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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Continuing Series > NeoRenegades: Part Eight

NeoRenegades: Part Eight

by flipp_garuda

Sad Victory
     In camp, FlameKeeta, the fire Lupe, had a great surprise in store for her. Her father, a bedraggled-looking red Lupe was there to meet her. The two would not be separated for days until the first battle began. The Lovians had the upper hand in their castle on top of a hill, but the Kastillians did not fear their attacks, they only waited patiently for it.

     Then, on one cloudy day, the Lovians struck. The battle was not costly for either side, for the enemy was few in number, and they only came to collect a struggling, fighting Keeta. She was rushed to the castle. Feliren sent his fastest Dragons to the sky after her and the strongest fighters, fastest runners and Chargoun and Keeta's Father rode after her. But they were too late. Keeta was a captive.


Keeta had plenty of time to think in her cell down in the dungeon of Chercion's castle. He came down, of course, grinning and making cruel jokes.

     It was LoveChargoun who saved her. The blue Lupe broke the door into splinters as he ran down the stone steps. He snatched the keys to Keeta's prison cell off of the wall and hurried to open the door. Keeta had never thought she could be so glad to see Chargoun.

     There was a strange swelling in her chest as Chargoun charged down those steps. The same feeling she'd felt when she saw her father in the camp, and when she first heard Bombay speak to her, talking to her intelligently and joking with her. Something few of the equines could do at the royal stables. She rubbed the fur on her chest questionably until a little voice whispered in the back of her head: Love. Keeta simply snorted as she followed Chargoun up the stairs.

     But as she looked at him, she didn't see some immature overgrown pup anymore. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad being married to him - better than his brother, at least!


Keeta quickly sent a letter to her sister, Querin. She didn't feel as if she was meant to really 'love' anyone and the word made her gag. Querin mailed back telling her that she had laughed when she read it saying, "Well, it's kind of the way it is. Usually when you're stuck with a person who's not a complete jerk you feel that way. With Father, well... He's just a likeable man! And you must really love your talking Uni to feel such a way about him." Keeta sighed and burned the letter afterwards. No one was reading anything like that about her. Especially not in a war camp.

     It made her uncomfortable to be around Chargoun. He was... Well... He was Chargoun. She shouldn't even be married to him, anyway. But she loved to spend time with her father and RacerBombay. They would ride around camp together, joking and laughing and exchanging stories. No talk of the current war passed between them. They were happy as could be. Until the next battle, that is.

     The Lovians attacked without warning. The Kastillians fought their hardest and Keeta was even allowed to help, though she was to take no risks in getting herself captured or harm. That, of course, Keeta shrugged aside. It was a war for the Great Goddess's sake!

     But it was when she got near fighting with Egsfa that things began to spin and make her sick. A figure fell out of the sky, an arrow through it's chest. It's mount, a shadowed Shoyru, roared in sadness as its rider fell. And he landed at Keeta and Egsfa's feet. Egsfa nearly dropped her sword as she kneeled at Feliren's side. Walfoulm instantly came to the rescue, battling hard to give Egsfa and Keeta space.

     Egsfa didn't hold back her tears as she leaned down next to her best friend Feliren. She held his hand in her hooves, crying over his dark brown mane and fallen cowboy hat. "Feliren..." She sobbed his name over and over. His eyes strained to open. "I love you, Egsfa. And you Keeta, and Walfoulm, and Chargoun. I love the Dragons, as well. Tell them I love them, please, tell them I love them..." He trailed off and was still. Egsfa screamed in anguish and pain.

     Soon, she got up, balanced on her shadowy tail once again. Wiping the tears out her eyes with a hoof, she picked up her sword between them once again. "If I find the one who fired that arrow, they're going to pay." She hissed and dove into the fray, leaving Keeta alone, fighting her tears as she slowly entered the battlefield once again.


Keeta was sweaty, hot, tired and saddened. She fought on, however, and now with a mount. RacerBombay was a skilled war-horse and could dodge arrows and sword blades with graceful ease. He leapt over the piling dead bodies that made Keeta sick and saddened all over again.

     When she saw her father, wounded and barely fighting off his opponent, Keeta managed to lift him into the saddle. Bombay muscled and dodged his way out of the crush of bodies. The three began to gallop down to the campsite to get aide to Keeta's father.

     "Thank you, Keeta," he told her softly as they continued running.

     "You're my father and I love you. You understand me more than mother and Trea. Leana has hardly any way to speak to me and Ales is always too sick. Querin understands but she's so far away. You will come back after the war, won't you?" Keeta asked hopefully, like a young pup again.

     "Of course I will, darling," her father said with a smile. "Now how slow can this Uni go?" He bellowed. Bombay snorted and threw his head, speeding up. Keeta's father was obviously in pain, but he struggled not to show it. At that moment, there was no one else within miles of them besides Bombay, Keeta and her father.

     It was when Keeta heard a gasp and a groan when she became alert and halted Bombay as her father thumped softly to the ground. Keeta screamed and half-fell half-kneeled at her father's dying side. An arrow had struck him down and as Keeta quickly scanned the battlefield, she saw Chezonan Mautfeld, the fire Kyrii, looking satisfied and lowering his bow.

     "Father..." She choked, tears streaming down her cheeks. Why did she lose so much today? Why did war exist? War was a terrible thing! It should be abolished! Keeta thought before frantically going to her father's aide. A crowd was gathering around them, a friendly one that fought off the enemy Lovians and helped to calm Keeta and help her father. But they all knew he would die, even Keeta.

     "Keeta..." he whispered, his voice faltering. He took a shuddering breath, struggling to get his last words out. "You... You are so beautiful. You are... You are destined to be great. You are the heiress of the mermaidens, the Goddess of the Dark Underworld and the Sword of Starrius, also known as the Heavens Sword. You must... Stop Chezo. Stop his..." He didn't finish. He shuddered his last breath before he could. Keeta's tears fell in pools on her father's wounds.

     After a moment, she placed him in a lying position on his side, matching his paws identically, lifting his head proudly. Keeta got up, wiped her tears like Egsfa had, and got onto her haunches. She lifted her fiery paws in the air. "Starrius, come to me!" She cried. In a blast of light through the dreary clouds, and beautifully crafted sword fell into her paws. The hilt was made of intricately carved gold, the blade of silver. Strangely, it was not heavy and gave Keeta a sense of power that she'd never known before. But that power was not evil, it was good. But there was also an evil swirling about her, inside of her.

     She held her sword into the revealing sun and it glinted brilliantly. In history, it was said that it blinded all those corrupt (eep... deja vu). In reality, it was a signal. A small, pitch black Eyrie whose name was Griffiane Cauhin Nevero, swooped down out of the dark skies in which he blended, and plucked the fire Lupe off of the ground. Keeta screeched a secret code for all of her Kastillian people. They fled back to camp, leaving the Lovians confused.

     Then, the large Night Lupe Pack, the Black Brigade (of which Griffiane is a part), the Rebellion Unicorns (of which Moonstruk, Bombay and Sparklene are parts of), mermaids (by a river flowing next to the castle and others charged in, the fiercest of warriors. The Lovians suffered a devastating defeat, but had only went into temporary submission. They were only waiting for a later time to strike. Sparklene, who had been imprisoned in that same castle, escaped, but was unable to get to the Kastillian camp. Keeta knew, in her heart, that Sparklene would come back one day soon, and she patiently waited, like all her people, for the day when that would be so.

     Chercion obviously did not give up. That was for certain. By the next year, he attacked with a larger army, laying siege on all Kastillia. The people had come to love Keeta and Chargoun. They had already become King and Queen of the parts of Lovia Kastillia had managed to steal away. The new land dubbed Kovuimme by Egsfa. This decided because of Feliren's favourite old-time word meaning 'wise hatchling' in old Kastillian. This fit perfectly because of the new country (hatchling) and the wise people of Lovia (who had no intention of rebelling) and their semi-wise rulers.

     However, there was something terrible that would happen. Queen Tiatha's main castle was destroyed as the enemy advanced. Many Kovuimme castles were eliminated, as well, and the Kovuimme and Kastillian people did not want their beloved NeoRenegades to be killed. They managed to get the old laboratory that was connected to the Cave of the Aqua Tonu and sent them to Neopia.

     They figured that the Lovians would follow them to Neopia and the NeoRenegades would escape back to Tibejb under their noses. Although this worked, they had their flaws. They miscalculated the power of Neopia's atmosphere. They crash landed on various parts of Neopia. Keeta, Walfoulm and Egsfa were safe. But Chargoun was not.

     Chezo Mautfeld, the fire Kyrii, found him before Chargoun could find a body to host himself in (they were only half-souls and needed a place to hold their physical forms). Chargoun had landed in a dark alley. He had reached his blue paw out with a moan to get himself up when the Kyrii dug his heel into his paw and pointed a Grand Lightning Beam at Chargoun's head. Chargoun looked up in surprise, pain and sadness. The last word he ever said was a name.

     When FlameKeeta awoke in a little fiery Lupe pup's body, she looked up to a flash of light, her name ringing in her ears. The 'a' resonating eerily. Her memory was faint and as the little body got up without her asking it to, she began to forget it all with each step. Years of memory were erased in less than one day. The NeoRenegades were no more. It would be years before FlameKeeta began to remember. Then it would be too late. But life is not always pretty, and Fate takes us all in different directions. Remember that one.

The End... Sort of

As a little history on this, I've written this before to support a long dream I had that eventually expanded in my mind. I haven't written it all down in the real version and I've rewritten this Neopets version four times. This last draft is my fifth. Also, many of these characters will have life stories written and **hopefully** published in The Neopian Times. Also... FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK!
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