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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 18 > Short Stories > Gelert Search

Gelert Search

by spark_cable

"YES!!!" Spark_cable cried out with excitement. "They reopened the Rainbow Fountain! You know what THAT means, Loren!" Spark turned to her small and shy white Lupess. Loren looked meagerly up at spark, and cocked her head.

"It means--sss... that they reopened the Rainbow Fountain?" Loren guessed.

"No, silly, it means no more saving up for that Faerie Paint Brush! You can have wings from the fountain!"

"Oh, yay!" The small Lupess jumped for joy and hours later found herself a stunning sky blue with purplish wings that glittered and winked in all directions. Her smile was so wide, it was a wonder it wasn't stuck like that. "Wait 'till Angelo sees me now!!" Loren scampered off to meet her mate, a Christmas Lupe, Angelo_502.

Spark chuckled after Loren as she disappeared in the brush right behind their house. "MYSTIC, LYTNING!!!" She called up the stairs to her blue Lupess, Mystical_Fyre who had been dreaming of becoming cloud, and her rebellious teen Lupe, Black_Lytning who had always wanted to be all black. She smiled as Mystic bounced up to her as her cheery self and sat down at her legs, and as Lyt walked in patiently, trying to not look curious at the grin on Spark's face.

"Come on guys, let's go to the Rainbow Pool, take a look at what you'll look like."


"What's takin' so long??" whined Lytning.

"Just gimme a sec, I just wanna make a quick pit stop at the Shop Wizard."

Handing 43,000 Neopoints over to the tiny Jubjub with a wizards hat on him, which was so big that it touched the floor, impairing the Jubjub from sight, Spark said, "A cloud and Skunk Paint Brush please." Moments later she was walking away from the rainbow pool, with a pitch black skunk Lupe with dark, intelligent golden eyes that was now Lytning, and a soft sky blue Lupess with fluffy white clouds every few inches on her glittering coat that was Mystic. Spark happily unlocked the door to their house, and after watching Mystic bound in, jumping, and Lytning strut up to his room, she walked in and sat in her favourite arm chair, reading The Neopian Times.

She silently squealed as she red the front cover, which read, "New Look Gelert". She smiled happily at the sight of the small, just born pup in the picture that was the brand new Gelert. She fingered the paper with her slender hands, going over its muscular body and tiny muzzle. It reminded her of the Lupes. Then and there, she knew she HAD to get one!!! She got up and shouted up the stairs to Mystic, Fyre, her white Lupe, Lytning, and Demon, her red Lupe, that she was going out, and shut the door behind her. She started over near the rainbow pool, getting strange looks now that she had already been there twice that day. She got onto a computer and searched 'Gelert' and up popped all of the new painted Gelert looks. She nearly fell out of her seat when she saw the faerie Gelert. It was love at first sight, but... how could she afford a Faerie Paint Brush when she hadn't been able to before for Loren? Especially after she had just bought Mystic and Lytning paint brushes with all of the money she had saved up. Degradedly, she walked home.


She buried her face once more in The Neopian Times, her face drooping at the story of a faerie Gelert just like she wanted. She put down the paper and walked out again. She needed to get out, do something. She strolled over to the pound, "Maybe I can find an abandoned faerie Gelert." She walked over to the Uni, who recognised her instantly from the adoption of three out of five of her Lupes and Lupesses, and led her through the door, to all of the cages. After the Uni left she started to patrol the lines and rows, followed by lines and rows, and you guessed it, more lines and rows of wire mesh boxes.

She glanced at the pets, and searched for about an hour. By the end of the day, she was desperate, and hopeless. She had only found four Gelert's that whole day, who had immediately been adopted. Nothing really caught her eyes, though she had seen oodles of painted Cybunnies, Poogles, two white Kougras, a Chomby, a spotted Kiko, and too many others to remember.


At the end of the row, in the last little cage, was the smallest and tiniest blue Gelert toddler, only a day old. It squeaked at the sight of her and hurried into the back of it's cage. Spark kneeled down and said quietly, "Hello little guy, what's your name?"

The Gelert quivered, but came out of his corner and said in a quiet voice, "Deoblo200020002000."

She stuck her finger into the cage, in between the diamond shaped wires, and Deoblo licked it with his tiny, sandpaper tongue, just enough to tickle her. She giggled and looked at him. "No, this isn't right. I was supposed to get a faerie Gelert, not a regular blue one." She stood up and walked away, up to the front of the center.

"Couldn't find anything today, dear?" asked the Uni concerned, as Spark usually walked off with a Lupe or Lupess.

"No, not quite, yet I guess," she said, and before being able to hold herself back, she asked, "Has anybody adopted Deoblo200020002000 yet? I mean, they probably have, with the new Gelert craze, but just asking...?"

"Actually, no," said the Uni, checking through her computer, as dazed and confused as Spark that the Gelert pup hadn't been snatched away when he first arrived.

"Oh, umm... how much does he cost?" asked Spark, trying not to sound interested.

"Eighty-three Neopoints," replied the Uni, seeing what was happening.

She fought with herself, this small pup was only blue, and she wanted faerie. She thought of how nice it would be for Loren to be able to soar with a brand new sister, or brother, up in the clear, blue sky. But then, the image in her mind faded and she thought of the tiny pup, all alone in the big cage, having to spend the night, cold and afraid. Before she knew what she was doing, she said quickly, "Lltake'im."

"Sorry?" the Uni said, holding her hoof up to her soft pink ear.

Spark breathed heavily, and said slower this time "I'll take him." And the Uni smiled. She left and returned with the small frightened pup in her arms, cowering with the sight of the huge building, and people passing by him, now yelling, "Hey, it's a Gelert."

"I saw it first."

"Did not, I did!!!"

The Uni smiled as the small pup's ears perked up and his tail started to thump madly as he caught sight of Spark, and he jumped out of her hands, sitting at his new owner's feet.

Author's Note: I do have a LOT of Lupes, I mean A LOT!!! Loren, Mystic, Demon, Lytning, and Fyre, are all of them, and they are (in this order) faerie, cloud, red, skunk, and white. I DID spend a long time looking for a Gelert pup, which was be painted, after I read the story in The Neopian Times, "Beyond What I Can Give" about a faerie Gelert being abandoned because he was sick, and another person finding him. I am very happy with my decision of choosing Deoblo, always will be, and am currently saving up for a new Faerie Paint Brush :)

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