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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Continuing Series > NeoRenegades: Part Six

NeoRenegades: Part Six

by flipp_garuda

Who is That Lupe in the Mirror?
Keeta kicked Bombay forward, trying to escape into the trees with Chargoun at her heels and FireCannon and Charcoal in the skies. The red Lupe stood in the doorway, crying out for them to stop as Moonstruk went to hold off the army. She didn't hold them off for long, however, as she galloped towards the two and brought the terrifying news: They had captured WizardWalfoulm, the silver Eyrie. They turned back and trotted into the army's hands, giving themselves up without a fight, for fear of Walfoulm being tortured or destroyed.


When they made it to the Queen's castle, Keeta was immediately sent to her mother who was overjoyed to see her daughter. Keeta, on the other hand, wanted to be far away from this stranger who called herself Keeta's mother. Keeta had no recollection of her two sisters and brother, either. Her brother, Ales, was a very sick young pup. Her eldest sister, Trea, was vain and mean while her youngest sister, Ales's twin, Leana, was sweet and imaginative. She was told she had a sister, Querin, who was currently in the island country of Trestile with her husband, Prince Tero, a skunk Zafara. Keeta had scant memories of this sister, and was glad she was not totally lost.

     When Keeta mentioned her father, whom she remembered quite vividly, the subject was swiftly changed. Why didn't anyone want to speak of her father? Wasn't he the king? Keeta continued to press the subject and everyone she knew in the castle avoided it at all costs, it seemed. If she asked her mother when there was nothing going on, Queen Tiatha would suddenly remember some important affair she had to attend to.

     So, Keeta set off to find out on her own. Her first step was to break the rules and speak to WizardWalfoulm, the silver Eyrie.

     "Do you know who my father is? Where he is?" she asked the second she saw him.

     Walfoulm sighed. "Your father… was a great man. But he was a Lovian*, and it is well known that Tallists hate Lovians. Keeta, your father is an exile. He's a Lovian exile and a Kastillian exile. He currently lives in the giant desert of Lovia. Why do you ask me this, Keeta?"

     "No one would tell me. They all change the subject so fast," Keeta sighed.

     "Well, he was a disgrace to your family. He called himself a Kastillian noble and pretended to be such until they found out of his true past," Walfoulm explained. "Which is why he was exiled. Do you remember the day he left?"

     "Yes," Keeta said softly. "It was at the boat harbour. They wouldn't let me near him and he was walking away, looking back constantly. He was so sad. I could see the tears dripping down the yellow fur of his face. I ran away from the guards and leapt into his paws and cried over his shoulder. It took them ten minutes to pry me away." She smiled slightly. "Even now, I miss him."

     Walfoulm nodded. "Such is understandable. You know, you fought back in your stable for Sparklene and he taught you to fight. He taught you everything you know. Your mother thought such things were irrelevant and refused to help you."

     Keeta sighed. "She's still like that."

     "I bet she is."

*Lovian/Lovia - A Lovian is an inhabitant of Lovia, Lovia being a country just north of Kastillia. Those who live there are Neopians who were lost in space and saved by the Tallists when they had their own space-traveling age.


FlameKeeta couldn't remember ever wearing a dress*. She despised them. Detested them. Hated them. No word was bad enough to describe how horribly she felt about dresses. She screeched and screamed as the frantic yellow Nimmo got her measurements.

     "Odd… Very odd," the Nimmo muttered. "You are the exact size as your great grandmother was your age. Your great grandmother, though…" The Nimmo shivered. "She was not only Queen, she was the dark goddess of the underworld, Heyla. She grew like a tree, however, and got the same dress tailored for her over and over again. She ended up being as tall as the goddess she was."

     Keeta grinned. "I think I'll actually like this particular dress…" She whispered.

* The dress was emerald green. It was quite plain. With sleeves that flowed delicately outward at the ends, matching the bottom just under Keeta's waist. The sleeves went down her front legs and brushed the ground gently under her paws. The dress had a V-neck that exposed the gray and black fur just under her neck. It then flowed out down her back legs and brushed the ground. To top it off, around her neck was a simple sterling silver necklace with a dull, yet radiant, minute emerald was placed in the centre of a silver rectangular pendant.

     However, she looked like a glowing green, fiery star to Chargoun as she walked down the stairs. He gaped at her as she fumbled down the steps. Even ungracefully, he still thought her beautiful.

     "Don't say a word!" she cried as she collected herself and walked past him. However, she was not aware that even if he wanted to, Chargoun couldn't bring himself to say so much as a 'hello'.

     Although Keeta had quite a few other dresses, none were worn as much as the emerald green one. It was never stained, ripped or faded no matter what Keeta managed to accomplish in it, which included not only dancing but also things like sword fighting and archery. (Also, if anyone knows, it's very hard to shoot an arrow in a dress. You can never get the right stance.)

     It was Keeta's reluctance to follow her etiquette teacher and mother's orders as well as her fiery personality and new-found beauty that made Chargoun drool in her presence. For anyone who knows Chargoun, this does not happen often. As a matter of fact, it never happens at all. Not to mention that if Keeta knew that at the time, he would be little bits of ash in less than a second.

     Chargoun's unusual infatuation with Keeta wasn't the only strange thing going on. Charcoal had become completely unmanageable. Keeta was the only one who could get him into his barn without taking at least one life. But Keeta was forbidden to go near the Scorchio, Shoyru, Draik, Uni and Peophin stables. In other words, any Dragon Master* who came to the castle was welcome to try - at their own risk.

*Dragon Master - One who tames, trains and/or handles dragon-like creatures.

The Dragon Master
The "Dragon Masters" were not long in coming. Most were foolish enough to be cruel towards FlareCharcoal, the shadowed Shoyru who was their test. A few of those who tried died in Charcoal's fiery wrath.

     But one came, who Keeta saw, who seemed perfect. He was a small, brown Krawk who almost always wore a tan-coloured trench coat and sometimes even a tan cowboy hat. Needless to say, he was picked on and laughed at by the already-hired Dragon Masters and those who tried out. Keeta believed in him, however, and didn't make fun of him. By listening to the others, she found out his name was Feliren. Feliren meant 'dragon' in the old Kastillian language. It made Keeta chuckle to think about it. Those who made fun of him would be sorry later on, and Keeta knew it.


"Get him out of the sky, at least," Keeta told Feliren, pointing to the black Shoyru circling low in the sky.

     The Krawk nodded, handed her his cowboy hat, bowed, and left to do his task. Keeta watched as he coaxed the Shoyru down and got Charcoal safely in his stall without a fuss in just under 15 minutes. No violence needed. Keeta was so shocked, she hired him on the spot herself. If anyone had any objections, she would threaten to run them through with her sword. Not that she would, of course… (That was a shifty statement!)

     Feliren soon gained more and more respect as time went on, but he rarely spoke at all. Not to mention that he had no friends or acquaintances but FlameKeeta, WizardWalfoulm, and LoveChargoun.

     Keeta would get Feliren to grin by telling Feliren of the more hilarious moments that Keeta witnessed. Such as when Keeta asked Egsfa, politely, to fold and put back the laundry the Peophin replied, "Do it yourself!" Which caused Feliren to grin out of the left corner of his mouth. But Feliren would never laugh, never give a full-blown smile. Until, that is, he met Egsfa.

     He had heard a lot about Egsfa from Keeta, but didn't really believe that she should even exist. Then, he saw Egsfa, storming out of the castle while the head maid, Liartra, a chubby red Poogle, yelled at her about the floor.

     "I don't care about your darn floors! For the sake of the Great Goddess above me, leave me alone!" She shrieked and half-ran, half-flopped out of the place before bumping into Feliren. "Oh! I'm sorry!" she said and helped him up.

     Feliren grinned and laughed slightly. "It's all right, really."

     Egsfa smiled. The little Krawk had one of those contagious smiles that made everyone else within a 50-mile radius grin just because he was. In that instant Egsfa knew this Krawk was a friend, and he knew it, too. From then on, the two were inseparable best friends. They would be found joking and laughing at their breaks and pulling pranks on the snooty nobles until they were too tired to continue. Feliren found his castle life happy with his five friends, and was finally content.


Keeta was deep inside of her new book, Robin Lupe, when there was a hard knocking on the door and a weeping sound. The voice cried out for help, trying hard not to sob. Keeta dropped the book and ran over to the door, opening it hastily. "What is it, Egsfa?" she asked.

     "It's… It's Feliren. He's hurt bad." Egsfa bit her lip and took a deep breath.

     Keeta's body went numb. "How -Why?" she demanded.

     "Some… Some of the old Dragon Masters got fired earlier today. They blamed Feliren for getting fired and they... They beat him up so badly... When Charcoal found him he was hardly conscious and hallucinating. He doesn't even remember what they did to him or who they were! Oh, Keeta! It's terrible! Quickly, come with me to the hospital wing," Egsfa explained hurriedly as she ushered Keeta down the twisting stone halls of the castle.

     When Keeta finally saw Feliren, the little Krawk was a mess covered in bandages. He moaned and strained to open his eyes and squint at FlameKeeta. "Ka?" was all he managed to utter.

     "Sh, Feliren...Just relax," Keeta said soothingly. The look of the poor fallen Dragon Master made her heart heavy, her stomach sick and her head pound. Who would do such a thing? What did he do to deserve this but be a quite, kind guy? The fire Lupe was suddenly enraged. But she knew better than to go looking for trouble. Feliren's flesh wounds would heal, but his heart's wounds would not. This is what the nice ones are put through, and especially the talented Dragon Masters. Especially someone so quiet.

To be continued...

I know that Feliren getting injured may not have been needed, but to me it had to be mentioned. Although I may babble and scream out insanity on the Neopets chat boards and The Neopian Times Appreciation Guild boards (anyone who actively posts in that guild knows) I'm an unnervingly quiet person. I've had people chase me down the streets (I chased them back with a knife, they got me back by running me down with their brother's car) and such annoying, snide remarks that you wouldn't believe (mostly because of the pronunciation of my last name and my reading several books at once and bringing them all to school, stacked on my binder over my eyes) as well as my not caring how I look. (I don't wear make up, that stuff is nasty, I don't wear the "latest fashions", I don't dye my hair or highlight it - though black highlights might be fun enough to scare people away }:D, or any of that) I seriously think that a lot of people just don't care to think about other people's feelings and what they're really like, as is the case with Feliren. Though not myself because I am evil. :) I mean, hey, I'm the heiress to the underworld! Me and SilverGryphon128, that is... ;) That would be today's long, long moral.
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