.

     "Hm...Not bad...not bad at all..."

     With that, he took his seat and continued his work...

Lupe Lake...

     Lulupaw sighed, finally settled into her home. It had taken a while, but she had set up all her coconut furniture and accessories. Her medical cabinets were full and waiting. Her wand was polished until it shone, and she had prepared for the worst, with plenty of bandages and powerful spells in stock. She was expecting anything.

     Well, anything except nothing.

     Lupes are very self-reliant creatures, and for a whole entire week, no one asked Lulupaw for help. She had sat in her little grass hut all day, reading up on healing spells and mending her grass skirts. She had carved a tiki amulet, knitted a pair of wool socks, and painted a mural on her wall, waiting oh so patiently. She couldn't talk to anyone, so she'd talk to herself, reminiscing about home and how much she missed it.

     Finally, there was a knock on her door. She paused from reading a book entitled 'Pango Pango and You', a huge smile spreading across her face.


     She grabbed her wand and dashed over, opening it to reveal...

     A Chia. A small blue Chia, in a white lab coat and glasses. She had almost not seen him when she had opened the door. He had several large bruises, and looked as though he had been through a fight.

     "Oh...a Chia..." she muttered, immediately drooping.

     The Chia offered a hopeful smile.

     "I heard that you were a new Lupess! I'm Alexander T. Chia, the Lupologist, but you can call me Al. I was wondering if you could donate a hair sample."

     "Oh...sure..." she sighed, disappointed.

     She plucked a hair from her tail and handed it to the Chia. He nodded, placing it in a plastic bag and putting it into his lab coat pocket.

     "Thank you!"

     "No problem." Lulupaw smiled weakly, setting her wand aside.

     Al turned around to leave, but paused for a moment. He looked at the large bruises on his arm, then at the depressed-looking Lupess behind him. He nodded, then waddled back up to the doorway.

     "You wouldn't happen to have anything for bruises, would you? I just had a scuffle with a vicious Chia hunter, and..."

     "Oh?" Lulupaw perked up. "Well, I think I have some poultices sitting on my shelf that could help...they're from Mystery Island, you know. That's where I'm from."

     "Really? I've been on expeditions there before! What tribe?"


     "Ah, I remember that one... lovely tribe, really. They had the most beautiful music. Say, did you happen to have any bizarre sacrificial rituals that I might have missed while I was there? I remember the pancaking incident, and also boiling in oil..."

     Lulupaw smiled.

     "Please, come on in and I'll tell you all about it!" She beamed...

The End

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