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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Short Stories > Painted n' Pretty

Painted n' Pretty

by angelandnikki

Cantrell was just like any other Neopet, she has dreams, desires and a overactive imagination. She was simply trying to make her way around Neopia like everyone else, so what was the problem? Well I'm not sure if it's my place to say, but she has -- well -- problems. Her owner is mean and doesn't feed her; her owner adopted her so she could win beauty contests. She has a best friend, Shasta, who takes care of her when she is lonely. What could be wrong?

     School, it was easy for some. Clever, smart and academic Neopets, got along fine. This is not to say Cantrell wasn't smart, well she was average. For a Shoyru, Nimmos tend to be the smartest Neopets. Anyway like I said, it's not my place to say so I'll let you follow her around...


Cantrell stepped into the wide hallway of her school. Neopets from all around starred at the Starry Shoyru. She made her way to her locker, which she had reserved; all the other Neopets kept starring at her. She opened her locker, almost instantly the whole hallway was filled with the smell of dung. Cantrell pinched her nose; it was everywhere. It came sliding down out of the locker onto the floor where it fell onto her Starry feet. She felt her heart sink into her stomach and a tear rolled down her face.

     Three Neopets sat on a bench opposite held their noses and made nasty remarks towards the stinky Shoyru.

     "Ewww, maybe you should get some deodorant! You stink!" cooed a baby Lenny.

     "Yeah -- you stink up the whole school!" coughed a Blue Uni stupidly.

     Cantrell closed her locker full of stinking books and ran to the washroom where she cleaned her smelly feet eagerly. There she sat after on a toilet, with the door closed, she cried for all she was worth -- she didn't come out until lunch time.

     After missing two classes she was already behind in her work. Cantrell decided she would find Shasta, the red Zafara. Her only friend. She looked sadly around searching anxiously for her friend. How could it be that she hadn't come to school that day?

     Cantrell sat on swing with tears coming down her face. She was such a softie. That's why she was pushed around so much; everyone knew they would easily get to her. Her starry skin looked pretty and it comforted her knowing she was pretty. Two beauty contest cups, displayed in her room waited for her. Yet being pretty wasn't what she wanted, was it? She would still be miserable if she was ugly with friends, right? Cantrell had no idea.

     When the bell rang she had to be directed to her first class, Flying. She was a Shoyru and all Shoyru's need to exercise their wings. Cantrell stood looking for other Shoyru, she saw three. Red, green and yellow. One thing she noticed straight away was that NONE of the Neopets in her class were painted. She was the only one. In fact she had only seen one painted pet.

     "Okay class," said the Aisha Teacher. "I want everyone to fly 50 ft."

     Cantrell looked nervously at her wings. She didn't know how to fly! What if she fell?

     "Cantrell! 50 ft!" said the Aisha again.

     Cantrell looked more nervous this time. She was so scared. Her tail hung in-between her legs like a scared dog. Her wings flapped vigorously as she took off. She soared 50 ft and stopped. All the other Neopets starred at her again. She looked down, suddenly the floor didn't look so straight. It waved beneath her and swirled. Her head began to ache and she didn't feel so good.

     "I-I- don't feel so good..." moaned Cantrell. "Uh-eh-hum-uh"

     "Oh stop your moaning," said the Aisha

     The other Neopets laughed as Cantrell's face went a tinge of green, then she spewed everything she ate for lunch onto the teacher who was yelling at her. Suddenly, the laughter stopped and a Lenny gasped. The teacher screamed as she tried to get the muck out of her hair.

     Cantrell managed to say sorry before she ran into the school back to the toilets where she retired. She cleaned herself up yet again and stayed in the toilets 4 hours after school went out. No one followed her, no one searched apart from the teacher. But no one found Cantrell sitting on the toilet, drowning her tears as not to make a sound. She didn't come home that night. She knew if anyone every found her, she would be in so much trouble; her owner would never speak to her again.

     She climbed down under the sinks, where she saw a hole.

     Nice and dark, nice and dark -- away from the world, away from everyone... thought Cantrell.

     She made her way down the dark hole, when she got to the end she sat down in the tunnel and looked around with her puffy eyes. All of a sudden a dark figure moved towards her, it looked smaller then a Neopet, it moved towards her--

     "H-h-hello?" stuttered Cantrell.

     "Hmmm… a Neopet..." said the figure as it moved closer.

     It was a petpet. A Narwhool to be precise, and it could talk!

     "You -- You're a petpet!" said Cantrell.

     "Yes, I am. And you are?" said the Narwhool.

     "Cantrell... but petpets can't talk!" said Cantrell.

     "You'd be surprised how much you learn when you live under a school."

     Cantrell felt a tear coming. She was never going back, never!

     "It's okay, I get lonely too sometimes," said the Narwhool.

     "How does a Narwhool end up in a toilet or -- er sewer, may I ask?"

     "Well I ran away, simple really," said Narwhool. "My name is Whoolie."

     "Nice to meet you, I hope you don't mind but I'll be here a while."

     "I do mind, you are supposed to be at school, I suggest you get going."

     "Please -- Whoolie, don't make me go back there! It's horrible, the things they say and do to me."

     "Well I have had it bad too, you're not the only one!"

     "Come with me, back to school. You can be my petpet, I'll feed you and everything, we can be friends."

     "I guess so, I ran away last time because of a Neopet. Hilda the blue Uni."

     "I know her! She's in my class. I don't like her, she's so mean."

     "Good, we'll go together."

     Whoolie and Cantrell went back up to the toilet, they had time to get to third lesson without being late. Whoolie sat beside Cantrell's chair, like all of the other petpets. Cantrell stroked him constantly as she loved her new companion.

     At break time, Whoolie and Cantrell played games, with the other Narwhools. She was glad to be part of the school. He fear of heights still stuck, a Shoyru, afraid of heights? No way!

     "Hey, Whoolie, come here!" said Hilda. She had spotted Whoolie!

     Whoolie ignored her and kept playing.

     "WHOOLIE! NOW! CANTRELL! YOU STOLE MY PETPET!" said Hilda as she galloped into Cantrell.

     "No I didn't!" yelled Cantrell. "He ran away from you! You're nothing but a horrible smelly Uni! You put that dung in my locker! I could see it in your face!"

     "I am not! I didn't! You stupid, starry, stuck-up painted pet!" said Hilda.

     All of a sudden, three painted Neopets burst into tears and ran into the toilet where they sulked just like Cantrell. Cantrell looked at Hilda, she could see that she was regretting what she had just said already.

     "Is that what you all think?" said Cantrell to the remaining pets. "That we're all stuck-up painted pets?"

     Some of them looked around each other and whispered.

     "Well that's not true! We're all the same you and me, in Neopia we stand as equals," said Cantrell not knowing where her courage had come from... "If you all want to hate us, because we win beauty contests, have lots of money, well we work for it! We try hard! Not saying you don't, but I hadn't realised money and being painted mattered so much! We can all be painted, just help each other, be friends, all of us." Cantrell looked around at the stunned faces. They hadn't been expecting a speech, let alone a little Shoyru to stand up to them. She held her breath and closed her eyes and waited for all the Neopets to come and beat her up -- but it didn't happen. Cheers from all around echoed around the school. Hilda looked up as though she now understood what Cantrell had gone though, and hugged her.

The End

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