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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Short Stories > My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

by kit_sune

"Tsuai, it's your time. Zafaras don't get to live forever you know." The many Kougras around me snickered and laughed. Their leader was a gold Kougra. He almost reminded me of an angel, with his shimmering hair and silver eyes… the angel of death.

     I couldn't move. Terror and agony were keeping me down. There was a pounding pain in my left wing and I could tell that one of my forelegs was broken. My beautiful white fur was soaked with sweat and there were tear stains dragging themselves down my face. They were tears caused by fear. My vision was spinning and blurring. Every time I blinked my sight worsened. The gold Kougra had stopped moving towards me and was staring down at my broken and tired body. His hysterical laughing was all I could hear.

     Through my blurred vision I saw a bright yellow flash that disappeared as fast as it had come. A strange purple form had appeared where the flash had been. The Kougra wheeled around with a look of utter surprise in his eyes, yet he could not mask his annoyance. I blinked and my vision swirled away. When I closed my eyes again I was lost in a spinning blackness…

     "Wake up…" said a strange voice.

     "Kiriu, she won't wake up."

     "If she doesn't wake up soon, she'll starve. Let's just hope she gets up soon."

     I stirred. "Kiriu! Kiriu, I think she's waking up! …Kiriu?" I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling as my vision focused. "Kiriu, where are you?"

     I turned my head and saw a young Lupe running around the room. By the way he walked I could tell he was less than a year old, but by he look of it he hadn't seen his owner for months. His feet were a huge compared to the rest of his body. He turned to face me and I noticed that he showed a great sadness in his eyes.

     Around his neck was a necklace. It had a long, thick, black, cord with a large green stone mounted on a gold frame. It glittered beautifully in the morning sun. There was a strange grace to it, this shimmering green stone against his bright sky blue fur. It almost seemed as though it was meant to be that way…

     "Are you alright? You didn't look to good when we found you." I tried to turn the rest of my body to face him and moaned. I had totally forgotten how much my broken arm had hurt. " Yeah… that one arm is broken and you've got a nice little gash in the back of your wing. Oh, Kiriu where are you?"

     As he continued to search the room, I saw a small Ariax flutter in through the window. She dropped a note and attempted to fly away again. Just before she took off, the Lupe ran forward and grabbed both of her wings. With her only way to escape pinned to her sides she started to peck at his hands leaving bruises wherever she hit him.

     He flung her across the room and made a break for the window. She caught herself in midair just as he slammed it shut. "Hey! Ryo, why did you close that window? I was gonna leave!" screamed the Ariax.

     "Of course you were leaving! I was stopping you!" Ryo turned towards me. "Oh… uh, what's your name?"


     "Well, Tsuai, my name is Ryokin, but you can just call me Ryo. This is my petpet, Kiriu."

     "Yeah… I wouldn't call myself yours 'cause I'm hardly ever here." Kiriu had a small grin spreading across his face. " You'd better read that note. It's from The Neopets Team."

     Ryo picked the note off the windowsill. "Shouldn't we wait for our owner to get back? We did see him today even though he didn't take us with him…"

     "He won't care, but…" Ryo was already ripping apart the envelope and nobody heard what Kiriu had to say.

     "No… he couldn't have… how could he do this to us?"

     "What? What did he do?" I asked.

     "Listen… 'Dear Kito_suto, we of The Neopets Team have received report that you have been trying to hack into other people's accounts. We will be freezing your account in 2 hours. We have already frozen your bank account and you will no longer be able to shop in any stores, or send your items to another account. You should spend this time sending your pets to the pound; otherwise they will be deleted with the rest of your account'.

     H-how could anyone do this to us?"

     It was now apparent why Kiriu had been so happy. The letter had said nothing about petpets. She was finally able to leave. She could be free. "Well I'll be going!" said Kiriu very pleased when nobody made any comment. "Oh, and, Ryo, that friend of yours is going to be deleted, too. Seeing as she has nowhere else to go… she's ours now!" And with that, she flew straight through the door.

     "I-is that true?" His face was full of tears. " Tsuai, is that true? You really have no owner?" I nodded. He put his face to his paws and started to cry even harder. "What are we gonna do? My owner has probably logged of already and I'm pretty sure we can't run away with you like this…"

     "Yes we can. It's my arm that's hurt not my legs." I was only trying to reassure him. I was sure that I probably would not be able to leave this house. We were both trapped.


As I sat up in bed, a new pain coursed through my arm. I felt as though someone had set fire to my arm and it was spreading throughout my whole body. I felt my muscles tense. I tried to stand and fell backward. I couldn't bear it. I knew the tears were welling in my eyes. I couldn't stop them; these tears of defeat were all that was telling me that I was still alive. I couldn't stop my life, but it would be ending soon anyway. I couldn't control that.

     After what seemed like eternity, Ryo stood up and walked across the room. He ripped the letter in to shreds, then, walked out of the room. He returned holding two sandwiches. "We might as well eat. You must be starving!" He tried to force a smile. I took the sandwich and he walked away, sobbing.

     I took a bite out of my sandwich, even though I didn't feel the slightest twinge of hunger. I watched my new friend as he sat back down and started touching the stone he was wearing around his neck. The emerald colored stone began to glow. Soon it was so bright that I had to close my eyes. Then the light faded.

     I saw next to Ryo, a strange green Lupe. This was no normal Lupe. He had two wings, long wings that seemed to be the only thing solid about him. The rest of his body was bright neon green and his self, his whole being, was clear. As though he was made of glass, or could he be a ghost?

     The stone around Ryo's neck had gone black. This strange green Lupe was the glowing light, this strange green Lupe was what gave it color, what gave it life.

     I looked at the clock. We only had about ten minutes before The Neopets Team would be here. The Lupe was trying to get Ryo to wipe away his tears, trying to tell him that they could think of something, but it was no use. We had already given up.

     Time was ticking by. Nobody said a word. We sat in silence. I was watching the strange Lupe as he paced back and fourth trying to think of something.

     Ryo ate his sandwich then stood. He walked over to the winged Lupe and whispered something into his ear. The Lupe looked at me then, shook his head. Anger, and annoyance flashed in Ryo's eyes, but he quickly masked them as another wave of sadness washed over him. He walked back to the window and sat on the windowsill. The angel of death was coming again.

     I had just realized who that gold Kougra was. He was Toranou the Kougra owned by one of the members of The Neopets Team… the one who deleted people's accounts.

     My ear twitched. I saw both of Ryo's go back in a gesture of fear and anger. He was growling, and his tail kept flicking back and fourth. He bared his teeth and started to snap his jaws at everything around him. I new exactly who had just knocked at our door.

     Ryo was too frightened to open the door and the green Lupe couldn't do it because he wasn't even supposed to exist. I had to go. I sat up in bed again and the same pain coursed through my arm. I slowly stood as though I was trying to get used to a cold pool. I felt all my muscles tense and my arm burned angrily. I slowly walked forward, trying my best not to cry out.

     I finally reached the door. I grasped the knob as if I was holding on to life itself and slowly opened the door. I heard a loud bang and I was on the ground. The golden angel of death entered the house and stared down at me. "Ha! I get to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes." All of the pets around him laughed. " Tsuai, we will be deleting this house in less than 30 seconds. I'd run if I were you." So he turned around and left.

     I watched in horror as the house around me began to shred. Behind the house was only blackness. There was a horrible pain in my foot and a thought came crashing down upon my mind. I was being deleted.

     I felt myself cry. I could not hear my own screams but knew they were escaping my throat. My own voice cracked with fear and pain as I called for someone to help me. No one would hear me, and I could tell my short life was over.


I was falling through darkness. I could see the remnants of the house above me; some unknown force was slowly shredding them. The same force was destroying me. As I fell I could see the small white pixels that used to be my feet. I could no longer feel the pain in my wing and in arm. All I could feel was the pain of my being deleted. My tail had now begun to be demolished as well.

     I was screaming my pain and fear. Help me! Somebody help me please! Nobody heard. Nobody came. I could no longer see any foot past my ankle and the fin at the end of my tail was gone. The only thing I could hear was my own heartbeat. It drowned out all of the other noises. Distantly I could hear the wind buzzing past my ears.

     I tried to unfold my wings, anything to stop this fall, but they were stuck to my sides. As I plummeted lower and lower I noticed that the darkness around me had started to close. It was almost like it was being condensed. I couldn't breathe. The darkness had closed around my lungs. The shredding had now reached my knees; it was half way down my tail. I had no idea where Ryo was. I just hoped he was all right.

     A bright flash had suddenly destroyed all the darkness. I was able to breathe. As I inhaled, the light faded and the darkness was back. Constricting my throat, stopping my breath. I saw the same purple form as I had before, when the angel of death had come for me. Only this time I saw it clearly.

     It was a winged Zafara kind of like myself, but it was purple, and its body was clear like Ryo's green Lupe. The wings were the only solid part of its body. They were strong and I knew that this strange Zafara could fight with the wind current that was pulling me down.

     I saw her inhale deeply, hold it, then dive into the thick darkness that surrounded me. She grabbed my arm and pulled. I didn't budge, I couldn't; the darkness was keeping me where I was.

     She looked at me; her vivid blue eyes were filled with fear. She looked away and tried to move me away from the darkness again. She flapped her strong, muscled wings as hard as she could. We slowly made our way out of the darkened cloud and into more darkness. Only this dark let you breathe.

     After I caught my breath, I tried to help the Zafara fly, but I realized that I could not sense I only had my waist and up to fly with. Plus one of my wings had begun to shred itself, so I just let her fly.

     She continued to fly up and up and up. It seemed to last forever and we were running out of time. I no longer had either wing and the shredder had started to work its way up to my shoulders. I could see light ahead and it kept getting brighter until we burst through some kind of barrier.

     I waited as my eyes got used to the light. I could feel that my wings were coming back to me. I could feel my feet and my tail also returning. I saw many things around me, but none of them were Ryo's house.

     I could see a large forest, a group of birds migrating south for the winter, and a small Ariax fluttering down towards a small pond. "Kiriu?! Kiriu it's you!" I knew that voice from somewhere… I flew from the Zafara's grasp and landed next to the Ariax. " Hurry! Catch her before she flies away!" Then I knew whom that voice belonged to. It was Ryo! He had made it!

     I quickly grabbed his petpet and held him tight. It seem that my arm and wing were better now. I felt no pain. " Thanks!" Ryo smiled at me. It wasn't like all the other times he had half-heartedly smiled. No, this time he was truly happy. "You made it through the darkness!"

     "Thanks to her." I pointed at the spot where the purple Zafara had been a minute ago.

     Ryo walked to the place where I was pointing. He bent over and picked up a necklace just like his, walked back, and handed it to me. "Of course. She's your guardian angel."

The End

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