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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Short Stories > The Sunshine Violin

The Sunshine Violin

by articuno_neo

The sun was shining bright, and bird chirps were heard. Terama, a striped Zafara was playing on her Violin. Every second was a cheerful piece of a song.

     Terama was practicing a 3 page long concert, written by Senny Songs. As far Terama heard, Senny was a blue Lenny. Her biggest dream was to meet Senny and play a concert with him.

     "Sunshine... do you think I will ever get to meet Senny?" Terama looked at her Violin. She picked up her stick, that was made out of wood and Kyrii hairs. Then continued practicing the concert.


Her owner, Lara, was out shopping with her friends.

     "My Zafara is so cute! She can even play on the Violin!" she said to her friends.

     "I once heard your Zafara play, she may even play in the concert!" Leo, one of her friends said.

     A little Kacheek heard it.

     "Wow! Can I have your little drawing... I can't remember what those things are called... umm.. yeah." The little Kacheek looked embarrassed.

     "Sure!" Lara smiled and gave the Kacheek her autograph.

     "Wow! Thank you!!" The Kacheek ran off to some other Kacheeks and showed the autograph.

     Lara ran to the Book Shop and looked around for a book called "Zafara Music". Just 3 were in stock. Lara picked one up and ran to the counter.

     "Terama will be so happy with this book!"

     At home Terama was cleaning her Violin, some dust managed to get on the Violin. Lara came home and hugged Terama.

     "Look sweety! I got the book you wanted!" She gave the book to Terama.

     "Its Zafara Music! Thank you sooooooo much!" Terama hugged her owner.

     She jumped on the straw bed and started reading the book. The adventures of the three Zafaras were funny and exciting. And the book even had some songs in it!

     She looked at her Violin, but then something happened. The Violin floated to Terama and Lara. A picture appeared, a golden circle... then it became a sun, a gold one. The Violin started shining brightly and then a note appeared.

     "Dear Terama. I want to answer your question. I am sure that you will meet Senny. Always try and reach your dreams! Sunshine."

     Tears came out of Terama's eyes. She was going to meet Senny.

     "Mom... can I go and see Senny?" Terama asked, holding the Violin in her paw's.

     "If that is your biggest dream, I won't stop you," Lara replied. "I'll look how much a trip costs to Faerieland tomorrow. Books says Senny lives there."

     "Hey! Look how late it is! Bedtime for you little one!" Lara kissed Terama to sleep and went to her own itchy straw bed.

     It was midnight, Terama was still awake. She was to excited, then she looked at Sunshine. The Sun picture was still there.

     "Sunshine, do you want to go with me?" Terama asked, walking towards the Violin.

     This time the Violin made a sound, and a note came out. But no bright light, Terama took the note and read.

     "I will go with you, you will need me.


     "Thank you, Sunshine," Terama said, she walked back to her bed and laid down. But she first thought about what Sunshine meant with 'You will need me'.

The next morning...

     "Terama! Wake up!" Lara yelled from the kitchen. "Breakfast!"

     Terama somehow fell asleep. She jumped out of bed and walked over, to the kitchen.

     "There you are!" Lara was walking around with bags with food, drinks and Neopoints.

     "What are you doing?" Terama was shaking of excitement, this morning she would meet Senny. "Are we going to Faerieland?"

     "Yes, but we have to hurry!" Lara ran out the room and put some more food in the bag, then ran back to the kitchen en sit on the chair next to Lara. "We have to be at the Uniport in one hour."

     "What is the UniPort?" Terama asked, she never heard of UniPort.

     "The UniPort is a place where Uni's take you to your destination. Our Uni will bring us to Faerieland."

     Lara gave Terama a Cheese Omelette, Cheese was the best thing besides Sunshine. She took three bites and was done.

     Then ran off to get Sunshine and put him in a bag. She didn't see Lara eat anything.

     "You must be hungry!" Terama said, changing subjects and looked at Lara. "You haven't eaten anything!"

     "I already ate when you were still asleep," Lara smiled.

     "Okay!" Terama picked up one of the bags and ran to the front door. "Hurry!" Terama opened the door and ran to the Red and Green bike.

     Lara closed the door and stepped on her bike, the red one, while Terama stepped on the green bike.

     The two raced to the Uniport, put their bikes all locked up in the Bike Parking Place. Lara showed the two tickets at the Ticket Counter.

     "Okay, Terama and Lara, you can go to Uni Seven," the countess said.

     "Thanks!" Lara and Terama said and they ran to Uni Seven.

     The Uni greeted them. "Jump on my back and hold your bags please," the Uni said.

     Terama jumped on with Sunshine in her bag and held it tightly. Then Lara jumped and she also tightly held her bags.

     "Ready?" the Uni asked.

     "Always!" Terama giggled and they shot of in the air.

     The clouds were soft and fuzzy, the sun was shining bright. Terama looked at her bag, which contained Sunshine. She then decided to call him "The Sunshine Violin".

     Then the Uni flew down and landed.

     "I hope you enjoyed your trip, don't forget your bags," the Uni said. "You can always find me here or at Neopia Central's Uniport." And with that, the Uni flew down to Neopia Central.

     Lara and Terama looked around, it was crowded in Faerieland.

     "Err... what way?" Terama asked. "It sure is crowded.."

     "Let's go to the Bookstore, they must know where he lives."

     The two walked trough the crowded Faerie City and reached the Book store.

     "Hello, can I do something for you?" the Book Faerie asked.

     "Um... we would like to speak Senny Songs," Lara replied, while Terama was reading an other song book.

     "Listen carefully, because his house is in a very busy street," the Faerie said.

     "Turn right at the Quest House, then follow it until the second street left. Look for a house with number 3628."

     "Heh, that shouldn't be to hard to remember," Terama said. "Thank you!"

     They headed to the Quest House and turned right, followed it and took the street left. There was no one in a hurry in this street. No people who were running each other of their socks.

     "Um, are you sure we aren't near a Dark Faerie?" Terama asked, slightly worried. "I have this strange feeling."

     The two walked around, and looked for the house.

     "What was the number again?" Lara asked. "Something like 3826 right?"

     "Oh no... I can't remember!" Terama looked around, everywhere were numbers. From 1000 to 5000.

     "Excuse me, are you lost?" someone asked.

     Terama turned around and gasped. It was Senny Songs. "N-no... we were just looking... for you and-and we j-just waited f-for you to come h-home..."

     "Oh... I see..." Senny said. "Let's go to my home, and you can tell me why you came."

     They went to Senny's house and explained why they were looking for him.


"I've always wanted to meet you, because I like your songs. I always practice on my Violin, Sunshine," Terama said. "My dream is to play with you in a concert."

     "Can I see your Violin, Terama?" Senny smiled, while looking at the Violin. "This is a very special Violin, I never heard of a Violin with a picture of a gold sun. Tomorrow is a concert, my first three part concert." Senny looked at Terama. "I am sure that you will be able to play."

     "Okay, you can go to a hotel, nearby." Senny looked at Lara and Terama. "You have to sleep somewhere!".

     "Alright! What is the name?" Lara asked.

     "Faerie Night Hotel" Senny responded, while looking at a folder.

     "Let's go Terama!" Lara said. "Have a nice day!" And with that, they ran to the hotel.

     Terama's was going to come true. She was practicing the concert, while Lara was out trying to buy a nice dress.

     "Sunshine, did you know? I'm going to play with Senny!" Terama jumped, yelped out of excitement and fell on her stomach. "He he!"

     This was why Sunshine said, 'You will need me'. Terama was practicing the concert over and over, then Lara came back.

     "Oh, are you still practicing? You can stop, it's very late now and you have to rest before the big day!" Lara picked up the Violin and put it in a bag.

     "Good night, sweety!" Lara said to Terama and she walked to the living room and turned on the television.

     Terama brushed her teeth, showered and went to bed, she fell asleep as soon she closed her eyes...

The Next Morning...

Terama yawned, she stepped out of bed and looked out the window. This was her big day. She walked over to Sunshine, which had a note.

     "Hi! I hope you are happy now. Please stay with me forever. And always try to reach your dreams!"

     "Thank you, Sun!" Terama said, smiling. "Just three more hours."

     Then the doorbell rang, and to Terama's surprise Lara opened. A whole crowd of people yelling, "Go go Terama!" There were people with camera's and even people with microphones.

     "Hello there, Miss!" someone said. "Could we interview your Zafara?"

     Lara looked behind her, at Terama which waved with her arms and saying No!

     "No, I'm sorry, but she has to rest. Maybe after the concert,." Lara said and she closed the door.

     "Thanks mom!" Terama practiced the concert for the last time. "Now just one hour left!"

     "Let's get going, we have to get there in time!" Lara looked out the window. "Besides, we've got a big group of people to take care of."

     "Nah, we just take the backdoor!" Terama said grinning.

     "Heh, not a bad idea! Don't forget Sunshine!" Lara said.

     Lara opened the door, Terama came with Sunshine and both they ran to Senny's house, which now was very easy to find. There Terama could prepare herself.

     "Hello, Terama!" Senny said. "Good luck and have fun! The concert hall is across the street."

     It was now or never. Terama slowly walked to the concert hall. The pearl white hall's, paintings of famous Musicians. Terama and Lara neared a brown door.

     "Now go fulfill your dream's!" Lara said to Terama.

     She opened the door, and claps were heard.

     "And now, Ladies and Gentleman! The newest three part concert, Black Night by Senny Songs!" the loudspeakers boomed.

     Then everyone played, including Terama. She tried so hard that her tongue was sticking out. Terama was making the most beautiful sound. Sunshine smiled and sang his song.

     I did it! Terama thought. "Thank you, Senny!" Terama said to Senny, she shook hands. "I will never forget this moment!" Tears fell out of Terama's eyes. Senny hugged Terama.

     Terama turned to the audience, bowed and then saw the flags. She had fan's, family and her friend's, watching her play.

     At home, the interview went fine. Terama was nervous, she now was waiting. Any moment The Neopian Times could arrive, with her in.

     Always try to reach your dreams.

Authors note: I hope you enjoyed reading this! Senny_Songs the Lenny is owned by me. If you likey send a Neomail if you want! If you didn't likey... well.. I didn't make you read it!

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