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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Editorial


Is that adorable funky Aisha Plushie you showed on the Neocam going to be in stores?? I want one!!!!
Yes, it will go on sale in Limited Too shortly.

I fed my chia a Lime Chia Pop and nothing happened. You said in the news that something would happen.
Only when you feed your Chia a Magical Lime Chia Pop, its different to your common Lime Chia Pop, it even looks completely different.

Lime Chia Pop

Magical Lime Chia Pop

How do you get to fight the Ghost Lupe for Defenders?
Do exactly what the Moehog tells you to!

Why Arent You Creating More Baby Neopets?
We want to give the baby pets a break for a little while as there is only so much cuteness our poor artists can take :) We will add more later, but for now we are adding ther paintbrushes instead.

When I put my pet into the Neopian Lodge and checked it's stats, it was dying and whenever I tried to feed it , It wouldn't let me!
You will need to take your Neopet out of the Neolodge before you can feed it. Alternatively, you can leave your Neopet in the Neolodge and he/she should be fed when they leave.

What is the difference between a Starry Paint Brush and a Paint Brush of the Stars?
None, Paint Brush of the Stars is just the old name. If people had the brush in their shops when we changed their name, it will still have the old name. As soon as they take it out, or anyone buys it, the name will be updated to Starry Paint Brush.

What does "featured game" mean in the games section?
Its just a suggestion of which game to play. Normally it is one of the newest ones to come out that we particularly enjoy.

Where did the Alien Aisha Replicator go?
All sponsor activities are for a limited time only. The Alien Aisha Replicator has finished for now.

When I went to Tyrannia, it said "Something has Happened! Grarrg passed by muttering something about war..." What was that about?
Ahh Grarrg must have been reminiscing about the great Tyrannian war that happened last year. An evil monster called the Monoceraptor tried to stomp everything in its path. He was only stopped by Grarrg and his loyal army of Neopets.

I am researching the past of Maraqua and I would be much obliged if I could be given a guidance on where I might find information.
Hmmm.... well all the records of Maraqua's existance were destroyed when the whirlpool began. There may be a few clues in the old New Features archives, and some fan sites may have a listing of what went on there.

I read that Chia Flour is a one use item that is in the Hidden Tower. I also heard that when you use it, it turns whatever it is sprinkled on turns into a yellow Chia. Is this true?
Yes, both are true. It is a one use, extremely rare item that turns your opponent into a Yellow Chia. Evil isn't it :)

Nooo, anything but the flour!

Did Donna really have her own talk show?
Ha ha ha ha... where on earth did you get that from? No, I have never had my own talk show :)

Are plushies alive or are they just toys?
Hmm... now that is an interesting one. You see most plushies are just harmless, yet incredibly cute toys. Unfortunately there are the odd one or two who are far more than they appear to be. Magical plushies can do some pretty strange things if you are not careful!

Dumb toys or evil masterminds?

I was browsing around and saw Sarah the cat. She is sooo cute:) Could you guys please put her on the Neocam more often?
Aww.. glad you like her. I am afraid Sarah no longer visits the office, instead she spends her time terrorising my other cat and playing at home.

Is it possible for any one too find the secret doorway to jelly world from maraqua?
No, I think someone has been pulling you leg :) There is no such thing!

What were the first and second items made on Neopets?
The Green Apple came first, then it was Grapes.

Why are you making so many Aisha plushies, its not fair, what about the other Neopets?
They are on their way, you will see only a few more limited edition Aishas, then it will be some completely new species.

Are you ever going to sell anything in Canada? Its not fair, you go all the way to Singapore, yet us poor Canadians get nothing!
Yes, there will be something Neopets related happening in Canada very shortly! Keep checking the Merchandising Page for more info.

Is the new Mystery Island haiku thing real? I mean, do u really solve the haiku and return to get a prize?
The Haiku Generator is real, but there is nothing to do with it. It is just for fun, you don't need to solve it and you don't get a prize from it.

Wow, I must say that Saturday 8th June at the Singapore Suntec City EPB bookstore was a great success. The queue was so long. I waited 2 hours just to get into the shop to buy the things I want. Anyway, will Neopets ever come back again?
Yes, we do intend to return to Singapore, although Anthony and Keith won't be there next time. As soon as we know more we will let you know.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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