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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Short Stories > Sarah the Zafara

Sarah the Zafara

by sunshinejenny45

One day, a neighbour told me his Skeith ate a dubloon. Now this particular neighbour was not very honest. So, I decide to ask around if that can actually happen.

I ask my friend who replies, "I don't know, maybe you should ask Sarah." Of course! Why didn't I think of that before! I take my Acara to her house to ask her.

"Sarah the Zafara knows everything about Neopia. She has read every book and collected almost every item. If you are ever stuck on anything ask Sarah a question, you'll be surprised how much she really does know!" reads the sign on her door. I ring the doorbell. A blue Zafara answers the door.

"Hello, come on in!" she says. She takes my jacket and gives a Chia Pop to Acara, who sits down on the sofa.

"What would you like?" she asks.

"Well," I reply, "My neighbour told me his Skeith ate a dubloon. Can that really happen, or was he lying?" I ask.

"He was telling the truth," she tells me. "A hungry Skeith would eat anything, even dubloons!"

"Thanks, Sarah. I'll tell him to keep his Warf away from Skeith! C'mon, Acara, let's go. Bye Sarah!" Acara hops off the couch and skips over to me.

"Goodbye, come back soon!" she calls back.

When we get back to the street and I stop. "Oh no, I forgot to ask her when Acara day is! Come, let's go back." So we head toward Sarah's house for the second time that day. I am about to knock, when I hear crying.

"Sarah?" I ask, trying to open the door. It's unlocked, so I step in. "Sarah?" I repeat, "Are okay?" I see her sitting at the table. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"It's nothing, never mind," she says, but I know something happened. I get her a glass of water and ask her to tell me why she was crying.

"I was sorting out my plushies when I found this," she said, holding up a folded piece of paper. I take it and read it.

"Know-it-all Zafara,
She is such a nerd.
I don't want her telling me
How to pronounce a word!"

It goes on and on, making fun of how smart Sarah is.

"I don't mean to act stuck-up and like I know everything!" she cries.

"You don't," I assure her. "You are kind, and I don't see why anyone would think it's bad to be smart and nice."

"All through school, everyone made fun of me, and people will just come to my house to tell me to stop acting superior to everyone else," she tells me.

"Those people are just jealous that you are smart. They probably all wish they knew what you do!" I say.

"Yeah, right," she says gloomily, putting the note on the table.

"Hey, I have an idea!" I say. "Why don't you start a class?"

"A class?"

"A class. You can teach people all about Neopia and Neopets and stuff! And you could invite all those people that made fun of you so the can learn, too!" I say, jumping up.

"Yes, but they might think I'm even more stuck-up if I start a class," she whimpers.

"Yeah, they might, I guess that's not a good idea…"

"I know what I can do! I'll just pretend not to know anything! Then they can't make fun of me. There was a knock at the door. Sarah wipes her tears and answers.

"Yes, what do you want?" she asks the yellow Chia outside her door.

"My owner is mad because I'm a Chia. I used to be a Fire Wocky, but someone used some Chia Flour on me in the battle dome. Can you change me back?" he asks.

"No! I don't know how to! Don't ask me questions! I don't know anything!" she yells and closes the door.

By then, a few more Neopets were standing outside the door and had heard Sarah. One, I noticed, was a baby Lupe. It belongs to my friend across the street. The Lupe has a reputation of knowing all the latest gossip, so of course he told everyone, and soon half of Neopia heard that Sarah had come down with some sort of illness, causing her not to be able to answer anyone's questions about Neopets.

Half an hour later, I was still with Sarah. A Jubjub came to the door.

"Sarah, what's wrong? Why can't you answer my questions?" she asked.

"Sarah, look at all those Neopets and their owners outside waiting for you to help them. You must help. We all value you as part of Neopia, and without you, we would not know how to battle. We wouldn't know if we were losing money when selling our stocks. And, we wouldn't have anyone that we could talk to about our problems. We need you, Sarah." I say.

At this time, Acara speaks up. "And there would be no one to give us free Chia Pops!" I see Sarah smile.

"I guess you are right, I had better help them." She goes outside and approaches the people. "I can help you, just wait in line." I spot the Yellow Chia.

"Sarah, you should help Chia… I mean… Wocky. His owner is probably pretty upset," I say to her.

"Chia!" she calls. "I can help you, I am sorry that I was mean earlier. You will need to get a Fire Wocky morphing potion, or another Wocky colour potion and a Fire paintbrush."

"Thanks, Sarah! You're the greatest! I better tell mum right now!" he says, and scurries off.

So remember, if you are going to be mean to Sarah, she may leave Neopia, and no one will know where to go for help. You don't want that now, do you?

The End

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