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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Articles > Your Guide to Mystery Island

Your Guide to Mystery Island

by ziesolles

MYSTERY ISLAND - So you've come to find out what's REALLY on Mystery Island? Well chances are that you've already found out, but have you got it all? Well, I'm here to tell you, regardless if you think you know almost everything or whether you haven't even touched the sand on Mystery Island. If you think you know it all, well then good for you, you can find out something you haven't learnt. But if you haven't yet been to Mystery Island, or still want to find out more, this is where it is, and I won't start by mulling about asking you whether you have or haven't been there, so let's just get on with it!

Mystery Island is located on the world of Neopia; well you've got to know that for a start don't you! Anyway, it is a place to kick back and relax. So all there is to it is pulling up a chair on the beachside and watching the waves roll in? WRONG! There's actually a lot more things you can do on the island, you just wait and soon enough you'll find out.

To be a bit more precise, Mystery Island is located just off Krawk Island, or should I say that the other way around? But anyway, those two are located near or next to each other, whatever you like. And if you cared to look on Map you'll notice that the Island is situated in the bottom right, and if you didn't know that well then congratulations, because you've now learnt it!

So once your on Mystery Island, and I don't care how you got there, as long as your there, you'll probably decide to look at the many places you can visit on this wonderful island, so now listen (or read) carefully.

Harbour: Okay, we'll assume you came by boat, unless your Pteri was kind enough to fly you across, you would've come by boat because there's just no other possible way. The Mystery Island harbour is not the newest of buildings but at least it serves its purpose, and as a matter of fact it serves it well. With a long straight wooden jetty that leads out to the few boats that are used for transport, it is one of the few jetty's there are in Neopia. It's not the fanciest of things so I wont drag on about it …

But it is the place to dock your boat there for the day or for however long you wish to stay at the Island. The Natives there make sure your boat is well kept during your stay and when you return it'll be all clean, ready for you and your pets return to Neopia.

Tiki Tours: Well here's a chance to explore some of the Mystery Islands famous Geography sights, it costs 50 NP to go on a Tour and it is probably well worth it. So choose a pet and put him or her on the Tour, and then get your pet set to see this great island by the friendly Tour Guide!

Along the tour your pet will pass the wonderful beaches, and also go through the Jungle and see the great Techo Mountain. The Mountain is one of the 16 wonders of Neopia, and there are many legends about it. Just ask one of the natives about the mountain and they'll gladly pick up the topic and continue ranting on and on until they've realized that you've already left a couple of minutes before. (You can tell they're very friendly can't you? They just can't stop telling you about their great Island)

And then once your pet has finished the Tour and seen all the great places of Mystery Island, it will probably badger you to get one or more of the free gifts that you can collect. There are cute Coconut Heads as well as some nice badges to show off to other pets saying that you've seen the great island. I won't get your hopes up though, but showing these things off doesn't really impress other pets. In fact most owners have already collected these things many times, nevertheless, if you insist then by all means go ahead.

Rock Pool: Moving up the Island you pass some great games to play, so stop by and play a few? There's the *Gadgads* game for one, and you'll just have to check it out for yourself to see how good it is. But once you've gotten on your way you'll arrive at a small rock pool, which is incidentally named the 'Rock Pool'. It is still part of Mystery Island, but it has ties with the once proud city of Maraqua. Kept here for sale are some of the great Petpets of Maraqua. These Maraquan Petpets have been rescued and are now refugees waiting to be bought, and brought home by a friendly Owner. So why not pick one up for your Pet on the way home? These water creatures are sure to make your Neopet happy.

Cooking Pot: Another Mystery Island special is the famous yet mysterious Cooking Pot. The Island Faerie runs this magical pot for the Great Pango Pango, and you are invited to place some items, a maximum of three though, inside the Pot. You then close your eyes for a moment or so while the magic is performed.

If your items are of liking to Pango Pango the magic will have transformed your items into a different item. You will then leave with an extraordinary object, to be used as you wish. All thanks to the Great Pango Pango.

Sacrificers: The Game has ended but it is still an interesting place to visit, is doesn't take long though to see what happened there…

Island Mystic: Now just off the Coast of Mystery Island, towards the Northwest, (if you say facing up is North of course, otherwise that wouldn't work) you will find a little island known as the Island Mystic. On the island there is a small hut, which is called the 'Hut of the Island Mystic' (Great Logic isn't it?). There a fortune is told to you every day, with very good advice for your future days, you get these kinds of fortunes; "You will find a Blumaroo Plushie in Kiko Lake." Great isn't it? You see, not everything is useless around here.

Trading Post: Back on the Mainland of Mystery Island, you'll probably be attracted by a series of small buildings, and at a closer sight it will be revealed as being the one and only Trading Post, or known as the Island Trading Post. Yes, it happens to be the only one in Neopia, here is where you can trade items with other Neopians. Please be patient though with trades, it may take a little while for them to be processed, as there are sometimes a lot of trades for the workers there to take care of.

Island Market: Now here are the shops galore, many Neopians decide to seek their fortunes here, by setting up their shops on Mystery Island. It's not a bad idea either; as the Shop Wizard that runs in the Neopian Shops, also happens to run on the Mystery Island Market.

So have a browse through some of the shops owned and operated by Neopians themselves, you never know, you might just find that something you've been wanting for ages.

Island Arena: Well here is the place to fight on Mystery Island, where those tough pets come to battle each other, it's not the only arena of course, but it's certainly the only one on Mystery Island! It is situated in the shadows of Techo Mountain, and the competition is hot there. So take a while out of your holiday to watch the fights, and maybe you'll even get the hang of it, then you can return and place your pet in the battle someday.

Training School: Okay, this is the place to go on Mystery Island if you want your pet trained for the Battledome, the Island Arena is adjacent to it, and you're always free to test out your latest moves there, as long as no fights are in progress of course! The Nimmo Master is there to teach you, it just costs one thing, Codestones.

Haiku Generator: Heheh, just like the old machine, put in a coin and out spills a Haiku Poem, correct? No Way. This cute fellow gives it for free; just pop in and say hello at the hut and you'll find the new Haiku pinned on the wall. They are very interesting to read you know!

Kitchen Quests: So you've just arrived at the Mystery Island Kitchen. Well here a friendly Flotsam runs his Kitchen, and serves food to the Great Mumbo Pango. (His relationships with the Great Pango Pango is unknown of though) Mumbo Pango is also very demanding, and he is always asking for more different foods about every five minutes!

So if you're in a good mood feel free to help the poor Flotsam in finding the right foods. And if you do go and get him what he needs, he'll even reward you with a nice gift! Isn't that nice of him?

Tropical Food Shop: Mystery Islands has some great shops, and alongside all the other items your taking home why not take home some Tropical Foods as well for your pet? I'm sure they'll love it; you get great things like Tobbie Fruits, Nurakos, and even Pickled Eels which are caught from the waters of Mystery Island and delivered fresh (clean I don't know) to the Tropical Food Shop. So feel free to spend if a few Neopoints in return for some juicy fruits!

Tombola: The Tiki Tack Man runs this generous freebie, and he feels that he should give away free items to Neopians that come along to Mystery Island and stick there hands or paws into his box. And he says,

"Welcome to Tombola! Great Prizes to be won, just stick your hand (or paw) in, pick up a Tombola ticket, and see what prize you win. Anything ending with a 0, 2 or 5 is a winner!"

Well firstly, he's closed for half the day and the chances of actually being able to pull OUT a ticket are, well not impossible, and not highly unlikely, but it certainly does limit your chances.

But on the bright side, his prizes are great! Let's see; chocolate Faerie cakes, Faerie cakes, Neoflakes, bottles of blue sand, bottles of red sand, toy sail boats, bottles of green sand, super toy sail boats and on and on, (And please don't remind me of what I haven't put in, this was merely a brief summary) so you get my drift? Great Prizes aren't they, JUST KIDDING! You actually thought I was being serious? Well just so you know, each item is worth about 1 NP at Neopian Owned Shops.

Okay okay, so you get the occasional Codestone or Faerie but everything else is useless right? Anyway, I'm not here to ramble on about that, we're finished with the Tombola.

Tiki Tack: "Come on down, Roll Up, great bargains right here. We've got Coconut Keyrings selling at 510 NP, and Palm Fans going at a 108 NP …" Get off the stage! This Tiki guy has sure turned up the competition hasn't he? Great Prices, really great, *do you notice the sarcasm?* Oh well, he'll have to go bankrupt one day …

This shop basically sells all the junk you could think off, at outrageous prices, but hey, we all need a laugh sometimes. And come to think of it, I reckon it would be a good idea if Tiki Man and a bloke from the Lost Desert got together, one could sell useless Tiki Tack items and the other could sell worthless Desert Foods. I certainly see that as a possibility, but then again, communication from one side of the World to the other would be difficult …

Harbour: Yeah, we're back to our beloved harbour, so time to pick up our boat and sale back to Neopia.

So after that written tour (well how else am I meant to put it?) I hope you've gotten something out of it to take back. Yes, the wonderful land of Mystery Island, and as I can recall it was one of the first to be plotted on the Map of Neopia.

Okay, well I've just hitched onto my little Coconut Shell boat and am in the process of paddling off to my Neopian home, so long then my friends!

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