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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Shila
Owner: mousegirl
Breed: Wocky

About Shila:

You see that a blue wocky has won the pet spotlight award. You check out her stats, view her petpage and maybe even glance at her user's lookup. "Ehh, just another average pet," you think to yourself.

Ohhh but how wrong you are!

Sure, Shila isn't a big fighter, her name isn't well known in the battledome forum or anything but she does her part during the wars. She's had her fair share of encounters with random battledome challengers (okay okay, mostly only the Chia Clown but still...)

Shila doesn't even begin to compare with any of the big readers, the highly intelligent pets of Neopia, but she is currently an ultimate genius. That's not something to be overlooked.

And as for her neohome, well I know what you're probably thinking, "There isn't even any furniture!" But there is a bed somewhere in there and isn't that all she really needs? At least she has a home, right? The rest of the furniture will come in time.

Yes, you're right that Shila hasn't won any beauty contests or anything fun like that. But looks aren't everything right?? Hey at least she finally won the pet spotlight!

And I realize that her pet web page isn't as creative or entertaining as most. But at least there's something there, at least it isn't the basic wocky template page. Plus you have to agree that it is kinda cute.

Okay okay, you're also correct to freak out that Shila doesn't even have a petpet but at least there's a story there. She had one, a cute little fungree but they grew apart and now in a very unique fashion we're asking fellow neopians to help us (more on Shila's web page for that though).

And finally, you may notice the average amount of avatars and stamps that Shila has helped collect. Sure, there isn't a crazy amount but it's a nice enough little collection. That just shows that Shila doesn't spend all of her time obsessing about one thing.

Now that we've looked at all of the things that makes everyone think that Shila is just another average neopet, let's take a closer look shall we...

You may think that her being average at almost everything makes her an average pet. Oh contraire! Being average at so many things actually makes her quite well-rounded. She has a wide variety of hobbies and interests here at neopets, instead of just being obsessed with one thing.

Did you notice her birthday? December 31st, 1999, she's a millennium pet! I don't think birthdays can get much more interesting than that.

And sure, she's not painted or anything but that's simply because she's waiting for the right paint brush to come out for wockies (like *ahem* the royal paint brush).

Plus she's an only neopet. She has no brothers or sisters to take the attention away from her, which seems to be a rare quality around neopets.

She's also a very generous neopet who loves to donate fun items to the money tree and send out random acts of kindness to her comrades from time to time.

She has likes and dislikes just like any pet. She loves spooky stories and cute furniture (the nova sofa and snorkel padding pool are just a few of her faves). And she dislikes things like the sloth ruler and the invisible paint brush. As Shila puts it, "Invisible friends are the worst! You never know where they are, you can't ever find them while playing hide and seek and they can sneak up on you to scare you without any effort. It's just not fair!"

But enough's enough, we won't waste any more of your time. Just be a little more careful next time when you glance at a pet and think, "Oh, just another average neopet. " Because it's very likely that they aren't.

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