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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Short Stories > Pirate Psychiatry

Pirate Psychiatry

by apparent

Editor's Note: You should consider reading some of the previous stories about Krawker written by apparent in order to have a better understanding of this story.

Krawker_oth the spotted Krawk was not happy with himself in the least. For the past month or so he had become somewhat "connected" to anything that had to do with Maraqua -- seaweed, Maraquan pets, water, so on and so forth. However it wasn't normal for a Neopet to experience such life-like dreams that often left remnants of what had happened behind, and due to that thought, Krawker's owner had taken to the most expensive psychiatrist in Neopia.

     Upon his arrival in the room where he would be staying for the next hour, Krawker immediately felt dizzy just from looking at all of the shelves of books and dusty, unattractive chairs sprawled all along the room. A large red rug was set in the middle of the doctor's office, as well as a piece of furniture that was rather long and appeared to be a cross between a couch and a chair (Krawker couldn't tell the difference). A desk was placed at the end of the room in front of a row of windows draped with blue curtains. Behind the desk sat a red Ixi, her hooves laid neatly on the surface of the desk, her wide brown eyes staring.

     The Krawk took a hint and nervously sat down on the chair-couch that sat on the middle of the rug. The leather material was sticky and hot due to the fact that none of the large windows were open on that humid summer day. He bit his bottom lip and stared at the doctor, who had been holding an expression that seemed scarier than his previous dream itself. The Ixi, after several minutes were wasted, finally shifted her weight and cleared her throat, looking down at the clipboard on her desk.

     "Ah! Well, hello there -- please excuse me if I'm incorrect -- but my schedule says that you're Krawker_oth, correct?"

     Krawker shuddered, hesitantly nodding his head. He absolutely despised using his full name unless mandatory. The doctor offered a smile and ground her teeth before responding, "You can call me Dr. Lily, if you want. For the next 50 minutes I'll be here to help you with your... ahem... problem."

     The small Krawk rolled his eyes with annoyance, wondering how Dr. Lily was treating people with problems when she gave her current patient plenty of problems of his own. A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead as he watched the Ixi scribble notes on her clipboard.

     "It seems you have -- please excuse me if I'm incorrect -- a problem with strong hallucinations and dreams at home, correct?"

     A long silence passed, as Krawker inhaled deeply, counting underneath his breath 1... 2... 3... before offering a response, in order to keep the anger welling up inside of him from becoming too high. "Yes, I do."

     "I see," she squeaked, and began scribbling furiously on the surface of her clipboard again. Her eyebrows furrowed, as if she were in deep thought, and then a few seconds later Dr. Lily offered her frightening smile for reassurance. "Okay! Well, I'd like you to take a few deep breaths. I'm going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them as best as you can."

     Krawker gritted his teeth, now laying back on the surface of the chair-couch. He didn't want to be here. He remembered how that morning he had screamed and pleaded, begging his owner not to drag him all the way to a private doctor in Mystery Island. Unfortunately, he wound up here anyway, and things were worse then he expected. "What if I don't wanna answer your dumb questions?"

     Dr. Lily paused, scribbled down something, picked up another piece of paper, and continued to scribble. Then, she quietly responded, "Then we can sit here until you decide to talk. And once this hour is over you can come back tomorrow. It's my... ahem... job to help Neopets like you, Krawker."

     "Fine," Krawker quickly responded. Sitting in that office with Dr. Lily day in and day out would drive him crazier than he already appeared to be.

     Resting her hooves bottom down on the surface of the desk again, the Ixi tilted her head and ran her tongue over her teeth. "When did you first notice you had this problem?"

     Krawker grunted, easily becoming offended and agitated. He figured he should keep the answers short and simple in order to conserve time. "I was taking a bath a few weeks ago and I had a dream."



     "What kind of stuff, child?"

     "I was swimming in a boat underwater and I saw Maraqua, then I ran into a Jetsam and came back home."

     Dr. Lily took out her pen and covered another piece of white paper with notes. Krawker stared in amazement, wondering how someone could make a novel out of a conversation that was hardly making any effect. The Ixi released a sigh that sounded like a deflating balloon and then continued. "How many of these experiences have you had?"

     "Er -- four, if you don't count the one I had last night."

     Dr. Lily pulled another pen out of her drawer, chewing the end of it before inscribing yet another page of notes. "Four... hrm... interesting. May I recommend that you owner might want to take you over to the Lost Desert, I hear they have a nice asylum over--"

     "I'm NOT insane," Krawker growled. "You of all Neopets should notice insane when you see it.."

     The red Ixi stood up, offended and angered. "Oh, really? So you have dreams that seem so real to you yet no one else has seen them when they happen?"

     "Well, yes, that's basically what dreams are."

     Dr. Lily sat back down, the thoughts of her raise racing through the back of her mind. She didn't want to risk losing her position. Krawker smiled smugly and closed his eyes. Dr. Lily snorted. "So is it every day that someone tries to kill you in your sleep? Or is this just a plea for attention, Krawker? Does your owner neglect you?"

     "No one tried to kill me in my sleep!"

     "So tell me what happened then."

     "I was sleeping in my bed." Krawker paused. "I had a dream that I went into a pool with my brothers. We were playing volleyball with a large beachball... one of those soft ones, you know. Then I caught the ball. But something strange happened... the ball began to evolve into a pirate Kiko. It withdrew a sword. I woke up and the sword was right next to my pillow, and on the floor was a deflated balloon."

     Dr. Lily had been scribbling the whole time. The pen made the most annoying 'scratch, tap tap' noise when it was pressed on the surface of the clipboard. She looked up, narrowing her eyes. "Is that what... ahem... really happened?"

     "Of course!" he snapped, now ready to break out of the office. "My family is able to see the signs when the dream is over! If I were to wake up drenched in water, they can see it! Explain that! I'm not completely insane if they can see what's left behind, am I?"

     The Ixi nervously trembled before she began to take notes again. The round clock on the wall ticked at a volume that seemed quite loud in comparison to the silence that fell over the room. Dr. Lily threw her pen down for the last time, apparently finished. "Well... our hour is over now. I'll be seeing you next week."

     Krawker leapt from his position on the small couch and left at once, his mind racing with thought as he ran outside into the sunshine of Mystery Isle. He thought about what Dr. Lily had said before. Maybe he was turning insane, and maybe an asylum would be the best for him. Yet he came to wonder if everything that had happened was just a dream itself.

     Nothing made sense. But did it matter?

     Only time would tell.

The End

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