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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 104 > Short Stories > How We Were Used: A Tale of Redemption

How We Were Used: A Tale of Redemption

by frogman123us

Note: Some of the events within this story are directly tied to previous happenings within this series. Please read the first six stories if you have not to fully understand everything that occurs in this story.

Hello again. It's me, Shark_Master_2001. I know it's been a long time since I shared one of our stories with you. In fact, I believe the last one I told was about our encounter with the Pirates and Krawk Island. However, I'm not here to retell that story. Instead, I'll tell you about what happened in the next chapter of our lives; you know we really did have a vacation end in peace as my older brother told you last time. We had quite a different experience when we went to…how about I just tell you about it from the beginning?

     "So, where are we going this time, Dad?" asked Tiger_Cub_123.

     "I think I'll surprise you guys and tell you on the trip over there," Frogman123us began, "but I will tell you to pack some heavier clothes. It could get cold where we're going to go."

     The Frogman Clan was extremely excited about this vacation. Since our last vacation ended in fun, we were happy to be going on another one. Nothing Frogman123us did could dampen our eagerness.

     "I'll also tell you guys that I'm not being frugal once we're there, either," Frogman123us added.

     "When are we leaving?" asked Rexosaur2000.

     "Tomorrow," replied Frogman123us.

     "Please tell us where we're going," Wolfer3786 begged.

     "Don't Dad!" I exclaimed. "I want to be surprised!"

     "Don't worry, Sharky," Frogman123us answered, "because none of you will find out until we're on the bus tomorrow."


     We waited for the caravan's arrival for what seemed like ages; the caravan finally arrived. We did our usual and, from our seats, eagerly awaited Frogman123us to tell us where we were going.

     "FAERIELAND!" shrieked Wolfer3786.

     "That's right," Frogman123us affirmed.

     "I can't wait!" Rexosaur2000 said.

     "Me either!" Tiger_Cub_123 added.

     "This is going to be so cool!" I said.


     "Let's get to the Faerie Castle Hotel," Frogman123us instructed the Frogman Clan.

     "Alright," we all said.

     We slowly made our way from the Faerie Bus Depot in Faerieland's suburbia towards the city. We were taking in all of the sites in this part of Faerieland; we didn't want to miss a thing. We saw the famous Healing Springs in the distance and the magical Rainbow Fountain. We were having a great time on what was turning out to be our second fun vacation.

     "Oh, my goodness!" shrieked Tiger_Cub_123 all of a sudden.

     "What's wrong?" cried Frogman123us.

     "You're not going to believe it!" Tiger_Cub_123 stammered. "I just saw…saw…I just can't believe it!"

     "Spit it out!" commanded Rexosaur2000. "What did you see?"

     "Fountress!" exclaimed Tiger_Cub_123.

     Frogman123us looked amazed at this exclamation. Rexosaur2000 and I surrounded Wolfer3786.

     "You must have been mistaken. I don't see Fountress anywhere, let alone Hoppers and Firebreath," Frogman123us told him.

     "I'm telling you I saw her!" Tiger_Cub_123 said stubbornly.

     "Alright," Frogman123us said in a worried tone. Thoughts of what she had previously done came flooding back into his mind. "We'll keep a close watch on Wolfy, OK?"

     "Okay," Tiger_Cub_123 answered.

     We continued into city, found our hotel, and went up to our rooms. Rex and Wolfy shared a room, Tiger and myself another, and Dad a third. After a couple hours of settling in, the five of us made our way into the city and over to Fyora's castle.

     "The castle is so dazzling!" Rexosaur2000 said with awe.

     "Let's see what the guide has to say about the castle," suggested Frogman123us.

     "'The Queen Faerie's castle has been a place for all faeries to come to in times of danger. The kind-hearted Queen, Fyora, has kept a lasting peace within the limits of Faerieland from within these walls; kindness seems to seep from the walls into the rest of the land. Somewhere within these walls is a hidden room in a tower where Fyora keeps some of the most powerful and rarest items in all of Neopia. On a scale of one to ten (10 being the best) of interesting places, we rate this castle with a perfect 10 - A must!'"

     "Let's take the tour, Dad," I suggested.

     "Sounds good to me. How about the rest of you?" asked Frogman123us.

     "Yeah!" the rest of the Frogman Clan responded.


     "Come on!" I urged Frogman123us. "The rest of the tour has moved on and around the corner. We don't want to get lost in thi--"

     "What's wrong?" asked Wolfer3786.

     "Nothing," I told him. "Let's go."

     But it was anything but nothing. In truth, I had seen Fountress. At least, I thought I saw her. I pondered for a minute whether or not what I saw was only a figment of my imagination; I decided it must have been. How could Fountress have gotten into the castle of the Faerie Queen without her knowing? Still, I had a strong feeling of uneasiness.

     We continued down the hall and turned the corner and saw …nothing.

     "Where did the tour go?" Wolfer3786 asked Frogman123us.

     "They went through one of these doors," Frogman123us said, "but I'm not sure which one."

     "Let's try this one," Tiger_Cub_123 suggested.

     We opened the door and went through it. As soon as the last of us were on the other side of the door, it slammed shut. We continued down the corridor to a flight of stairs that led up into a tower. As we were walking up the stairs, we heard the door we had come through open and shut once again. What we saw horrified us.

     "FOUNTRESS!!!!!" Frogman123us said with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

     "Yes, Frogman123us," Fountress said evilly. "I have come for you once again."

     "Rex! Shark! Tiger! Guard Wolfy while I deal with Fountress!" Frogman123us commanded. "Keep an eye out for Hoppers and Firebreath."

     "Actually, I have been sent for you once again," began Fountress, "but this time I have no interest in removing that Lupe from your care. Instead, I have been sent to claim all of you."

     "What could Sloth want with us?" asked Frogman123us defiantly.

     "I no longer work for that pathetic fool. Now I work for a noble person whom you shall soon meet. Too bad you won't realize it when you do," cackled Fountress.

     At that moment, Fountress removed something from her pocket. It took Frogman123us a second before he realized what it was.

     "Hey! That's a wand of --" Frogman123us began.

     Before he could finish his statement, Frogman123us and the Frogman Clan went limp and fell to the ground. After a minute or so, the Clan stood up and stared blankly at Foutress.

     "Let's go," commanded Fountress.

     We had no choice. We followed Fountress down the corridor, out into the hall, to a side exit, and out into the side gardens of the castle. She led us away from the castle and out of the city into Faerieland's suburbia. We continued down a dirt path as the very air around us darkened and thickened.

     "We're here," Fountress said dryly, in front of a large foreboding castle.

     The castle was a midnight black with eerie mist surrounding it. It was the castle of the dark Faerie Jhudorah.

     We entered the castle and were led through its dank and sinister corridors. We walked for about twenty minutes when we reached a giant wooden door. At this point, Fountress turned to us.

     "When we reach the mighty Jhudorah you will all bow and swear for undying allegiance to her," sneered Fountess.

     "Yes, Fountress," we all replied mechanically.

     We entered the throne room of the most powerful Dark Faerie known to Neopia. We walked to her throne; we got down on our knees.

     "Now, swear your allegiance!" Fountress said through a strange smile on her face.

     "I swear my undying and perfect allegiance to you, mistress," each one of us said in turn.

     "Perfect!" cackled Jhudorah. "You will be helping me in my revenge on that pathetic do-gooder, Queen Fyora. With the five of you helping me I cannot fail. I have heard great things about you five; conquering everything from pirates to Edna to Sloth. Finally, Fyora, Queen of the Faeries, will fall to you as well!!!"

* * *

As we were led out of Jhudora's presence, she began to laugh in an evil tone. We were taken down to the dungeon and left in a cell. Fountress removed the spell she had placed on us and told us what we had just done.

     "We couldn't have!" exclaimed Frogman123us.

     "But you did," sneered Fountress with a glare that seemed to go right through us. "You have sworn your eternal loyalty to Jhudorah. She now owns you!" Fountress shrieked gleefully. "Hoppers! Firebreath! Guard them as if your lives depended on it. After all, they do!"

     Fountress laughed again as she left the dungeon. We were now trapped in the castle of the evil Jhudorah.

     "What are we going to do?" I asked Frogman123us.

     "I don't know. There's nothing much we can do," replied Frogman123us. "Why don't the four of you get some sleep? I'll try and think of something."


     "Wake up everyone," whispered Frogman123us.

     "What's happening?" asked Rexosaur2000.

     "I managed to get the keys from Hoppers," Frogman123us said. "That dumb Nimmo fell asleep right next to the cell door."

     Frogman123us used the key and opened the cell door. We quietly slipped out of the cell and made our way up the stairs to find that we had no idea how to get out of the castle.

     "Let's go this way," Frogman123us suggested us.

     We ran down the corridor and went through the door at the end; we ran down another corridor, and another, and another, and another until we ran straight into trouble.

     "HOW… DID… YOU… FIVE… ESCAPE?!?!?!?!?" boomed Fountress. "Jhudorah will want to deal with those fools."

     We started to run in the other direction. Suddenly, we heard Fountess say some strange phrase.

     "Hashet Simbo Karkashi Sta!" Fountress shrieked as a blast of energy hit us, sending us to the floor. She was holding the same weapon she had used earlier that day.

     "I knew it! That's a Wand of the Dark Faerie!"

     Another wave of power hit us with a stunning blow. We were then under Fountress's power once more. We were led back to the cell in the dungeon where Fountress herself now guarded us.

     "You two will see Jhudorah later!" Fountress shouted at Hoppers and Firebreath."


     "Let's go to Jhudorah," Fountress commanded us.

     The eight of us made our way back to the throne room. Once there, we received our orders.

     "Take this," said Jhudorah. "This shows the way to Fyora's Hidden Tower. I need you to get me the Amulet of Thilg. Only with its power will I be able to successfully send you to kill Fyora; then at last the power of the ancient pharaoh and Faerieland will be mine!"


     "Shall we begin the tour?" asked the tour guide.

     We stayed with the tour until we were in front of the door marked 'TO THRONE ROOM -- NO ADMITTANCE.' We dawdled around the area until the tour group was around the corner and out of sight.

     "This is it," Tiger_Cub_123 said to the rest of us. "Let's go."

     We entered the door and followed the instructions that Jhudorah had given us. It led us straight to the throne room. We crept into the room expecting to be greeted by Fyora; however, no one else was within the room.

     "Where's Fyora?" asked Wolfer3786.

     "Jhudorah must have led her away from the throne room to make our job easier," I said.

     "The door to the Hidden Tower should be right here," Rexosaur2000 said.

     We were looking at a giant portrait of Fyora. We looked around the general area for about five minutes when Tiger_Cub_123 gave an excited shout.

     "I found the entrance!" Tiger_Cub_123 motioned.

     He had found a tiny button on the side of the portrait. He pushed it; we watched in awe as the portrait split in half and a door was revealed. We went through the door and up the stairs we were facing. At the top was a small shop with shelves lining the walls.

     "The Hidden Tower," I said.

     Along the walls we saw some of the most powerful items in Neopia. Some had price tags on them while others had a large NOT FOR SALE in front of them.

     "Dad, can I take the Rod of Supernova?" asked Wolfer3786.

     "Can I grab the Jade Scorchstone?" Rexosaur2000 begged.

     "No!" Frogman123us said. "We will only take what we have been sent for."

     Frogman123us grabbed the Amulet of Thilg and turned around. We made our way back down the stairs, out of the throne room, out into the gardens, and away from the castle. We met Fountress at the Employment Agency and gave her the Amulet.

     "Perfect! Jhudorah will be very pleased with you," Fountress said.


     "You have done very well," said Jhudorah. "I'm very pleased. Fountress, take them back to their cell while I finish my final preparations for tomorrow's battle with Fyora."

     We were taken from the throne room and Jhudora's presence, and led through the dank corridors once again to the dungeon. We were replaced within our cell and the spell was lifted. Fountress described the theft we had just committed to torment us even more.

     "We couldn't have!" Frogman123us stammered. "We would never steal from the Great Fyora!"

     "You will not think she's so great tomorrow when you help the great Jhudorah conquer Fyora," Fountress stated shrewdly.

     "We won't!" Wolfer3786 shouted. "We'll never battle with the forces opposing Fyora!"

     "You won't even know you're doing it," Fountress said matter-of-factly.


     Once again, Fountress put us under her power. She led us back to Jhudorah; where we were prepared to do battle against Fyora. Weapons and defense items were equipped to the Frogman Clan; Frogman123us was given a wand of the Dark Faerie and a Portable Cloud.

     "Let's go," Jhudorah said.

     We left the Dark Faerie's castle and marched into Faerie City. Jhudora's forces surrounded the castle.

     "Get ready to storm the castle!" announced Fountress.

     Suddenly, a storm of faeries came rushing at us from the castle. The assault was lead by Valeane, the Battle Faerie. Behind her stood all of the most famous faeries: Jhuidah, the Island Faerie, Taelia, the Snow Faerie, the Space Faerie, the Negg Faerie, the Tooth Faerie, the Soup Faerie, Illusen, the Earth Faerie, and even the now energized Grey Faerie, Baelia. Above them, millions of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light, and loyal Darkness faeries hovered in the air.

     "We have come for Fyora!" announced Jhudorah.

     "You will not be conquering us today, Jhudorah!" responded Valeane. "Fyora knew of your attack and has revived me from my ghostly state to lead the Castle to victory!"

     The battle then began.

     "Charge!" cried Fountress.

     Jhudora's darkness faeries raced at the faeries above the castle with lightning speed. Though Fyora's faeries were of many types and with many abilities, Jhudora's darkness faeries were outnumbering them. Frogman123us and the Frogman Clan charged at Valeane and the others. With a blast from the Wand of the Dark Faerie, Frogman123us cleared a path and allowed Jhudorah to enter the castle.

     "We must stop her!" shrieked Baelia.

     "Right now all we can do is stop Jhudora's forces," began Valeane, "and we'll worry about getting Jhudorah later. Fyora can handle her. We need to break the spell that has overcome those five slaves. They have accomplished great things; Jhudorah must have enlisted them because she was sure they would enable her victory."

     "Right!" said Illusen.

     With a wave of her staff, Illusen lifted the entrancement spell that Fountress had cast over Frogman123us and his pets.

     "What happened?" asked Frogman123us.

     "You were being used by Jhudorah," answered Taelia. "We have released you from her power."

     "Jhudorah!" shouted Rexosaur2000. "Where is she?"

     "She ran into the castle to go after Fyora," Jhuidah responded.

     "We have to stop her!" I cried. "It's all our fault she has the Amulet!"

     Before any of the Faeries could ask what we meant, we ran into the castle. We ran down corridor after corridor towards the throne room we had illegally visited the previous day. Entering Fyora's throne room we were greeted by a horrifying scene.

     "NO!!!!" Frogman123us screamed as we witnessed Fyora being sucked into the Amulet of Thilg.

     "I see the spell was broken," Jhudorah hissed, "but that's no concern of mine anymore. You have helped me succeed in my quest. Fyora is no more!!!"

     "Release Fyora at once!" ordered Wolfer3786.

     "You must be joking!" cackled Jhudorah.

     At that moment, Frogman123us fired a blast from the Wand he held in his hand. Jhudorah sent the energy off in another direction.

     "You fool! Didn't you think I would be able to control the energy of my own weapon?" asked Jhudorah.

     "Get a Wand of Supernova, Fire and Ice Blade, and Amulet of Thilg from the Hidden Tower," Frogman123us whispered to Tiger_Cub_123.

     As Tiger_Cub_123 went up the stairs to the Hidden Tower behind Fyora's portrait, Jhudorah and Frogman123us continued to battle.

     "If only I had my Rod of Nova," thought Frogman123us as he fired another useless blast from the wand.

     With that thought lingering on his mind, Tiger_Cub_123 returned and gave the items to Frogman123us. A blast from the Rod of Supernova hit Jhudorah in the chest, knocking her across the room.

     "Argh!" Jhudorah screamed.

     A blast of dark energy was sent straight at Frogman123us. He dodged the blast and sent another few novas at Jhudorah; she evaded them. Frogman123us ran straight for Jhudorah before she could face him properly again, striking her with the Fire and Ice Blade.

     "You'll pay for that!" bellowed Jhudorah.

     "No!" retorted Frogman123us. "You'll pay - for your crimes against Fyora! Rex! Grab the Amulet from her!"

     Rexosaur2000 ran to the Queen of Darkness, snatched the Amulet from her, ran back to Frogman123us, and gave it to him.

     "Now to release Fyora," Frogman123us said as he threw the Amulet onto the ground, "and capture Jhudorah."

     As he finished his statement, Frogman123us pointed the Amulet of Thilg in his hands at Jhudorah. She was being entrapped within it as Fyora was being freed from the Amulet on the ground.

     "You'll pay for this!" Jhudorah bellowed again and again as she became fully entrapped within the Amulet.

     Frogman123us and the Frogman Clan turned to Fyora. We stared at each other for a few moments; Fyora came over to us.

     "Here's Jhudorah," Frogman123us said, handing the Amulet to Fyora.

     "Thank you, kind sir," Fyora replied. "You have saved my life and all of Faerieland. To whom do we have the honor to thank for this brave deed?"

     "I'm Frogman123us and this is my Clan. We are not finished yet, my Queen," Frogman123us warned. "We still need to defeat all of Jhudora's minions."

     "There's no need for that," replied Fyora. "Due to Jhudora's imprisonment her powers have been vanquished. Her allies are no longer under her control."

     "So now what happens?" asked Wolfer3786.

     "The castle is at peace now," began Fyora, "so the Faeries can now return to their normal business. The Faeries of other lands have returned and Valeane has returned to the spirit world."

     "Faerieland is safe once more, guys," Frogman123us said to the Frogman Clan. "We can now go home,"

     "Before we leave, I have a question for you Fyora," said Wolfer3786.

     "What do you wish to ask me?" returned Fyora.

     "What does 'Hashet Simbo Karkashi Sta' mean?" asked Wolfer3786.

     "Revenge comes on swift wings," Fyora replied.


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