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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 104 > Short Stories > Illusen's Ixi

Illusen's Ixi

by tolkienlordofthering

Illusen sat in her glade, waiting for pets to ask her for a quest. Today was just not her day. She stroked her long hair and twirled it with her fingers, sighing heavily. She gazed at the passing Neopets, and all of the sudden, a plan formed in her head.

     After she had put up the “Closed, please come back later” sign on her door, she walked into her back room. She took out a few of her supplies and started mixing up a potion, as she usually did when she was bored out of her mind. She would make a very good prize for finishing her last quest, even better and more powerful than the one she had now!

     Illusen furrowed her brow and stuck out her tongue as she concentrated on her formula. She threw in various items, a few thorns, some cloth, and quite a bit of other junk and stirred it up, then put it on her table to sit for a few hours while she went back to give more quests.

     When she came back inside for the day, she was exhausted. She went over to check on her mixture on the table. The Faerie glanced inside the bowl, but it was empty. She frowned and placed a finger thoughtfully on her chin. Quickly looking around the room, she noticed a green lump right next to her fireplace, moving up and down, as if it were breathing.

     Walking over to it, she tapped it on the shoulder. “Excuse me, what are you doing in my house? Would you possibly like a quest?” she asked, making the creature jump up, staring at her with fright in it’s large eyes.

     Illusen also jumped back at the sight of the creature. She stared it over curiously, noting that it had two horns, hooves, soft, silky fur, and irresistible button eyes. “Oh my!” she gasped. “You’re my... my creation! But how... This is unbelievable! But you certainly won’t do for a quest prize! Oh no, most certainly not.” She continued chattering to herself, debating on what she should do with it.

     “Mama?” asked the horned animal, looking at her eagerly.

     The Earth Faerie gasped. She had no room in her life for a pet! She quickly changed the subject with the little thing. “I’ll call you...” she thought for a moment before finishing with satisfaction, “Ixi! Yes, that will fit you well!”


After tucking Ixi into bed, Illusen tipsy toed over to the couch to get some sleep. No sooner than had she fallen fast asleep, she felt something wet on her cheek. She opened one eye, and saw the little Ixi whimpering on the floor. “I’m scared,” she whimpered, looking up hopefully at Illusen.

     “Oh all right, get on the couch. You can sleep with me tonight I suppose.” Without a second comment, the Ixi jumped up and snuggled down to sleep, and Illusen started to sing a lullaby softly.


The next day, Illusen woke up and stretched. She looked around and sighed; Ixi was nowhere in sight. “Ixi, where are you NOW?” she called.

     “Mfft! Pffft! Mmhhmmm!” came the muffled reply.

     The Faerie smiled and headed for the kitchen, opening her cupboard door. “There you are!” she exclaimed, pretending to be surprised. Ixi looked up from the cereal box and smiled sheepishly.

     Illusen scooped up her creation into her arms and poured some cereal into a bowl, setting it on the table for Ixi. “There you go, little fella. Eat up! We have a long day ahead of us!” Illusen turned around and muttered to herself, “And it involves a quick trip to the pound.”


After breakfast, Illusen got ready to start her day’s work of giving out quests. No matter how often she did it, somehow, it never got tiring. “Congratulations! You have completed quest #29!” she exclaimed happily, patting the young Kau on the head gently.

     “Umm, can I have a quest?” asked a sheepish Acara.

     “Of course you can!” Illusen exclaimed. “Please fetch me a Green Beanbag Chair!”

     After a few minutes, the Acara came back, hauling a beanbag with her. “Here you go,” she panted.

     “Why thank you! You have completed quest # 1!” she handed the pet a small token of appreciation, turning back to the long line of pets who waited before her.

     Ixi sat patiently next to Illusen, constantly being petted and “oohed” at by other pets and their owners. “You must be very proud to have such a rare pet like that!” one human commented.

     Illusen tried to smile, but couldn’t. “Why... thank you...” she murmured, dreading what she was going to do later on that day.


Later that day, the Faerie turned to Ixi. “What do you say we take a stroll around Neopia and see what you think?”

     Ixi nodded her little green head vigorously, eager to walk around and stretch her legs. Illusen couldn’t help but giggle at her creation.

     Once they reached Neopia Central, Ixi’s eyes widened in amazement. “Mama, look!” she gasped, gesturing towards the toy shop. “Can you buy me something? Please?” The Faerie smiled and nodded, entering the shop.

     A few minutes later, they exited from the Toy Shop, Ixi beaming with pride at her new Blue Lupe Plushie.

     Their next stop was the Slushie Shop. Illusen laughed at Ixi attempts to try and use a straw with her slushie. It resulted in slushie all over Ixi and the floor. The duo stopped at a few more stores. Illusen had never shopped anywhere before, as she always was brought everything she could possibly want or need, by all the pets who were more than eager to complete her quests, and get a big reward, or possibly a trophy.

     Once Ixi was satisfied with playing with her knowledge of Neopia Central, Illusen knew what she had to do now. If she waited any longer, she might not be able to bring herself to do it. “Where next mama?” asked Ixi.

     Illusen stood up and started walking, and immediately Ixi followed. After walking for a few moments, she opened a door and walked inside the building.

     “Dr_Death,” she said softly. “I-I have to... give her to you. Her name is Ixi.”

     Dr_Death gasped. “Where did you come across a rare pet like her? I’ve never seen anything like her! You’ve created a new pet, the Ixi! Everybody will be wanting one.” Illusen nodded, knowing that the Techo would see to it that there were more Ixi across Neopia in the near future.

     The little green Ixi looked up questioningly at Illusen. “What are you doing mama?”

     Illusen stifled a sob. “I’m not your mama, Ixi... I can’t take care of you. I’m so sorry,” she said, giving Ixi one last hug before bursting out of the Adoption Center.


Two Years Later...

Ixi were now one of the most popular pets in Neopia. As Illusen sat giving out quests, she’d remember her own little Ixi, and would regret getting rid of her. She had been such a bundle of joy, so happy and innocent. She hadn’t known why things had happened the way they did. All Illusen could hope was that she had been given a wonderful home and family.

     She’d smile at the pets and give them quests, rewarding them as need be, but it wasn’t the same as before she had met Ixi. Sometimes, a pet would catch her staring off into space daydreaming, and would have to get her attention to snap her attention back to earth.


A few weeks later, Illusen groaned as her alarm clock rang. “I’m not ready for another day of this,” she mumbled, forcing herself out of bed. She ran her hands through her sparkling hair, which was smooth as silk, even after just waking up.

     After a quick breakfast, she rushed outside to find that there was already an enormous line of pets waiting for her; she was late, for the first time in her life. She sighed as she sat down, hoping for something out of the ordinary to happen to her.

     “Okay, you can do it, just five more pets until lunch break,” the Faerie thought to herself. Finally, she was down to her last pet. “Why am I so eager to get out of here?” she thought. “It didn’t used to be like this! I used to love my job, but now--” a voice interrupted her thoughts.

     “I’m here for a quest,” came a shy, familiar voice. Illusen looked up and gasped to see her little Ixi standing right there before her eyes, beaming with happiness.

     “Ixi!” the Faerie squealed, getting on her knees and hugging the not-so-small green bundle and sobbing with joy. “Where have you been these past years?” she asked softly.

     Ixi smiled as Illusen embraced her, and told her the whole story of how Dr_Death had decided not to put her in the pound, and instead had kept her until he had experimented enough to make a new species of neopet--the Ixi. After wandering around aimlessly for a few days after Dr_Death had let her leave, she had decided to return to Illusen in hope of being wanted.

     Illusen beamed and gave her long-lost pet another hug, telling her how special she was. "Lunch is ready," she said happily, dragging Ixi inside, and putting an "Out for Lunch" sign on her door.

     Finally, after so long, Ixi and Illusen were reunited. And they would never again be separated in all of their lives.

The End

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