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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: glideoverice
Owner: bethw1000
Breed: Eyrie

About glideoverice:

'My name is glideoverice, and I am an Eyrie with a strange and wonderful story to tell, if you would care to listen? Ok then, gather round, little ones at the front. Zajjah could you turn off the torch please then all we can see is the stars.'

'It all began here, at the top of this very mountain somewhere in the deserted regions of neopia, in this little clearing surrounded by the dark trees, with nothing but the black blanket of the sky overhead.

I was sat alone up hear crying. I was just so lonely I couldn't cope anymore and broke down and wept at the top of this hill. I was different from other pets; I loved to spend hours alone just flying. I would soar out above these mountains and watch the ground dropping away beneath me, feeling the wind ruffling my feathers. I would practice stunts in the air and often crash painfully to the ground, but I think I did get quite good at all the loops and dives and stuff. But my choosing to spend so much time alone soon worked against me. No one talked to me even when I approached them because they all thought I was a boring loner. I was so upset by this that I started lashing out at those who were kind enough to try and help me - even my loving owner - and I refused to talk completely.

That was why I was up on this mountain alone that night.

I was huddled under that tree sobbing, when I looked up to the sky, and through my tears I saw the most amazing thing in the world.

The sky was on fire in a million different colours, greens, blues and reds all mixing together in beautiful ribbons rippling across the darkness. It was strange and ghostly, and for a moment I was scared and had a weird feeling I was being watched.

I was hypnotized though, I couldn't move my eyes from it, and it began to calm me.

Silently I opened my wings and lifted up in to the night.

I flew faster than I have ever flown before, with my eyes fixed on the lights ahead. It was like I was drawn to them somehow, and I couldn't pull away - not that I wanted to.

The lights came closer and I flew in among them.

I twisted and turned, weaving in between the ribbons of colour. For I moment I though I must be dead, for my body had become weightless and I glided effortlessly, even without opening my wings.

I could have stayed up there all night, but the light began to fade and drift away from me. I chased them with all the speed I could find in my wings, but they disappeared in to the distance and I dropped back exhausted.

When I got home I looked up in the neopedia what these light could have been. The only thing I found that came close was the northern lights or aurora, but somehow I don't think it was that.

My experience has changed me though, and I have made a special effort to be nice to people and fit friends in around all my time spent flying.

So far it has paid off, and I have met some very nice and loyal friends who I hope will help me if I ever need some encouragement again.

So there you have it everyone, my strange and amazing story, and weather you choose to believe it or not, I hope it has touched you somewhere in your heart, and perhaps you will never forget it. If you come across anyone struggling as I did, you can help them, and begin by telling them my story.

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