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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Short Stories > The Annoying Forest

The Annoying Forest

by soggydude

Sheriff the Lupe was in a store, buying some supplies. The Eyrie at the counter looked at him.

"In order to go to the next town, you have to go through the forest by the edge of this town and from there you go to another town. You can get more direction from them. Sheriff nodded. "Thanks." He went out the store and looked around. He saw the forest and began to walk there.

"NO! Don't go in there!" Sheriff turned around and saw a scared looking Jubjub.

"Why not?" The Jubjub gulped. "That forest is… the dreaded Annoying Forest!" DUN DUN DUN! Both pets looked around.

"Who played that music?" The Jubjub shrugged, and returned to what he had started.

"The Annoying Forest (DUN DUN DUN!) is one of the most feared placed in Neopia! No one has come out alive!"


"No, I just thought that sounded neat. But seriously, pets that go in come back very frustrated to the point of…insanity!" DUN DUN DUN!

Sheriff looked around. "I swear, when I find who ever is playing that…" He turned back to the Jubjub. "I need to go to the next town. I don't have to worry, there is nothing that can drive me insane!" DUN DUN DUN! Sheriff looked around. "THAT WASN'T A SPOOKY MOMENT OR WORD!" He turned back to the Jubjub. "Anyway, just don't worry." He walked off into the forest, and the Jubjub shook his head.

"I tried to warn him." DUN DUN DUN!

Sheriff was inside the forest, and he looked around. "Annoying? I think not." He then saw a large stream and some rocks. "Inconvenient maybe, but not annoying." He hopped on the rocks and began to hop on the rocks to get across. As he was jumping on the rock in the middle it vanished. Sheriff fell into the stream and got soaked. Suddenly weird things appeared and laughed at him, and then vanished. He was pulled away and eventually dumped on a bank. Sheriff looked around.

"Okay, maybe that's annoying." He walked around, looking for the exit.

"Now I'm off course." Just then several ghosts appeared.

"Ahhhh, yessss, a new mortal to annnnoy…" They came forward, and Sheriff backed up. He didn't see the sudden drop and fell into the mud below it. The ghosts all laughed insanely and swooped down. They began to poke him.

"HEY! Stop that! I mean it! Off!" But they continued to poke him as he ran. He stopped when he ran into a tree. The ghosts laughed again and left. Sheriff got up and looked around. He heard the bushes rustle, and froze. He slowly sneaked up to it and then pounced.

"HEY!" Sheriff saw it was a Mynci.

"Sorry about that, it's just that this forest--"

"I know." The Mynci extended his hand. "Who are you?"

Sheriff put his paw out and they shook hand and paw. "I'm Sheriff. Who are you?"

The Mynci continued to move his hand up and down. "Well, I'm also a traveler. Josh is my name. I came here to get to the next town" Sheriff meanwhile was trying to get the Mynci to let go of his paw.

"Yeah, me too." He took a crowbar he found from an old and tattered back pack and tried to pry his paw out of the Mynci's grip. Josh continued to shake Sheriff's paw without noticing Sheriff's attempts to get out of the shake.

"It's so inconvenient to have to go through this forest, wouldn't you agree?" Sheriff looked up.

"Uh, would you mind letting go of my paw?"

Josh looked surprised. "Sure." He thrust his hand backwards and flung Sheriff in that direction. He then laughed and turned into one of the forest's ghosts. The ghost threw some mud and flew off. Sheriff wiped the mud off and got out his flashlight. He continued to travel through the forest, making sure to avoid the traps and temptations around him. Sheriff was walking around what looked like a good path, when a ghost popped out.

"Ooooh, who do we have here?" The ghost pulled out a bottle that had blue gas in it. DUN DUN DUN (Thought it was gone, eh?)

"Can't you stop already?" The ghost shook its head.

"Nope." It opened the bottle and the gas hit Sheriff, who felt very itchy. He started scratching, but that did no good. He tried rubbing his back against trees, used sticks and stones, and gnawed, but it did no good. He saw a lake and jumped into it and the itch vanished. He sighed in relief. The ghost's grin became wider.

"You may think that's good, but not when you meet the inhabitants of the lake!" It left, and Sheriff looked around.

"Inhabitants?" DUN DUN DUN! "STOP ALREADY!" As he spoke a Krawk popped up. It looked more vicious then a regular Krawk. A second popped up, followed by a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh… DUN DUN DUN! Sheriff looked around.

"Uh, nice Krawks?" They all leaped at him and he ran out of the lake. They all followed him, and he had to kick off a few from his tail. He saw a cave and ran into it. The Krawks stopped, and stayed outside.

"Guess they don't want to go in here." Sheriff pulled out a pack of waterproof matched and lit one. He looked up and saw several Grarrls. Their stomachs rumbled, and they looked at Sheriff hungrily.

"From the frying pan into the fire…" DUN DUN DUN! The Grarrls looked around after hearing the music and Sheriff took this opportunity to run. They all followed him out of the cave, and saw the Krawks.

"Hey! This our dinner!" This came from a Krawk who appeared to be the leader.

"No, this is our dinner!" They began to fight over who would eat Sheriff, and he ran.

"This can't be the end." DUN DUN DUN! Sheriff didn't bother yelling anymore. He just stumbled around, exhausted. From his right, a zombie Neopet leaped out. DUN DUN DUN! More came, and Sheriff rolled his eyes.

"Honestly." He took his pack he kept on his back and swung it around. It whacked a few of the zombies, who kept stumbling forward. They eventually cornered them. One of them crawled forward.

"Youuuu willlll meeeeeet yourrrrr faaaaate noooooow…" DUN DUN DUN! The zombie advanced, and put out an almost decayed hand. It moved up to Sheriff's head, and… flicked his nose. The zombies then walked away. Sheriff clenched his fist.

"If one more annoying thing happens…" DUN DUN DUN! As he said that hundreds of ghosts and other things jumped out with annoying objects. Sheriff looked around. "I'll be very happy." The ghosts and things sighed with disappointment and walked or floated away. Sheriff grinned.

A few hours later, Sheriff saw a light that could only be from a town. He jumped in excitement.

"Finally!" DUN DUN DUN! He stopped, and looked around. "What if something bad happens? DUN DUN DUN! He leaped toward the source of the sound and saw…a record player.

"This is it?" DUN DUN DUN! Sheriff cracked his knuckles and then began to smash the record player into pieces. He stomped on it and continued to destroy it until it was just splinters. He grinned and was about to walk off when he heard loud noises. He turned around and his jaw dropped. The record player was rebuilding itself.

"WHY? WHY WHY WHY?" DUN DUN DUN! Sheriff bent down and saw tiny print on the record player.

"Whoever pulls the Golden Axe of Silence out of the stone will be the one to destroy this record player." DUN DUN DUN! He fell on his knees. "WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND… the… stone…" He looked at the stone with the Golden Axe in it that was literally behind the record player. He went over and tried to yank it out. It stayed in place.

"Give me that!" Sheriff snatched the lighted dynamite from the ghost that was creeping up on him. It flew off angry and he placed it besides the rock. He ran off and waited until it exploded. Bits of rock flew everywhere and Sheriff walked over and picked up the axe. He then walked over to the record player.


The record player was playing more rapidly, and Sheriff swung the axe into it. It chopped the record player neatly in half, and he then hacked it into pieces until it was just splinters. When he was done he looked up and saw a town. All the town members ran forward and lifted him up.

"You got rid of the record player!" They got his name and continued to celebrate. Sheriff was happier then ever, and then learned that to go to where he wanted, he had to go through another forest. He shrugged. Nothing was worse then the Annoying Forest.

"NO! Don't go in there!" Sheriff turned around and saw the Jubjub from before.

"How did you get here?"

"I took a bus." Sheriff stared at him.


"Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you." Sheriff just shrugged again.

"Nothing can be worse then the Annoying Forest." The Jubjub looked around.

"That's…the Forest that is the Home of Beings that Like to Poke Travelers with Sharp Objects." Sheriff stopped in his tracks.

"I'll just take the bus now."

The End

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